The article URL code is automatically added after the content is copied.

We want to automatically add article links to the copy when copying content. There are many methods to implement js, jquery, and flash. Below I will introduce wordpress as an example. Method You can add a function to your WordPress site: After the

In IE7, IE8, and IE10, The eWebEditor button is invalid. What should I do?

Yesterday, I upgraded my computer browser to ie8. Then I encountered a problem. One of my web buttons using the eWebEditor was invalid, after repeated troubleshooting, I found an X point for the program that writes the eWebEditor editor. Next I will

Differences between Javascript arrays and json

We know that json and js Arrays can be converted to each other. Next I will introduce the differences between arrays and json. Some friends may not know about them at all, in fact, they are different from each other. I. Array 1. Define a

Seamless scrolling of marquee and js (javascript) images

This article focuses on the seamless scrolling of marquee and js (javascript) images. If you need it, you can try it for reference. The following is a simple method I found on the Internet that combines marquee and js to solve seamless image

Common JavaScript Regular Expression Code sorting (1/4)

I want to write a common JavaScript Regular Expression Code for a friend. I have sorted out some of the following code for reference. Match the ending numberSource: how to use a javascript Regular Expression to retrieve the last number of strings?

Disable pop-up code of right-click menu of IE browser

Next, I will introduce you to a simple implementation method of disabling pop-up by right-clicking the IE browser menu. For more information, see. Add the oncontextmenu event to the tag. To prevent event propagation and prevent the system from right-

Javascript code for dynamically obtaining the current date, time, and week

This article summarizes some common Javascript code used to dynamically obtain the current date, time, and week. Copy the code snippet and paste it to the html structure to be displayed ( paste it here ) Format: year, month, and day The

Javascript verifies that the URL entered by the user is correct

To enable the user to enter a URL, we need to verify that the URL entered by the user is correct before the user submits the URL. This JavaScript verification will not confirm whether the URL is valid, but it must be saved correctly. Code  

Common js control form operation code

This article will collect some of the control form operation functions commonly used in front-end WEB development for your reference. . Automatically select text when the mouse passes   Code: Mouse Selection: 2. Set the radio button   Code: js

Javascript Date object setMonth method bug

This article will detail the bugs and Solutions of the setMonth method of the javascript Date object. For more information, see. In fact, I can't talk about any bugs, but the JS Date object handles the overflow time. First, set your system time to

What does Javascript var p = function () {} () mean?

Yesterday, a friend asked me what Javascript var p = function () {} () means? The following is an example of the meaning and use of this function. The Code is as follows: Copy code Var p = function (){}(); What does

Several methods for implementing native ajax using javascript

The original style of ajax is rarely seen now. We all use jquery's ajax directly, because jquery provides a lot of ajax methods, which are easy to use and quick, next I will provide you with some original ajax methods. Since javascript has various

Latest mobile phone number verification Regular Expression js Code

I found a lot of regular expressions for mobile phone number verification on the Internet, but they are not comprehensive. Today I verified the regular expressions for mobile phone number verification in 153, but the Verification Failed. Now I have

Summary of js operators "|" and "&"

In almost all languages, | and & follow the "Short Circuit" principle. For example, if the first expression in & is false, it will not process the second expression, but | is the opposite. Js also follows the above principles. But it is interesting

Example of Javascript to get the value of the drop-down list

The core statement for getting the value of the drop-down list using js is: document. getElementById (id). options [Objsel. selectedIndex]. value;, but jquery is simpler. Js to get the value of the drop-down list The Code is as follows:

Js verification character length examples

In js, we can use the length function to determine the length of common pure letters and numbers. However, we may not be very accurate about Chinese characters, below I will add some related instances to your favorites. For example, use the length

Use js to replace character replace () in a string

In js, we can use replace () to replace the characters, numbers, or letters in the string, or replace () with regular expressions, below I will introduce some common methods of character replacement. For example The Code is as follows:

What if KindEditor cannot get the textarea value?

Some may find that the value of FCKeditor1 cannot be obtained after the KindEditor editor is upgraded. I will introduce the solution to this problem. Code for getting values The Code is as follows: Copy code The above

Js example of checking whether the scroll bar has reached the bottom/top of the page

We can see that many websites return the top result when the scroll bar reaches the specified position. Otherwise, it will be automatically hidden, next, I will introduce the Implementation Principles and Examples of this effect. When the visible

How to add tags for an article after publishing a Sina Blog Post

If you are a Sina Blog user, you may find that you can tag your post before posting a blog and will not refresh the current page, next, I will introduce how to add tags to the post when publishing a similar Sina Blog article. I hope this method will

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