Js Regular Expression verification number, email address, delete Space

Js Regular Expression verification number, email address, delete Space// Function: Remove spaces before and after the string// Return value: the string with spaces removedFunction fnremovebrank (strsource){Return strsource. replace (/^ s */, '').

A cool text prompt effect demonstration

A cool text display // More javascript from http://www.webjx.comVar pltsPop = null;Var pltsoffsetX = 10; // The distance between the left and right of the mouse in the pop-up window; 3-12 is suitable.Var pltsoffsetY = 15; // The distance of the

[Web] http persistent connection technology (5) ajax demo

Both IE and opera support ajax well. (This is due to prototype. js encapsulation) This example uses a file to record chat records and implement simple chat rooms. In actual use, you must pay attention to the processing of large user concurrency,

XajaxResponse class usage

A collection of common methods of the xajaxResponse class is now available in the latest XAJAX version 0.5 Beta4. However, all the information available on the Internet is in version 0.25. There is no way to read the source code by yourself. The

Rotating advertisement code plus demonstration

Var cpAD = new Array ();Var cpADlink = new Array ();Var cpADmsg = new Array ();// Five arrays are defined.Var adNum = 5;Var coll = 0;// Ad/1.html the ad address you linked at that timeCpAD [0] = "banners/mba.gif ";CpADlink [0] = "ad/1.html ";CpADmsg

Js magnifier code

Function initDetailProduct (ProductCode, AbstractCode, Amount, Size, searchType){$ J. post ("NewProductHandle. aspx", {ProductCode: ProductCode, searchType: searchType}, function (data ){Eval (data );Var productGroupID = document. getElementById

Obtain the cookie value

Function getCookie (name ){Var Found = falseVar start, endVar I = 0 // Cookie.While (I Start = IEnd = start + name. length// Name brace old eggplant Lei Ah happy to restIf (document. cookie. substring (start, end) = name ){Found = trueBreak}I ++}   /

Convert ubb to html code

Function up (str ){ Str = str. replace (/Str = str. replace (/>/ig, '& gt ;');Str = str. replace (/n/ig, ' ');Str = str. replace (/[code] (. + ?) [/Code]/ig, function ($1, $2) {return phpcode ($2 );}); Str = str. replace (/[hr]/ig, ' ');Str = str.

Implementation of div gradient background

gradient background gradient background-beta1 IE6, IE7, and FF2 passed the test. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. aliquam blandit nunc lobortis diam bibendum semper. nunc aliquam mi. maecenas porttitor, lorem sed mattis

Basic web Editor Model

Var editor;Editor = document. getElementById ("ftest"). contentWindow;Alert(editor.doc ument. body. innerHTML );// Simply enter the following settings and the iframe is immediately changed to the editor.Editor.doc ument. designMode = 'on

Uninterrupted text scrolling

Application Description: The page contains  Create an instance:// Direct parameter value assignmentNew Marquee ("marquee ")New Marquee ("marquee", "top ")......New Marquee ("marquee)New Marquee ("marquee", "top", 1,760, 5000)......New Marquee

Js page stay time

Modify the statement: Add the following original code between : stay time:

Memory release for JS programming in IE

In JS programming under IE, the following programming methods will cause the failure to release the memory even if IE is disabled. The following categories are provided: 1. the attribute added to the DOM object is an object reference. Example:Var

Netease identifies the valid js Code of the user name

163 check username validity.

Obtain the MAC address of the client Nic

Javascript obtains the MAC address, IP address, and computer name of the client Nic.In a B/S system, we often need to obtain some information about the client, such as IP and MAC, for identity authentication. It is easy to obtain the MAC address of

Javascript mouse click Text to change text box code

Many times we will see the text on the webpage, which can be edited as long as we click it. Next I will introduce a Summary of the javascript Mouse clicking text to text box code, for more information, see. The Code is as follows: Copy

Detailed description of js operation xml and html

This article will introduce you to js operations related to xml and html operations. For more information, see references. 1. What is xml dom?• The xml dom defines the standard methods for accessing and processing XML documents.• Xml dom is a

How to Implement the webpage skin replacement function

In the past, we often saw a website with the webpage skin replacement function. Today I will introduce how to skin the webpage. Here we mainly use the css + js cookies for operations, the following is a detailed introduction. Preparations required

Javascript timing functions setInterval () and setTimeout () Analysis

This article will analyze the usage and differences between the javascript timer function setInterval () and setTimeout (). For more information, see. SetTimeout (expression, delay time) is a Timer Program, that is, what to do after what time, only

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