How Ajax works

In fact, Ajax has been in use for a long time, but it has never been time to look for the book system seriously. It has been quite time-consuming recently. This series is based on the combination of Ajax and PHP, mainly to share experiences with

Ajax regularly retrieves data from the server

There are still some shortcomings in a previously written Ajax random text refresh. At that time, the following algorithm was used to achieve the value from the server for a period of time: Var secs = 300; // number of seconds for countdown

Six misunderstandings about Ajax

What Is Ajax? Is it a method that is not easy to grasp, but can increase website interaction? Is it the cornerstone of Web2.0? Or is there another trend in network development? Just like the Flash font and Splash pages that have been popular before,

Summary of FAQs during Ajax usage

Before reading this article, specify a common variable xhr and xhr code ajax object. Test Browser: ie is ie6, firefox is 2, and others are not tested. Ie6 is Internet Explorer and firefox2 is ff.The most classic problem is the cache problem in

How to Use Ajax to upload an array of data

PHP does not automatically convert multiple check boxes with the same name to an array as ASP does, which makes it inconvenient to use. However, there is still a solution, that is, to use javascript for preprocessing. Multiple check boxes with the

How to Use Ajax to obtain data from the server

In this article, we will give an example to introduce three methods to obtain data from the server using Ajax technology. This example is very simple. There are two selection boxes (the tag in html). After you select one of the first select items,

A variable conflict in Ajax

When I first started writing AJAX code, I directly referred to the Code in the basic AJAX tutorial book (this book is really good, it is a classic tutorial for getting started with AJAX, and it is from the Turing Publishing House. I trust O 'r and

Brief Ajax object creation code

If your script is only developed for a browser, it is very easy to create XMLHTTP. Use XMLHttpRequest or ActiveXObject. But in fact, most of the time, we have to consider compatibility, So we usually write: var x;if(window.ActiveXObject) x = new

Basic Ajax knowledge

Before writing this article, I once wrote an article about AJAX technology, but it involves a narrow range of aspects. It rarely involves null in the background, principles, advantages and disadvantages of AJAX technology. The background of this

Baidu's Ajax cross-origin method

Baidu passes are handled in the second-level domain name However, in many places, the baidu logon process is like ajax. How does it do it? I studied it and found a small trick. The has the following

Display of loading when Ajax waits for data to return

Sometimes, when the amount of data processed by Ajax is large, the user waits for a long time. If the user is not prompted to wait at this time, the user may feel impatient. This section describes how to display loading when processing data in Ajax.

How to Use ajax in the mootools framework

Ajax can be implemented by Directly Writing the source code, but it is a little complicated. Currently, popular ajax frameworks integrate ajax functions and are easy to write. Of course, mootools is no exception. Mootools is a very good javascript

How can I solve the Ajax cache problem?

Projects sometimes use some Ajax effects. Because it is relatively simple, there is no such thing as, And the handwritten code is implemented. The next day, someone reported an error to me, saying that only the value read for the first time

$. Ajax ()

Ajaxtext1.jspCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Input: Ballon: Messi Cristiano Ronaldo Ajaxtest2.jspCopy codeThe Code is as follows: Request. setCharacterEncoding ("UTF-8 ");String sendstr1 = request. getParameter ("sendstr1 ");String sendstr2 =

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous HTTP requests?

The normal B/S mode is synchronization, while AJAX technology is asynchronous. Of course, XMLHttpReques has the synchronization option. Synchronization: submit a request and wait for the server to process it. During this period, the client browser

In Jquery, Ajax does not execute the success callback function.

It was not the first time I used ajax to request data (I always thought that was the case). I encountered a problem yesterday? Ajax is used in the project to request data. Therefore, the ajax code is copied to the project, and the frontend and

Implement a new ajax update similar to facebook

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: Edit Include ("db. php ");$ SQL = mysql_query ("select email from users where user_id = '1 '");$ Row = mysql_fetch_array ($ SQL );$ Profile = $ row ['email '];?> Update_profile_ajax.phpCopy codeThe Code is as

The ajax paging effect imitates the yii Framework's self-written

Copy codeThe Code is as follows: ajax paging id title time 2 222 222 2 222 222 1 111 111 1 111 111 1 2

Solution for ie to send ajax request to return the last result

Cause:1. Under ie, only one ajax request will be created, and the response result will be placed in the browser cache. The next time this ajax request is called, it will be read from the cache.When the get method is used, the IE browser will

Use $. getJSON of JQuery to initiate cross-origin Ajax requests

In jQuery, getJSON is often used to call and obtain a remote JSON string and convert it to a JSON object. If it is successful, the callback function is executed. The prototype is as follows: JQuery. getJSON (url, [data], [callback]) loads JSON data

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