Javascript event: Get the getEvent function of the event object

In javascript development, we often get the event objects on the page and process these events. For example, the getEvent function below gets the page event objects under javascript. Copy to ClipboardReference: [] function getEvent

Writing, passing, and recursion of javascript anonymous Functions

I spoke about anonymous functions when I organized the javascript introductory training PPT today. Writing anonymous FunctionsAs the name suggests, it is a function without a name (⊙ ﹏ ⊙ B Khan ). Anonymous functions are usually used to control

JavaScript separation page configuration and code Logic

To make the code clear and structured, you usually need to separate the page configuration parameters and code logic. Define a unique namespace to implement basic so-called structure and behavior separation. The first method is to provide a global

JavaScript logical operators and priority

Today I read a piece of js Code compressed by YUI compressor: userNum && (ind += index,ind >= userNum && (ind -= userNum),ind I went crazy, and it was estimated that few people could understand it all at once. Let's translate it. & (Logical

The prototype-based input automatically prompts autocomplete.

Prototype-based input automatically prompts autocomplete results Effect: Autocomplete. js: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] var Autocomplete = function (el, options ){ This. el = $ (el ); This. id = this. el. identify (); This. el.

Js usage example: use split to separate specified strings

Js usage example: use split to separate specified strings JavaScript uses split to separate specified strings. For example, comma (,) is used to separate long strings containing commas (,). It is widely used and its usage is quite simple, you can

N writing methods of anonymous functions in javascript

The private attribute is available in java, and the powerful function js cannot be implemented as a dwarf, anonymous function, and wide variety of functions.If an anonymous function has no actual name or pointer, how can this problem be solved?In

Javascript retrieves an instance of url parameters

Today, a friend asked the webmaster about how to obtain the url parameter value. In webpage design, sometimes we need to obtain the Link parameter on the client, A common method is to use a link as a string, break it down according to the link

Introduction and example of the keyword "this" in Javascript

In javascript, the keyword "this" is a difficult concept to grasp. It refers to different objects in different situations. Let's take a look at the differences between the usage of this in JavaScript? 1. Use the this keyword in the inline mode of

Code for JavaScript Functions to obtain the coordinates of element locations

This is a JS function to get the element location coordinates, share with you, more JavaScript, please visit the house of help Chinese manual: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] function elementLeft

Differences between javascript parseInt & amp; Number Functions

In js, if you use parseInt ("08"), it is generally considered that 8 will be returned. However, 0 is actually returned, but 8 is returned with Number ("08.However, parseInt ("08", 10) can return 8.To clarify the differences between the two,See the

Webpage clock in the form of Radio written in JavaScript

( webpage special effects: you have seen a lot of small watches on Web pages. It is estimated that most of your views are in Flash format, today, I saw a classmate in the blog Park who said it was a webpage clock written in college.

Prototype series (1) prototype. js

What is prototype. js?In case you haven't used the famous prototype. js, let me tell you that prototype. js is a javascript class library written by Sam Stephen enson. This fantastic idea and compatible with standard class libraries can help you

ExtJs Image Display Error

When I finish my work at the end of the year, there are not many tasks, and there is plenty of free time. I haven't written anything for a long time. I feel like I don't exist in this world, and my technology is being updated every day, we have to

Analysis of sogou cloud Input Method JS files (1)

This input method is briefly introduced. (If it has not been used, we recommend that you use it first, because it is too conceptual, not something I can say clearly.) The biggest advantage is that the storage and computation of word libraries are on

How to obtain request parameters using JavaScript

The following code is used to obtain the request Parameters in JavaScript in the tutorial Copy to ClipboardReference: [] UrlParm = function () {// url parameter Var data, index; (Function init (){ Data = []; Index =

JavaScript creates a color gradient effect for navigation menus

Help home ( Tutorial JavaScript to create a navigation menu color gradient effect, text or background color gradient, implemented using javascript + CSS, the Code has a detailed comment, this article is reposted from cloudgamer's blog

Jquery Ajax instance 5: send a request to WebService to return the asynchronous data of a generic set

1. WebService. asmx:The GetList method generates generic set data for JqueryRequest. aspx to call. The Code is as follows:[WebMethod]Public List GetList (){List list = new List ();List. Add ("aaaaaaaaaaaa ");List. Add ("bbbbbbbbbbbbbb ");List.

Jquery Ajax instance 3: send a request to WebService to call the method and return data

1. WebService. asmx Process business data and generate weather data in the GetWhether Method for JqueryRequest. aspx to call. The Code is as follows:[System. Web. Script. Services. ScriptService]Public class WebService: System. Web. Services.

From Ajax to JQuery Ajax

AjaxArticle XMLDocumentAnd XMLHttpRequestObject 1. Create an XMLHttpRequest request objectCopy to Clipboard reference content: [] function getXMLHttpRequest (){Var xRequest = null;If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){XRequest = new

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