Ajax Fetch Browser type and create

Ajax Fetch Browser type and create The code is as follows Copy Code function Initajax () { var agt = Navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase (); var is_opera = (Agt.indexof ("opera")!=-1); Var is_ ie = (Agt.indexof ("MSIE")!=-

Pseudo-Ajax Click on the title to show "Loading ..."

Fade out effect Here is an example of the fading effect, the following style comes from StackOverflow's A.M.K. The code is as follows Copy Code . content{-webkit-animation:fadein 2s; * Safari and Chrome *

jquery and Ajax Simple examples

jquery and Ajax Simple examples Ajax based on the jquery frameworkPS: I This article originated in Phpchina, found by a lot of people turned, but did not specify the source, think about it, or turn to come here.A few days ago posted a post, sharing

Simple AJAX data modification, deletion, increase operation (1/3)

ajax No refresh Add and delete data To show more fluency, we read only the latest 10 data in the database tutorial. Because the number of online testing is much. are operating on a database. Concurrency may occur!Input: Action tip: Click the data

jquery Ajax Get garbled solution

var data = {Username:escape (your user name here),Password:escape (your password),}; var jsonstr = json.stringify (data); The Json2 method. $.ajax ({URL: '.. /service.asmx/login ',Data: ' userinfo= ' + jsonstr,ContentType: "Application/json;

Ajax Chinese garbled problem

If you use a servlet, addResponse.setcontenttype ("text/html;charset=gb2312");Request.setcharacterencoding ("gb2312");And a better way is to add a filterin which to joinResponse.setcontenttype

Ajax Getting Started example tutorials

function Init_ajax (){var Ajax=false;try{Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.xmlhttp");}catch (e) {try {Ajax = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");}catch (E) {Ajax = FALSE;}}if (!ajax && typeof xmlhttprequest!= ' undefined ') {Ajax = new

Creating Ajax methods

var xmlHttp;function MakeRequest (querystring) {var msXml = new Array ();Msxml[0] = "Microsoft.XMLHTTP";MSXML[1] = "MSXML2." xmlhttp.5.0 ";MSXML[2] = "MSXML2." Xmlhttp.4.0 ";MSXML[3] = "MSXML2." xmlhttp.3.0 ";MSXML[4] = "MSXML2." XMLHTTP ";if

Ajax static article Hits

var xmlHttp;function Createxmlhttprequest () {if (window. ActiveXObject) {XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");}else if (window. XMLHttpRequest) {XmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest ();}}function Startrequest (arid) {Createxmlhttprequest

Ajax Data Request Instance code

var Ly = {$: function (ID//String/* *) {return document.getElementById (ID);},Addevent:function (EVT/* String */, ACT//function/, obj/* Object/) {obj = obj | | ThisEVT = Evt.substr (0, 2) = = ' on '? Evt.substr (2, evt.length): evt;var fun =

Ajax Station SMS Access code

var timeout = null; setinterval function handlevar xmlHttp = false; //Initializing the XMLHttpRequest Objectfunction Createxmlhttp () {XmlHttp = false;if (window. ActiveXObject) {try {xmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.xmlhttp");}catch (e)

How does Thinkphp + AJAX dynamically verify user input?

In the case of user registration, if you wait for the user to enter all the information, click the registration button to submit, and then verify that the input is correct, the user experience is poor, and it is a waste of time, an example is

Yii ajax verification and ajax display error messagebox solution


In Yii, you can use ajax to execute an action, but this action sometimes requires an error message to pop up. The processing method is as follows:Basic ideasUse exception, such The code is as follows: Copy code

Ci checks whether ajax or page post submits data

In phpFor an ajax request, the value of the following expression is true. The code is as follows:Copy code $ _ SERVER ["HTTP_X_REQUESTED_WITH"] = "XMLHttpRequest" Is an environment variable of PHP.Ci solution The code is as follows:Copy code

Thinkphp + ajax implementation of regional linkage effect example

As the project needs to write a regional linkage function, I found an address library on the Internet and put it in the database for a long time and finally realized the desired function. Let's talk about the source code.Find provincial cities"Run

Use Jquery Ajax to download instance code

You can use jquery ajax to submit a form request.Jquery download function: The code is as follows: Copy code // Download an Ajax fileJQuery. download = function (url, data, method ){//

Jquery ajax implements double-click content change input box editable

Example. The code is as follows: Copy code $ (Function (){$ ("Tbody> tr: even"). addClass ("dan ");$ ("Tbody> tr> td"). dblclick (function (){Var inval = values (this).html

JQuery Ajax json data provides code for saving

jquery ajax webpage special effects: saving code on data input name: input age: input gender: input job: Submit post submission get Submit Ajax_json.php file// $ Arr = $ _ post; // If you send data in the $. get () mode, change

Wordpress uses Ajax to calculate the number of articles browsed

However, it is really not cost-effective to use a plug-in to implement such a simple function. After a hard job, we can get a code that supports caching, and also use Ajax.The first is the code: The code is as follows:Copy code Function

Ajax paging code

Header ("Content-type: text/html; charset = GBK"); // output encoding to avoid Chinese garbled characters?> ajax paging demonstration $ Page = isset ($ _ GET ['Page'])? Intval ($ _ GET ['Page']): 1; // obtain the value of the page in page = 18. If

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