Usage of JavaScript For While LOOP

In js, loops include For loops and while loops. They are not much different, but they will be used more in some places. Next I will introduce you to the usage of JavaScript For While loops. For Number of times a piece of code is cyclically

SetTimeout () usage and precautions in Javascript

SetTimeout (code, millisec) method. If the code of the 1st parameter calls the function name directly, a global or local function call problem exists. Note the following when using the setTimeout (code, millisec) method: SetTimeout (expression,

My97Date date control class prompt: WdatePicker has no permission

Today, when using my97date, the system suddenly prompts that access is denied or you do not have the permission or \ 'invalid invalid Doc ument or \ '$ dp \' is empty or not an object, later, I found some solutions on the Internet.

Refresh the page program code in the Javascript framework

We generally use window to refresh the framework in js. parent command, which is used to refresh the parent window in a child window. to refresh the parent window, specify the window. parent [Window name] to operate. Next I will give you an instance.

Js fixed DIV height, more than part automatically add scroll bar

We will see that many websites will have an effect. If the content does not exceed the div height, it will be displayed directly. If it is relatively long, there will be a scroll bar effect. Next I will introduce this implementation method to

Small issues that js regular expressions are easy to ignore

1. special characters in brackets [] do not need to be escaped, such as [/], [.], [*], and [?]. And [+] can directly match the corresponding characters .*? +. The test result is as follows:   Therefore, the/[d.]/regular expression matches a number

Usage and difference of confirm () and alert () methods in js

The onfirm () method is used to display a dialog box with the specified message and OK and cancel buttons. The cancel button is more than alert. If you click OK, confirm () returns true. If you click the cancel button, confirm () returns false.

Summary of various methods to remove spaces in JavaScript

Below I have summarized various methods to delete spaces, including deleting spaces before and after deletion, intermediate spaces, and continuous spaces. For more information, see. Method 1: In my opinion, the best method is to use regular

Js + css tab switch effect code

This is the TAB (js + css) switching technology that I often use in website design. One is click switching, and the other is touch switching, which is comprehensive. Although there will be a lot of online searches, the tabs below are carefully

JS obtains screen, browser, webpage height, and width information for locating

This article introduces how to locate JS screen, browser, webpage height, and width information. [Ad # content] When operating DOM in JS, the height and width of the browser are often used to adjust the DOM position. Here we will record it.

HTTP/1.1 open unknown error in Express

This article will introduce the HTTP/1.1 open unknown error of Express for your reference. The architecture is as follows: NodeJS + Express, using EJS as the template.The error is as follows: The Code is as follows: Copy code

How to inherit and use non-function objects in Javascript

This article provides some detailed descriptions and examples of the inheritance and usage of non-function objects in Javascript. There are two types of Javascript inheritance. One is inheritance based on \ "function object \", that is, a function

Explanation of javascript English letter case-insensitive Conversion

Next I will introduce to you how to use the toLocaleUpperCase (), toUpperCase (), toLocaleLowerCase (), and toLowerCase () functions of js to convert uppercase and lowercase letters. Next I will introduce it to you. ToLocaleUpperCase converts all

How to resolve the conflict between function $ (id) and jquery in js

This article introduces how to solve the conflict between function $ (id) and jquery in js. If you have encountered such problems, refer. $ (Id) is js document. the abbreviation of getElementById (id) defines the $ ("img-icon") that can be directly

The parseInt number in js, and detailed description of sum usage

The parseInt () function can parse a string and return an integer. You can also add or subtract an integer. Next I will introduce the parseInt number in js and explain the sum usage. We all know what the javascript parseInt function is. But you know

Matching email with js Regular Expressions

The regular expression matches the email address [\ w] + @ [\ w] +. [\ w] {2, 3} \ w to match any word characters including underlines. It is equivalent to \ '[A-Za-z0-9 _] \'. + Match the previous subexpression once or multiple times. For example, '

After submitting the js form, the button sets the gray effect.

Sometimes we do not want the user to submit data repeatedly, so we want the user to submit the form after the button is temporarily unavailable, and the data cannot be submitted again. Next we will introduce two instances. Instance 1 The

Getting started with Javascript Array usage

Arrays are an important data storage type in javascript. Next I will summarize how to create, define, delete, and modify an array length instance in js. Define an array The Code is as follows: Copy code Var a = new Array ("a",

Detailed description of automatic date conversion method of dijit. form. DateTextBox in js

This article will introduce the dijit. form. DateTextBox date automatic conversion method in js. I hope some methods will be helpful to you. After investigation, we can use the following code to solve the problem. The following code: The

Test the efficiency of nested javascript function calls

This article will introduce the Efficiency Test of nested javascript function calls. I hope you can understand the performance of repeated function calls and optimize it to avoid it. The nested function definition in Javascript brings a lot of

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