Js click to close the layer outside the pop-up layer

For today's work, we need to create a pop-up layer. Then, we can not only click the close button to close the layer, but also click anywhere outside the pop-up layer to close the pop-up layer. We often encounter this effect during web Front-end

JavaScript data type learning notes

Data types are available in every programming language. js data types include: number type, string type, Boolean Type, indicates an object whose variable is not assigned a value or is empty. Let me introduce it to you. Here we will only explain the

Js pop-up dialog box (message box and warning box)

The js pop-up dialog box includes the confirm, alert, prompt, window. open and so on. I will organize some application instances of these pop-up dialog boxes for you and hope you will have a great deal of experience.   Warning (alert) When visiting

Js accesses functions and elements in iframe

The iframe framework is a feature that we often use, such as using an ifame file to upload or using iframe to call pages. The following describes how to use js to access functions and elements in iframe, I hope this tutorial will be helpful to

Js splits strings into array instance summary using split

If you have learned asp, you will not feel that split is a stranger. It divides strings into arrays using our specified delimiters. The same is true for string splitting in js, let's take a look at several instances. Definition and usage The split ()

IE browser uses revealTrans to implement webpage transition Special Effects

Webpage transition has some effect on page loading. Many personal websites use this function. If I only pursue the effect of IE browser, I can directly use revealTrans to implement webpage transition special effects. If the compatibility is strong,

Summary of three methods for adding events in js

In js, if we want to add things such as div, we almost only use the following methods: onclick, DOM. onclick = function () {}, DOM. addEvent (), now there are a lot of things to add with jquery binding. I will find some related examples for your

Dwz navtab limit number of opened instances

This article introduces a dwz navtab to limit the number of opened instances. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. Modify dwz/js/dwz. navTab. js Modify openTab Change to the following: The Code is as follows: Copy code

Js Regular Expression judgment and deletion hyperlink

After sorting out two instances online, you can determine whether there are links in the strings and filter them. You can also directly Delete All hyperlinks in the text. Let's take a look at the instances. Delete link directly The Code is

Js countdown effect (year, month, day, hour, minute, second)

As long as we use js settimeout and div to combine the countdown, we can achieve the display time per second. Below we have sorted out an example used in our work and shared it with you. The countdown function is used in many previous activity pages.

Set, read, and delete cookie functions in Javascript

Js cookie: we only need to delete the cookie when the expires expiration time is available. Set the cookie to operate on the document. cookie. Let's take a look at several related functions. Cookies are a set of data stored on the client after the

Javascript image seamless scroll plug-in

A very good plug-in for seamless scrolling between the left and right of javascript images, which can be called multiple times by scrolling between the left and right of the same page, and can also be used to control the scrolling to the left or

Sort random numbers in javascript by some instances

The following are some common examples by using the random number function. The examples include: generate random color values, number of random two numbers, and random number method. JS Random Number Method The following method applies to hidden

Js filters the same value functions in the array

Filtering duplicate values is a common function in arrays. here we can use traversal to perform operations. I hope this article will help you. Example 1 The Code is as follows: Copy code Example 2 The Code

In the javascript pop-up layer, the WeChat scan instance is displayed.

A more practical testing of the javascript pop-up layer pop-up scan, I hope it will be helpful to all of you. Js click a button to bring up a layer and cover the content behind the page to make it translucent. This effect is widely used, for example,

Study Notes on parameters of functions in JavaScript

A function can contain parameters or no parameters. functions without parameters are mostly used for fixed operations. parameters are the most meaningful part of a function. Of course, anonymous functions do not have parameters. The previously

Study Notes for getting started with javascript

Variables need to be defined using var in js. undefined variables will be a type of undefine data. Many of you may think of errors as a type of js variables, let's take a look at js variables. Well, I haven't written any articles for a long time.

Automatically add copyright information js Code to the copied content

Add a version or connection address after the content of the website copy. This is what most webmasters do now, now I have sorted out some frequently-used JavaScript codes for automatically adding copyright information to the copied content. Some

Detailed explanation of location. href address redirection in javascript

Location. href has many usage methods in js mainly to control page navigation or jump to the upper-level framework page. Below I have sorted out the location for you. the href address jump parameter introduction is helpful to you. Location. href in

JS/php get flash high-width instance code

Js to obtain the flash height, we can add an ID to the flash embed object, then get the object through getElementById, and then set the height and width. JS: You can set the height and width of the embed to change the flash height and width.

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