Basic XML knowledge

The Extensible Markup Language (XML) provides a method to describe structured data. Unlike HTML tags that are mainly used to control the display and appearance of data, XML tags are used to define the structure and data type of the data. XML uses a

AJAX anti-google Suggest prompt box

AJAX anti-google Suggest prompt box In the HTML formThis is an HTML webpage. It contains a simple HTML table and links to a JavaScript: First Name: Suggestions: For example, the explanation-h tml formAs you can see, the HTML webpage contains a

Js controls the file type to be uploaded

The simple principle is to get the characters of the uploaded file, and then use a regular expression to determine whether the file is specified.

Good ajax Components

Function Xajax (){If (xajaxDebug) this. DebugMessage = function (text) {alert ("Xajax Debug: n" + text )};This. workId = ''xajaxwork'' + new Date (). getTime ();This. depth = 0;// Get the XMLHttpRequest ObjectThis. getRequestObject = function (){If (

Research on Ajax technology and Search Engine Optimization

Recently, many old students who have made some achievements in NLP blank course asked me: "in ASP. Net website development, how can I include Ajax pages in search engines ?"As we all know, all onClick actions in AJAX directly trigger javascript

Js province/municipality drop-down menu

Function GetResult_Load (str, sel){Var oBao = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");OBao. open ("POST", "Relating_Menu_Server.asp? ID = "+ escape (str), false );OBao. send ();BuildSel_Load (unescape (oBao. responseText), sel)}Function

Js copy to clipboard js clipboard

Js copy to clipboard js implement drawing function js implement copy to clipboard cut turn copy cut function right-click cut turn copy vb copy to clipboard cut and copy button copy and cut: Use a button to copy and cut, when the left and right

Convert Chinese Characters in AJAX to PinYin 1

untitled document Input Chinese characters: Pinyin note:

Js fill select box

Var y = ; // The background retrieves the current year.Var m = ; // The background retrieves the current month.// ------------ Load -------- In the onload () event --------Function AddYearMonth ()...{Var objY = document. getElementById

Js control framework page form

Function setobj (obj){For (I = 1; I {Var iscontinue = true;If (parent.chatform.doc ument. forms [0]. object. options [I]. value = obj){Parent.chatform.doc ument. forms [0]. object. selectedIndex = I;Iscontinue = false;Break;}}If (iscontinue =

Js visitor access code

Add the following original code between :

Generate Article Summary

Function Generate_Brief (text, length ){If (text. length Var Foremost = text. substr (0, length );Var re =/] * (> ?) /Ig;Var Singlable =/BASE | META | LINK | HR | BR | PARAM | IMG | AREA | INPUT/IVar Stack = new Array (), posStack = new Array

Javascript text box increases with the length of the text

text box increases with the text width

Send multiple attachments in a 163 email.

 Send multiple attachments in a 163 email.   Var currFocus;Var ExistAttaInfo = new Array ();Var oldDelAttas = new Array ();Var attaIdx = 0;Var IsIE;Function fInitMSIE (){If (navigator. userAgent. indexOf ("MSIE ")! =-1 ){IsIE = true;} Else {IsIE =

Php + js Code for implementing Sina sliding Course

Http://> untitled document Function InterceptString (txt, length) 'intercepts characters based on different Chinese and English charactersTxt = trim (txt)X = len (txt)Y = 0If x> = 1 thenFor ii = 1 to

Set cookie end date

New Document

Tips for JS script compatibility

1. Use HTML to comment out the script The first question we should consider about compatibility is whether the running platform supports client scripts? Generally, the script body is included in an HTML comment: In this way, browsers that do not

In js, trim removes spaces between the left and right sides of the string.

In javascript, if you want to remove spaces between the left and right sides of the string, you can use the trim, ltrim, or rtrim function in vbs, and you will find an error, if you do not have these three functions in js, You need to customize them.

Object Type when comparing Javascript numbers

In js, the most common numeric data is used for comparison. However, if I directly perform normal comparison, problems may occur, next, I will introduce some considerations when comparing the size. Use js to obtain the values of the two numeric

Dynamically execute js code in the ajax request

This article will introduce a js Code for dynamically executing ajax requests. Index.html The Code is as follows: Copy code )/ig;Var srcRe =/ssrc = (['"]) (. *?) 1/I;Var typeRe =/stype = (['"]) (. *?) 1/I;Var match;While

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