EXTJS4 official documentation translation series 1: Class systems and coding specifications

EXTJS4 official documentation translation series 1: Class systems and coding specifications, reposted from the technical blog of "Learn and learn insufficiency", the original article is as follows: I started to use extjs4 last week and never used

Code highlighting plug-in Codemirror usage and download

Codemirror is a powerful syntax highlighting engine developed by javascript. It supports many languages, such as PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS. Here we will briefly introduce how to use Codemirror to configure your website to support code syntax

What are Repaint and Reflow?

1. What are repaint and reflow? A page consists of two parts: DOM: describe the structure of the page Render: describes how DOM nodes (nodes) are displayed on pages. When the attributes of a DOM element change (such as color), the browser notifies

JS displays the specified items when taskMenu is loaded.

When taskMenu is used, when too many items need to be displayed, only the specified items are displayed when you want to load them. Var taskMenu1;Var taskMenu2;Var item1;Var item2;Var item3;Var item4;Window. onload = function (){TaskMenu.

Code Transformation: js browser Judgment Method

"Changing things and General Principles" must also be implemented in coding. Sometimes the idea is too restrictive. Write your own js framework today (for now, it is called YQ, and will be used in other articles) for examples of browser judgment

Use ajax in jQuery to access web services

Note: The ArrayList object CollegeDepartInfo has the following attributes: stirng college0000title and int CollegeDepartId in javascript: ddlDepart. options [ddlDepart. length] = new Option (n. collegeappstitle, n. collegeDepartId); Option

Add the "Save as" button to the webpage in Javascript

Javascript allows you to save a webpage as a special effect code by clicking the button. Due to the high security mechanism of the higher version of IE browser, it may not work in IE7 or later browsers. The Code is as follows: Copy to

Js pop-up window code can break through the aoyou IE6.0 Browser

I didn't want to send this type of code to everyone. We don't want any pop-up windows on the website, because this will cause troubles to visitors and affect the website, however, you will not worry about large websites with high traffic and those

Js determines the browser type and version, with multiple instance code

Do you know how many browsers are available in the world? In addition to the four well-known browsers, IE, Firefox, Opera, and Safari, there are nearly browsers in the world. In front-end development of websites, browser compatibility problems have

Instance code: js obtains url parameters to change the Website access address

Recently, a friend has been asking questions about css and JS when revising a website. Today, this friend asked me again about the link to the revised website, because the original website URLs are directly linked, and cannot be accessed after the

Ckeditor deletes the link's top-level Tab

CKEDITOR. on ('dialogdefinition ', function (ev){// Take the dialog name and its definition from the event// Data.Var dialogName = ev. data. name;Var dialogDefinition = ev. data. definition; // Check if the definition is from the dialog we're//

JavaScript Asynchronous Method queue chain

In javascript, method chain calls are very popular, and jQuery users must have a deep understanding of this. In the javascript design pattern, this method is described in detail to implement chained call of methods, you only need to let the methods

Java Regular Expression functions and application examples

as we all know, in program development, it is inevitable that a string needs to be matched, searched, replaced, and judged, which is sometimes complicated, if you use pure encoding, it will often waste the programmer's time and effort. Therefore,

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks-Ajax (6)

AjaxThe most convincing reason for using JavaScript frameworks is to standardize Ajax requests across browsers. An Ajax request is an asynchronous HTTP request. It sends a request to a server script and returns a response, such as XML, JSON, HTML,

JavaScript Event Learning Chapter 4: traditional Event registration Model

In this chapter, I will explain the best way to register events for elements, that is, to ensure that a specific event occurs on a specific HTML element and can run a specific script. Registering events in the oldest JavaScript browser can only pass

Parse the JavaScript class of QueryString

A previously written JS class that parses QueryString. You can get or set the value in QueryString, and noted down the value for convenience :)Example:Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] var qs = new QueryString (query );Qs. set ("ajaxids",

JavaScript and Cookie (1): Reading and Writing cookies

Html code:Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] JavaScript and Cookie (1) CookieMessage: Valid-time: Please input a integer. Js Code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/zghlx/

JavaScript controls flash operations (compatible with IE and FF)

Problems with developing rich media advertisements today use JS to control flash and find compatible solutions only at full cost on the IE PlatformThe method is as follows: The focus is on the id attribute of the object and the name attribute

JavaScript dynamic resize

When I update an article on my website, a common problem is that the illustration of the article is too wide, and the entire webpage is distorted. If you scale each illustration before inserting it, this is too much trouble.I encountered this kind

Reference Baidu popup. js page with no response solution

The pop-up window and drag-and-drop effect (that is, popup. js) of the Baidu space are quite good, as shown in. Currently, many well-known websites use this technology. Recently, during the project development process, the pop-up layer of pages

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