What are the purposes of XML?

XML is designed to store, transmit, and exchange data. XML is not designed to display data. XML can separate HTML from dataBy using XML, your data can be stored outside HTML. When we use HTML to display data, the data is stored in HTML. By using XML,

Powerful syntax highlighting engine implemented by javascript

Powerful syntax highlighting engine implemented by javascript SyCODE Syntax Highlighter is a javascript-based Syntax highlighting program. The implementation method draws on the famous db. SyntaxHighlighter to use regular expressions for keyword

Master the Ajax series and repost links

I recently learned about Ajax and accidentally found that a series of articles on IBM developerWorks, "Mastering Ajax", not only explained the principles of Ajax, I also gave a detailed description of the principles of Web XML, server correspondence,


DWR (Direct Web Remoting) is a WEB Remote Call framework. using this framework can make AJAX development very simple. using DWR, you can use JavaScript on the client to directly call the Java method of the service and return the value to JavaScript,

AJAX framework/library Comparison and Selection: ECHO2, GWT, DOJO, PROTOTYPE, JQUERY

Comparison and Selection of AJAX frameworks/Libraries: ECHO2, GWT, DOJO, PROTOTYPE, and JQUERY have read several AJAX Library/framework comparison articles in Chinese and English. For ease of use, the following is a special example:First, you must

Ajax & XMLHttpRequset

1 2 34 5 6 Ajax_exam1 7 8 9 10 11 12 1314 var ajax;15 function CreateAJAX ()16 {17 if (window. ActiveXObject)18 {19 try20 {21 return new ActiveXObject ("Msxml2.XMLHTTP ");22}23 catch (e)24 {25 try26 {27 return new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP

Animated Effect of google.cn

.cn effect Google pinyin Google Toolbar mobile phone location online translation train time network speed test Perpetual calendar unknown

Js onmouserover controls Images


Convert html to ubb Function

Function pattern (str ){// Str = str. replace (/(rn | n | r)/ig ,'');Str = str. replace (/] *>/ig, 'n ');Str = str. replace (//] */>/ig, 'n ');// Str = str. replace (/[code] (. + ?) [/Code]/ig, function ($1, $2) {return phpcode ($2 );});Str = str.

What Is AJAX?

What Is AJAX? AJAX is called "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML" (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a Web page development technology used to create interactive web applications. It organically includes the following technologies:Ajax

Unlimited category menu

Js unlimited classification menu : The three files are composed of one, test.htm css.css js. js The code of the test.html file is: Untitled Page MSDN I will not talk about it here, as long as it will be okay for html. If you don't

Js cookie-related operation functions

Js cookie-related operation functions   // Check whether the browser supports cookiesFunction checkCookie (){// Determine whether the cookie is enabledVar cookieEnabled = (navigator. cookieEnabled )? True: false;// If the browser is not ie4 + or ns6

Ajax cancels a request using the abort Method

New Document

You cannot upload rar files or zip other non-image files without components.

I encountered this problem when I used a component-less File Upload yesterday:There is no problem with uploading image files. Uploading rar, zip, wmv, and other non-image files will result in an error.The server is window2003.At first, I thought

Semi-automated table filling tool written in JS

semi-automated JavaScript filling

AJAX takes the browser type and creates it

AJAX takes the browser type and creates it Function InitAjax (){Var agt = navigator. userAgent. toLowerCase ();Var is_opera = (agt. indexOf ("opera ")! =-1 );Var is_ie = (agt. indexOf ("msie ")! =-1) & document. all &&! Is_opera;Var is_ie5 = (agt.

Detailed description of JavaScript refresh Page code

There are N types of page refresh code in js. Next I will introduce you to the code of the page refresh in js, including: Click to refresh the page, regularly refresh pages and other implementation methods. For more information, see. Let's briefly

Js allows you to insert comments into emoticon images and insert characters at the cursor.

This article introduces how to insert characters in comments, emotices, and images at the cursor. For more information, see references. Each comment added to the database represents a special character. For example, "[face1]" represents a smiling

Ajax jsonp cross-origin method example Method

In the past, we only knew that ajax cross-origin can only be solved through the jsonp method. When uploading a video locally recently, we need to upload the video to Youku and youtube. If we use the post method directly, you can only see the upload

Cross-origin ajax access to JQuery

The cross-origin issue has always been a tangled issue. Next I will summarize the principles and Solutions of ajax cross-origin access and JQuery cross-origin. I hope this method will help you. Cross-origin of JSThe problem is that many programmers

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