Js verifies whether the string is a numeric Function

Js verifies whether the string is a numeric function many times we need to verify whether the user input information is a pure number. Now we define the letters as a 0-9 number, in this way, the user input data is compared. If yes, OK. Whether the

Asp.net ajax post xml Object throw 500 Error solution (conversion of client strings and xml objects)

AJAX is called "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. Asynchronous indicates Asynchronous, In addition, both javascript and xml are

Js paging Functions

Function ShowListPage (page, Pcount, TopicNum, maxperpage, strLink, ListName ){Var alertcolor = '# FF0000 ';Maxperpage = Math. floor (maxperpage );TopicNum = Math. floor (TopicNum );Page = Math. floor (page );Var n, p;If (page-1) % 10 = 0 ){P =

Js show hidden code

Js show hidden code Function onshow (values ){Var edit = document. getElementById ("shows ");Var urlshow = document. getElementById ("urls ");If (values = 1 ){Edit. style. display = "none ";Urlshow. style. display = "block ";} Else {Edit. style.

Javascript floating layer

Javascript floating advertisement javascript floating layer javascript effect javascript special effect floating effect webpage floating image effect doctype floating effect javascript tutorialA non-stop floating image changes the floating direction

Use JScript to implement Paging

Var DataSet, SQL, DataList;Var I = 0;Var j = 0;DataList = new News ();DataSet = Server. CreateObject ("Adodb. recordset ");SQL = "select * from News where ngroup = 'group News 'order by id desc ";DataSet. Open (SQL, DataConn, 1, 1 ); // Whether data

Differences between js setTimeout and setInterval

Difference between js setTimeout and setInterval, js setinterval js settimeout setinterval window. setinterval flash setintervalSetinterval parameter clearing setinterval asp setinterval as setinterval stop Let's take a look at the example to

Beginners must have read several js functions.

Several js functions for beginners, Function JugeComment (myform )//Determines whether the user name is empty and sets it to focus{If (document. myform. UserName. value = ""){Alert ("your user name cannot be blank! ");Document. myform. UserName.

History retention function

Added the history retention function: Not added:

Ajax display loading effect

The following code implements ajax submission: loading ....Onchange = "selecte (this. options [this. options. selectedIndex]. value)"> select CssRain1 CssRain2 CssRain3 CssRain4 You selected region 2From cssrain js demo.

Dynamic text box

need to add text boxes

Js timer delay

New Document

ResponseText returns the value

New Document A.html:Hello, ajax!

Javascript uses the Enter key to implement the Tab key function

First, let's look at the effect of the following example: Principle:How to move the focus of the text box one by one with the "Enter key". Three methods are provided. The best one is as follows:Use a client script to add the onkeydown event

JavaScript Dom programming: Introduction to learning books

JavaScript Dom programming learning Book SelectionJavaScript Dom programming, many friends undoubtedly have a headache in choosing getting started books. It may also be why they are always afraid and even give up learning JavaScript.In JavaScript, I

Javascript Document Object Model (DOM) instance analysis

Basic knowledge Review: DOM (Document Object Model) is a Document Object Model. DOM actually treats HTML as an XML file and looks at HTML from an Object's perspective, it can be said that DOM is the most useful invention of Web following

The text disappears when the js text box is clicked, and the text appears when the focus is lost.

We often see some websites that want to fill out a form for registration. One is that when the text box has a focus, the text box prompts to disappear. If we leave the text box, the western-style file prompts will come out, below I will introduce

How to convert javascript strings to numbers

If you use intval directly in php to convert strings to numbers, how can you convert strings to numbers in js, the following describes how to convert javascript strings to numbers. For more information, see. In JavaScript, both the Double and Int

Solution for failures in reading cookies from IE6, IE7, and IE8

This article introduces how to prevent Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, and Internet Explorer 8 from reading cookies. For more information, see. Cause Analysis Normally, JavaScript code has been written, and all tests have passed. IE10

Iframe Parent and Child pages call js code for each other

In js, when both the parent and child pages belong to the same domain, the js methods between them can be called each other. You can specify the object to which the function belongs before calling the method. On the parent page, you can obtain the

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