Ajax cascading Menu Instance code _ajax related

1.ajax.html Copy Code code as follows: Ajax AJAX Please select Province Jiangsu Shanghai Please select City 2.getdata.aspx.cs Copy Code code as follows: Using System; Using System.Collections.Generic; Using

Ajax style of a Web page loading effect _ajax related

Now a more popular AJAX-style web page loading, see more in a number of Web sites using AJAX technology, page load will automatically show the message, with load animation effect, the page loaded automatically disappear, is a loading feature of the

Ajax submitted to Servelt fetch parameters have garbled solution _ajax related

Here, suppose the reader understands the basic Ajax Technology or more. I'm just explaining a phenomenon, a solution, a reason, Principle, equally not clear ...... Let's start with a simple start, Servlet passes value to JSP page JS Script,

JS Basic Ajax Writing example code _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: var xmlhttp = null; function Myajax () { 1. Create XMLHttpRequest Objects 2, the need for IE and other browsers to create this object different ways to write different code if (window. XMLHttpRequest) { For

Ajax creates the perfect compatibility code for XMLHTTP objects _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: function Creatajax () { var ajax=null; if (window. XMLHttpRequest) { Create XMLHttpRequest objects for browsers such as Mozilla, Netscape, and Safari Ajax = new XMLHttpRequest (); if (Ajax.overridemimetype) { If

Useful Ajax class code sharing _ajax related

Ajax.js -------------------------[Ajax classes]-------------------------- Copy Code code as follows: function Ajax (recvtype) { var aj=new Object (); Aj.recvtype=recvtype? Recvtype.touppercase (): ' HTML '; The type of file passed to

Methods to prevent repeated requests from Ajax (GET and post) _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: /* Get and post methods to prevent repeated requests from Ajax */ Jquery.extend ({ Getx:function (Url,data,callback,sender) { var params={url:url,data:null,callback:null,sender:null}; for (Var i=1;iif

What are the common problems with Ajax? _ajax related

One, JS script caching problemA: This problem is one of the most common problems that you have encountered because of the modification of JS content debugging Does not show the results of the new write code, because JS in order to speed up the page

Ajax (IFRAME) No refresh submission form, upload file _ajax related

Look through the data and get the result: no But at the same time also found a solution, is to use the way to the IFRAME to submit the form, that is, the implementation of no refresh submission form can upload files! One, HTML code Copy Code

Ajax no Refresh URL submit page _ajax related

In particular, after the popularity of frameworks such as Jquery,porotype,ext, a lot of simplified code can be said to bring the gospel to programmers, From the heavy work of the code to release, easy to achieve the past to write complex

Ajax initial reading of data article implementation code _AJAX related

Yes, the effect we're going to make today is. Read and display server-side data without refreshing the page. Take out the things we prepared last time. The function of the 1:xmlhttprequest object. 2:asp output XML-formatted file. You can click to

Ajax starts to prepare introductory article _ajax related

I will launch the AJAX original series tutorial in the Web circle, if you don't know what Ajax is, please read: What is AJAX? Before this we need to do a simple AJAX preparation, but you have to have the basic html,javascript,dom writing ability.

Ajax and some garbled problems _ajax related

Creates a XMLHttpRequest object. Copy Code code as follows: return window. ActiveXObject? New window. ActiveXObject (' Microsoft.XMLHTTP '): New XMLHttpRequest; A onreadystatechange event for the secondary object. There are two

Ajax begins to prepare articles _ajax related

Before this we need to do a simple AJAX preparation, but you have to have the basic html,javascript,dom writing ability. Otherwise this Ajax tutorial will be hard for you to read. My goal is to pass this tutorial. Allows you to use AJAX technology

The request method under Ajax and synchronous asynchronous difference summary _ajax related

Request method, divided into get and post: Get The most common HTTP request, the normal Internet browsing page is get. The parameter request for Get mode is directly followed by the URL and begins with a question mark. (JS used

Ajax perfect solution to the onchange problem of the dropdown box _ajax related

That is, in the Trigger Area dropdown box onchange event, the agent's dropdown box options are also corresponding changes, such as the choice of the area of Hunan-〉 Changsha, then the agent dropdown box only shows the agents of Changsha. Originally

Ajax for Beginners Ajax function code _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: /* Call Mode: 1.POST mode var txt = escape (sender.value); document.getElementById (""). Value); var data = "Name=" + txt + "&pwd=" + txt; var option = {"url": "Handler/handler.ashx" , "Action": "POST" ,

AJax Learning Note Two (function of the onreadystatechange) _ajax related

When a request is sent, the client cannot determine when it will complete the request, so the event mechanism needs to be used to capture the requested State XMLHttpRequest object that provides the onReadyStateChange event implementation. This is

Use Ajax to return the set in WebService to implement _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: -------------------WebService1----------------------------- To allow the use of ASP.net AJAX to invoke this Web service from a script, uncomment the downlink. [System.Web.Script.Services.ScriptService] public

Ajax and three-tier architecture implementation of paging function specific ideas and code _ajax related

Copy Code code as follows: -----------------------------htmlpage1.htm--------------------------------- First page Prev next page Last page Id= "Txtpageindex" type= "text"/>Go -------------------------WebService1---

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