Details about deleting attributes and adding attributes in js

For adding and deleting attributes in js, we mostly set the element attributes. Next I will introduce some examples for you to introduce their usage. 1. js Property Operation Induction We will encounter various operations in the front-end

Call and apply in Javascript

In js, call and apply are used to bind functions to another object for running. The two functions are different only when defining parameters, next I will introduce the call and apply usage. In the web Front-end development process, we often need to

JavaScript variable declaration learning notes

Variable creation in js is usually called a "Declaration" variable. Next I will introduce some basic JavaScript variable declaration and usage methods. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. Variable Declaration JavaScript uses the keyword var

Switch case statement learning notes in Javascript

Switch case is a qualified data in js, which is much simpler than if else. Next I will introduce my understanding of js switch case. In the if Condition Statement, only one logical condition can exist. if multiple conditions exist, you can use

Use console. table () to debug javascript

I have seen a foreign user using console. table () to debug javascript code. I feel this is very good. Next I will introduce you to using console. table () to debug javascript instances. Maybe you are used to console. log () to debug js, very easy

Implement the post method in Javascript to pass the submitted data

Jspost is actually very easy to submit data. We only need to create a form using js and set form method to post. We have organized the following two instances and hope to help you. Example 1 The Code is as follows: Copy code

Example of JSON data for cross-origin javascript calls

If we use the original javascript cross-origin to call JSON data, we use createElement and dynamic to add a remote data interface to src. Now we can also use jquery ajax getjson for an instance. Original js writing The Code is as follows:

Common Date usage (Regular Expression and comparison) in javasrip)

Date is the date and time creation function in js. Next I will introduce the usage of the date function, and then introduce in detail the example of date comparison and date Regular Expression in the application, I hope this article will bring you

Solve the problem that onkeydown and onkeyup are incompatible with Google in Firefox

This article introduces how to solve the incompatibility problem between onkeydown and onkeyup on Firefox and Google. I hope this tutorial will help you. Under normal circumstances, we usually capture the onkeydown or onkeyup event in the input to

Clever Use of the function's inert loading to improve javascript code performance

I want to share with you an article about how to skillfully use the inert loading of functions to improve the javascript code performance. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. In JavaScript code, because of the behavior differences between

Javascript supports event listening encapsulation of anonymous Functions

In js, The addEventListener and attachEvent functions are used for event listening. In jquery, the $ (# id) function is almost the same. Next we will see that an event listening function supports anonymous functions, I hope to help you. There are a

Javascript retrieves instances from the previous and subsequent days.

A good javascript code can be used to obtain the instance code from a few days ago and a few days later. The Code is as follows: Copy code // Return the date () based on the time chou function );Function getLocalTime (ns

JS determines the length of a string in bytes (automatic identification of Chinese and English)

The difference between the string length calculation function is that numbers are recorded as 1 in English and Chinese as 2. This function is suitable for computer character encoding principles. See some examples below. You will use CSS to control

Html string encoding code in Javascript

Sometimes we will <> this type of characters in html, and we need to convert it into html character encoding for ease of use. Let's look at an example below. An html string is a string with special html characters such as ' aklsdjfklsjdfl , we

Status values of ajax request methods (GET and POST) in javascript

Ajax request methods include get and post methods, but they return many Status values, and each piece of code represents a different meaning. Let's look at the meaning of various codes, I hope this will help you. Note: XMLHttpRequest is the basis of

Introduction to sort () sorting instances in javascript

In js, array sorting uses array. sort (). The following is an example of sort () array sorting, hoping to help you. By default, the sort () method arranges array items in ascending order-that is, the smallest value is located at the beginning, and

JSONP data format Optimization

Here are some tips for optimizing the data format of JSONP. I hope it will be helpful to you. When using JSON to transmit data, the field names are too repeated during list transfer, which wastes bandwidth and reduces efficiency. For example:

How to add events and select elements in js

Adding events in javascript is bound to events like jquery. To obtain elements, we can use getElementById directly. Next, let's take a closer look at how to add events in js and how to select elements. I learned a few simple little effects today,

Javascript determines the browser and version based on the userAgent string

Whether in php or js, userAgent can return some information about the browser. Below I have sorted out some methods to use js to obtain the userAgent string to judge the browser and version. Mobile phone language version judgment Use navigator.

How to export an html page table as an Excel file

Excel files are frequently encountered in the office. In addition to using php to generate excel files, we can also use js to export page tables into excel files, we sorted out some examples for you to come and have a look. In a recent project, you

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