FireEvent method of IE in JavaScript


In IE, A fireEvent method is provided, which, as its name implies, triggers an event. At the beginning, I thought it would be the same as using onclick () in normal times. I did not expect to find it when I was writing a javascript getting started

String multiplication in JavaScript

In Ruby, the "*" operator used with a string on the left and a number on the right does string repetition. "Ruby" * 2 evaluates to "RubyRuby", for example. this is only occasionally useful (when creating lines of hyphens for ASCII tables, for

Solution to "null is null or not an object" in JS

1. 'null' is null or not an object: Add the defer = true attribute to it, That is: Defer is used to execute the script after the file is loaded, so that the object cannot be found. 2. document. getElementById is null Cause: var titab =

Perfect Method for judging whether iframe is loaded

Today, I just need to judge that the iframe loading is complete. I just found out that the method for this article is perfect. Var iframe = document. createElement ("iframe "); Iframe. src = " "; If (! /* @ Cc_on! @ */0) {// if

Replace RegExp replace with a regular expression

Replace RegExp replace with a regular expression 0000 111 2222 33333 Source:

What does jRaiser mean? JRaiser birthnotes

Writing a Javascript framework by yourself is a task that is decided by the last semester. With the rise of Ajax, websites are increasingly demanding Javascript, and Javascript itself has many defects and deficiencies, which need to be improved

Parameters for js display layer and js hidden layer Functions

Parameters for js display layer and js hidden layer Functions /*======================================Function: display or hide LayerShowDiv (divId_array, showLocality_array)Parameter description:DivId_array all layer IDs to be operated, separated

JavaScript processes Chinese characters for Computer Recognition and reading

Js converts a string to a specific encoding so that it can be recognized and read by any computer: 1. escape MethodEncode String objects so that they can be read on all computers,Escape (charString)The required charstring parameter is any String

ZeroClipboard solves cross-browser copying to clipboard

Implementation principle of Zero ClipboardZero Clipboard uses transparent Flash to float the copy button. In this way, you can click not a button but Flash, so that you can pass the required content into Flash, then, copy the input content to the

JavaScript Event Learning Chapter 5: Advanced Event registration Model

In this chapter, I will explain two advanced time registration models: W3C and Microsoft. Because neither of these methods can be cross-browser, they do not have many use cases. Both W3C and Microsoft are developing their own event registration

JavaScript function code for obtaining mouse coordinates

In the afternoon, I want to create a Javascript script that follows the mouse. I found that browser compatibility is really annoying, and there is also a problem with the position of the scroll bar. Fortunately, everything is available on the

Conflicts between css style sheets and javascript

Problem: When the background color of an element is set in the css style sheet, changing the background color with javascript will become invalid. How can you solve this conflict? If I want to use a style sheet.The Code is as follows:

JavaScript string array Conversion Function

Two custom js functions that implement mutual conversion between strings and arrays hope to be useful to you: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] 1 function StringToArray (str, substr ){ 2 3/* function: Splits a string into an Array Based on

Perfect solution for garbled Chinese Characters in Javascript and Ajax

Today, I encountered a Chinese Ajax garbled problem in one day. There are two types of Ajax garbled issues: 1. Chinese characters output by JavaScript are garbled, For example: alert ("Chinese Garbled text test "); The solution is relatively

Introduction to Prototype series (2) prototype. js Methods

Var Class = { Create: function (){ Return function (){ This. initialize. apply (this, arguments ); } } }; Object. extend = function (destination, source ){ For (var property in source) destination [property] = source [property]; Return destination; }

Replace functions in JavaScript

Copy to ClipboardReference: [] public string EnCode (string content){String str1 = content. Replace ("String str2 = str1.Replace (">", "> ");String str3 = str2.Replace ("'", "& apos ;");String str4 = str3.Replace ("","");String str5 =

JavaScript and Cookie (2): use cookies to record user login information

Html code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Untitled Document UserName: Password: Js Code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Source:

Test the processing performance of JavaScript strings.

It mainly tests the actual processing of the JS engine performance of the array push () method and the directly adding method. The program code is simple and easy to explain. Note: The number of cycles must be large enough. Copy to

JavaScript achieves highly adaptive iframe

Iframe highly adaptive implementation of the Tutorial at ( Copy to ClipboardReference content: [] // adjust the height of PageContent Function TuneHeight () { Var frm = document. getElementById ("ifrName "); Var

JavaScript color gradient and gradient effect (top)

The Helper House ( is too busy to write articles for a long time. There is no time to write complicated things, and you can write the color gradient effect again. The color effect is generally two, the color gradient change and the

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