Details about offsetLeft, offsetTop, and offsetParent in js

This article will introduce offsetLeft, offsetTop, and offsetParent in js. If you are interested in this tutorial, please refer to it. As a front-end development engineer, are you sure you really understand offsetLeft, offsetTop and offsetParent?

Detailed explanation of setTimeout precision usage in js

The setTimeout function is mainly a timing function in js. We often use it as a timer. Next I will explain the usage of setTimeout in js in depth. A few days ago, I just published an article that uses setTimeout to improve the ui response speed. I

Learning notes for JavaScript recursive functions

Recursive functions are called by the function itself. recursive functions are often used in non-hierarchical data applications, such as the unlimited classification of navigation menus. Next I will introduce the use of js recursive

Introduction to five common web debug debugging plug-ins in javascript

If you do not know how to use these web debug debugging plug-ins in front-end development, I will summarize the five js and web debug debugging plug-ins, I hope it will be helpful to you. Debugging technology is essential in front-end development.

Summary of some methods for reading JSON from JavaScript

I have two methods to read JSON in js: obj. name-based access, and array-based access. I will share with you the introduction and examples below. Method 1: function construction definition method return The Code is as follows: Copy code

Nodejs file and file operations (read/write file deletion and rename)

I learned about node. js most. I learned about the node. js file system today. Here I am looking for some file directory operation instances for node. js file systems. I will share them with you below. Read/write filesOperations in nodejs are much

Some details about bitwise anti-operators in Javascript

I hope this article will be helpful to you in introducing a Javascript bitwise anti-operator article. Executes bitwise non (evaluate not) operations on an expression. Result = ~ Expression Parameters ResultAny variable. Expression Any

Javascript floating online QQ customer service code sharing

A javascript floating online QQ customer service code sharing, fixed on the right side following the user page scroll page of the Results code, which uses a lot of js input, you can use online js to convert html for processing. Effect code Js Code

GET parameters for $ _ get in PHP-like javascript

In js, there is not a get function like in php to get the value from the js url. We must split it through split before processing, I have organized some examples to share with you. Example The Code is as follows: Copy code

Use Simple Inheritance to create your own class

I hope this article will help you learn how to use Simple Inheritance to create your own class instances. I have been studying the writing of classes recently. Because some reusable and extensible methods are often used. I have been using components

Countdown js code that can be used multiple times on the same page

I found a lot of js countdown codes on the Internet, but they can only be used once on the same page. I finally saw a page from a friend's blog that can call the countdown js Code multiple times. I will share it with you. Today, we need to implement

Native js implementation div following scroll bar plug-in

In many pages, you will see this type of div effect that follows the scroll bar, which is a fixed position. The following section encapsulates js following the scroll bar Plug-In due to project requirements. If you need it, you can refer to it. Js

Js string truncation functions: slice (), substring (), and substr ()

In js, the character truncation function has three common slice (), substring (), and substr (). Next I will introduce slice () and substring () and substr () functions are used and different in character truncation. Three Functions of the string:

Check whether instances are available after the js control button is clicked.

This article will show you whether the js control button is available after you click it. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. Usage: Object. disabled = false | true; 1. Obtain the verification code within the specified time to prevent

Introduction to Attribute and setAttribute usage in Javascript

Next I will share with you a tutorial on the usage of Attribute and setAttribute in Javascript. I hope this article will help you. First, let's talk about setAttribute. We often need to dynamically add various attributes to the Element in JavaScript.

Run the code on the webpage, save it as, and copy the js Code of the Code.

We can see some js special effects code on many special effects websites. You can click Save or run it directly to view the effect. Let's take a look at the implementation code of this effect. The Code is as follows: Copy code

Detailed description of ajax cross-Origin data submission instances

Currently, the implementation of ajax methods includes the native javascript method and the current jquery $. ajax method. Next we will introduce the cross-Origin data submission using their instances. I hope this method will be helpful to you. For

Processing of passing Chinese parameters in js ajax

Garbled characters may occur when js ajax transmits Chinese characters. Because of the encoding problem, ajax is uft8 by default. In this way, url garbled characters are available. We just need to simply use the js encodeURI function for conversion.

External js loading for page delay loading using js

Page delayed loading is generally like some advertisements, images, statistics code, and so on. I hope they will not affect the opening and normal browsing of the website. I usually use delayed loading, let's take a look at a simple method of

Summary of rounding functions in JavaScript

There are many rounding functions in js, such as toFixed and Math. round () and Math. pow () and other functions. The following articles mainly introduce toFixed and Math. round () and Math. do not miss out on the four functions of pow. Previously,

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