An instance for obtaining site file content through Ajax does not involve servers

A simple Ajax example: if you select a book, the relevant name will be obtained in real time through Ajax.Put four html files under the same file on the web site.Index.htmlCopy codeThe Code is as follows: A simple Ajax instance that does not involve

Use AJAX technology to aggregate and display the latest Blog articles of friends on your own Blog

Sometimes, your Blog may need the following features:Aggregates and displays the latest Blog articles on your own Blog, so that you can learn about your friends in a timely manner. In addition, it is also convenient for visitors to find Blog and

Iframe ajax call sample code

1. Create a.htmlCopy codeThe Code is as follows: iframe ajax call 2. Create B. phpCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Echo"3. Access: http: // localhost/a.html

When registering a user name, Ajax does not need to judge whether it is null or not.

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Var xmlHttp;UName () // when the user name loses focus{If (all. uname. = ""){All. l1.innerHTML = "cannot be blank! ";SetTimeout ("close (1)", 1500 );Return;}Else{XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP

Herf = # The Ajax request does not send data to the background.

Right-click the menu today. When you click Rename to make an Ajax request, the page will jump directly to the homepage instead of sending data to the background. Bai Si cannot solve the problem. Later, he found a problem on the front-end page:Copy

Ajax transmits parameters to XMLHttpReq. onreadystatechange

Ajax transmits parameters to XMLHttpReq. onreadystatechangePass:Xmlhttp. onreadystatechange = function () {xx (123 )};Or xmlhttp. onreadystatechange = new Function ("xx (123.Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Ajax transmits parameters to XMLHttpReq.

$. Ajax Summary of precautions for transmitting JSON data to the background

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:$. Ajax ({Url: "../Services. ashx ",Type: "POST ",// Data: {'data': {'typename': JSON. stringify (typename)}, 'operationtype': '2 '},Data: {'data': typename, 'operationtype': '2', 'nowheight ': nowheight, 'nowarea':

Sample Code for reading blog rss using ajax

Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Http://> this is test ajax-based rss reading example blogjava original zone blogjava newbie non-technical area of blogjava comprehensive area Enter an RSS address:

Understanding and examples of ajax synchronization and Asynchronization in jquery

Before writing JQUERY code, you must consider the code running sequence when loading data through AJAX. Recently, AJAX synchronization is used. This synchronization means that when the JS Code is loaded to the current AJAX, it will stop loading all

A summary of ajax principles with simple examples and their advantages

I have used Ajax N many times in my work, and I have read some related books. I have known it, but I have never carefully summarized and sorted out relevant things!We will summarize the situation as follows:[Name]Ajax is short for Asynchronous

Error debugging help information for JQuery. Ajax

The interface is the detailed list of AJAX parameters in Jquery: Parameter Name Type Description Url String (Default: Current page address) the address of the request sent. Type String (Default: "GET")

Several methods for implementing native ajax using javascript

Since JavaScript has various frameworks, such as jquery, using ajax has become quite simple. However, for simplicity, you may not need to load a huge js plug-in such as jquery in the project. But what should I do if I want to use ajax? We will share

Example of backend asynchronous ajax Modification

Currently, many background programs use user-friendly methods to modify data. After clicking a text box, the text will be added to a text input box. When the text box loses focus, the input box will disappear and the text status will be restored,

$. Post and $. ajax Usage Analysis in Jquery

This article mainly introduces the usage of $. post and $. ajax in Jquery. $. Ajax usage of Jquery: JQuery. ajax (options): loads remote data through HTTP requests. This is jQuery's underlying AJAX implementation. For easy-to-use high-level

Jquery waits for the ajax execution to complete and then continues to execute the following code.

Jquery waits for the ajax execution to complete and then continues to execute the following code. The specific code is as follows, which is to set the async parameter of the jquery ajax function to false. The default value of this parameter is true:

Jquery $. ajax $. post or $. get: How to submit the checkbox Value

When a form contains a form item such as checkbox, it is easy to directly submit and process it. You only need to process the result in the program. But what should I do when I use jquery's ajax to submit? The following is an example. jquery $.

Ajax timeout processing in jquery

The ajax timeout code in jquery is as follows: Articles you may be interested in JQuery-handle the latency of a hover event Windows cannot start the hardware device because its configuration information (in the Registry) is incomplete or

$. Ajax usage and Examples

The $. ajax method in jquery is used to load remote data through HTTP requests. This method is implemented by jQuery underlying AJAX. Some simplified methods include $. get, $. post, and $. getJSON. Because the $. ajax method is often used in the

How jquery ajax prevents repeated submissions

This article mainly describes how to prevent repeated submission when using jquery ajax. In fact, the method is very simple, that is, after the user clicks the submit button, set the button as not clickable. The specific code is as follows: $ ('#

12 excellent jQuery Ajax paging plug-ins and tutorials

It is a very good client paging plug-in with many features, such as automatic playback, button flip, and delayed loading. It is a very exquisite paging plug-in. It provides DEMO in five forms and supports the hover over page function. Developed by

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