Js obtains element instance summary through class

Today, I will introduce you to js Element Acquisition instances through class. There are two examples here. If you are interested, please refer to them. Two very good examples of js element and attribute acquisition through class. Today, I read

JS Mobile Phone Touch screen event Usage Details

Now that smartphones are popular, we are engaged in touch screen events. In the past, JavaScript writing could not meet some requirements. Next I will introduce you to several js Mobile Phone Touch Screen events. Processing Touch events allows you

Javascript for Loop statement learning notes

A for loop has an initial value and an end value to form a closed loop. If you want to die for a loop, as long as the step size remains unchanged, I will introduce the angle between the for loop. For Loop A for Loop is a tool that you often use to

Learning notes for defining and calling JavaScript Functions

You can use the function to define the function in js. Call the function name directly. If there is a parameter, you can directly use the parameter, next I will introduce you to the definition and call examples of JavaScript Functions. JavaScript

Learning notes for understanding JSON Data Format

JSON data format is a lightweight data storage format that is faster than xml for real-time interaction. Below I will give you some pieces of my understanding about JSON data format, I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. 1. What is JSON JSON

Use a javascript Regular Expression to replace the image address img tag

We need to use regular expressions to obtain addresses like img or href. Next I will introduce you to the process of getting URLs in img using js. I hope this will be helpful to you. The solution is as follows:   The Code is as follows:

Identify browser code using JS userAgent

To obtain the browser information string in js, you only need to use navigator. userAgent. In this way, you can use indexof to determine the version or other information. The following describes several instances. The use of Javascript userAgent

Javascript browser or page close exit prompt information

The title may not be clearly written, indicating that the user is prompted to save the data before the user leaves the page or closes the browser, and whether to leave the page. Here we will use a window. onbeforeunload event. Example The

Simple Javascript countdown code

The countdown is simply to use js new date () to create the Jane time, and then use settimeout to regularly update the number in the div, next I will introduce the example of a countdown code based on this principle. A few days ago, the boss said he

Js checks whether the image fails to be loaded and whether the URL is valid

A js checks whether the image fails to be loaded and whether the URL is valid. I hope this will be helpful to all of you. For a good user experience, if the address of an image on the webpage is invalid, a default image with an invalid image will be

JS disrupt the Array (random sorting to generate random numbers that are not repeated)

The method to achieve random sorting of arrays is actually very simple, but Baidu found that there are a large number of such instances, but I strongly recommend these three instances. The random sorting written by a foreign user is not repeated, it'

Common JavaScript code refresh current page

Use location. reload () or location. href to refresh the current page in js. Of course, we can use window. parent. frames to refresh the framework page. Let's take a look. Reload MethodThis method forces the browser to refresh the current

JavaScript refresh page special effect code

There are many methods to refresh the page in js, such as reload (), loaction, location. href, which can achieve the page refresh effect. Let's take a look at these methods. It is usually used in web development. There are more than one method. How

Summary of anonymous self-executed functions in javascirpt

An anonymous function is a function without a name and can be automatically executed. For example, a function () {}) () is a function. Let's take a look at some usage of an anonymous function. Looking at the js files of many websites, the first

JS select all/select multiple good Checkbox instances

Because of the special nature of the Checkbox, we usually define a function to select all or invert the Checkbox instance. the Checkbox Processing Method in jquery and js will be different. Let's take a look at it. Use JS to select all checkpoints

What does javascript: void (0) in link A mean?

The javascript: void (0) label is displayed in many website A labels. We know that clicking is not going to jump to the link, and there is no response, which is usually followed by javascript: void (0) is followed by a js event. Let's take a

Common skills of iframe in Javascript (Adaptive/cross-origin)

Iframe is unfriendly to search engines. We may not find iframe content in Baidu, but iframe is commonly used. Let's take a look at some examples in js and iframe applications. Iframe is used by many websites. Although it is convenient for

Javascript-compatible copy of IE & FF to clipboard

The following shows how to copy the content to the clipboard in three JavaScript codes, which is compatible with various browser methods. One is JavaScript and the other is jquery. The other is the clipboardswf method. Method 1: Copy all js files to

Javascript multi-line news scrolling effect code

This article introduces you to a javascript multi-line news rolling effect code. The compatibility is not good, and the calling method is also very simple. Let's take a look at the example. The Code is as follows: Copy code

Js: Copy articles, add copyright at random, code at any location

Now many webmasters want others to copy their own website articles to bring a link, but this is just an idealized process where almost everyone will delete the source, the copyright information is automatically added to the end of the article. Below

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