Judge whether the variable is a digital isNaN function in js

In js, we need to check whether the variable is a number. We can directly use the isNaN function. The isNaN function judges the opposite. If you input a number, it returns false, not the data, you can clear this point. IsNaN Function IsNaN

Prevent websites from being referenced by others through the iframe framework

Currently, many webmasters prefer to use iframe to directly call others' websites. On the surface, it is impossible to see that the website calls others, and all the open views access our servers, however, the viewer thinks this is the other party's

Overwrite the Array Using the splice () method in Javascript

In the eyes of many students, the splice () method may be used to divide strings into arrays. In fact, it can not only implement this function, but also delete or replace array elements, I will introduce it to you below. Requirement: array arr2 is

How to add a reference tag to the kindeditor Editor

The kindeditor editor does not contain blockquote tags by itself. If you need to add tags, You need to modify them by yourself, next, I will introduce you to the steps for adding blockquote tags to the kindeditor editor in eblog. For more

Js url parameter acquisition, setting, modification, and parsing code

In the past, we briefly talked about how to obtain url parameters in js. This article describes how to obtain, set, modify, and parse js url parameters. Obtain url parameters The Code is as follows: Copy code The core

Exploration of javascript loop usage and Optimization

This article will introduce some performance optimization methods when using js event seeding loops. Below I will introduce some basic JS knowledge, it was found that the JS loop is significantly different from the loop in other languages, and then

Javascript code for title scrolling

This article uses several ultra-simple codes to implement title scrolling. For more information, see the reference. The Code is as follows: The Code is as follows: Copy code (Function (){Var titleScroll = function (){Var

Js variables, strings, conditional statements, and event Learning notes

This article will share with you an article on js variables, strings, conditional statements, and event Learning notes. For more information, see reference. Variable You can also use an instance to learn the related syntax of variables:

Js determines whether a variable is an object or an array.

For many times, we do not know how to judge whether a variable is an array or an object. Next I will give you a detailed introduction to js to determine whether a variable is an object or an array instance. All typeof objects are returned. In

Use of the js string truncation function (substring substr split)

Common string truncation functions in js include substring substr split slice. The following describes how to use these character truncation functions. Use substring () Definition and usageThe substring method is used to extract characters of a

Image loading event (onload) and loading status (complete)

This article describes how to use the onload and complete operations of an image. Previously, we had to scale the merchant pictures on the merchant page according to the size of the box outside the image. The previous idea was to first output the

Summary of js array clearing (deletion) Method

There are many methods for clearing data in js. Below I will introduce several methods for clearing data, which can be used to compare with the performance of various array clearing methods. For more information, see. Clearing the array is a common

A small Summary of window. opener in Javascript

Window. opener opens a new window in js. Next I will introduce some usage and summary of window. opener to you. I used to think that window. opener can be accessed only when window. open is opened. I didn't expect that even the page opened by a link

Js declaration functions (function creation)

In javascript, function creation and declaration functions have common user-defined functions and anonymous functions. Next I will introduce the usage of these functions separately. Generally, when writing JavaScript, we all like to name an empty

JavaScript private variable usage

The principle of private instance variables is based on the scope. Private instance variables are implemented using the var keyword in JavaScript Functions and only valid within functions. If you have been familiar with other languages, you should

Window. open blocked by the browser solution

Window. open is a js command to open a new window. It is often used to open a window. However, many browsers have used Windows. open is blocked. Next I will introduce the solution to window. the method of blocking open. First look at a common window.

Example of js blocking event bubbling

Next I will introduce you to an instance method for blocking event bubbling on the dom object. I hope this method will be helpful to all of you. Events bound to dom objects have the feature of bubbling. If you do not want the event to bubble up, you

Ajax get method to generate IE Cache

Ajax get usually produces some cached data by default, if we want to disable the creation of cache, we can add a disable cache or add a random parameter after the url to solve the problem of ie cache and ajax cache. Yesterday we encountered a

JS inserts content at the cursor position in the Editable div

We will introduce how to insert content at the specified position in the Editable div, just like the editor we are using. Below I will introduce several instances. First, enable the edit mode for the DIV. The Code is as follows: Copy

Javascript code used to determine the mobile browser instance

To determine whether a user is a mobile browser is actually very simple. We only need to obtain the userAgent information of the browser, and then we can determine and match the userAgent to determine whether the user is a mobile browser. Recently,

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