Js checks whether an element is a child element of another element.

Js is used to determine whether an element is a sub-element of another element. It is often used for some effects, especially for applications related to mouse events, such as a floating layer, when you move the mouse over the elements in the

Simple Object used to judge the client's attributes

Objects used in the program to determine client information The requirement is not high, so it is relatively simple and not necessarily accurate. In the game, you only need to determine whether Internet Explorer, Internet Explorer 6, and mobile

NodeList set and Array

First, let's take a look at what is NodeList. NodeList and arguments are not common arrays. They have some basic attributes of arrays, but they are not completely arrays. The definitions found in Mozilla are as follows:This is a commonly used type

Js smart judgment on whether the browser is closed or refreshed

JavaScript judges whether the browser is closed or refreshed. In fact, it seems that there is no practicality, even as a reference document for Js learning. Js smart judgment on whether the browser is closed or refreshed Close or refresh the

Object Reference Mechanism in JavaScript

Object Reference Mechanism in JavaScript Object Reference Mechanism: objects are not copied and can only be passed through references.Simple Example:Var I = mangguo ={}; // whether empty or notMangguo. address = 'hangzhou'; the value of mangguo.

Select All and invert check boxes for Js implementations, and select tables in batches

Title: Select All and invert check boxes for Js implementations, and select tables in batches Purpose: A. Click the column header check box to select all or not select any subitemB. If one subitem is not selected, the column header is deselected.C.

Solution to setTimeout parameter passing bug in IE

In the last development, I encountered the problem of setTimeout parameter passing in IE. in IE, setTimeout does not pass in parameters. For example, the following code does not pass in a in IE, two Parameters of BSetTimeout (function (a, B ){Alert (

How to enable JS compression in IIS7

IIS7 supports static and dynamic File compression, but some simple settings are required for Javascript file compression. First open IIS management, select the site I want to set up, and then find the MIME TYPES in the functional area on the right

Use JSONP to achieve perfect cross-Origin

I used to blog about JSONP in the past. For example, my WordPress weather plug-in calls weather data through JSONP. Today I will talk about cross-origin application through JSONP ~What is JSONP?JSONP is JSON with Padding. Due to the same-origin

Select controls webpage content hiding and display

Select controls webpage content hiding and display Selection Method method 1 method 2 Method 1 method 1 method 1Method 2 method 2 method 2The judgment method can also be changed to an inequality. Source: www.corange.cn

Javascript dialog box (pop-up layer) component [Source Code]

  ArtDialog   ArtDialogIt is a lightweight and highly compatible javascript dialog box component that gives your webpage interaction a desktop software-like user experience. Demo address: http://www.planeart.cn/downs/artDialog/ Project home:

JavaScript clears function code in html text format

JavaScript clears function code in html text format '/* Function name: Zxj_ReplaceHtml ClearHtml'/* Function Language: VBScript Language'/* Usage: Clear the file HTML format Function'/* Transfer parameter: Content (Note: Content to be cleared)'/*

JavaScript Event Learning Chapter 6: Event access

In this chapter, I will explain how to access an event object. Now we have registered an event handler and want to learn more about the event. We want to know the mouse position when the event occurs, and what keys the user presses. These are all

Get url parameters in JS and get url parameters in script tags

Url paramter: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] // lastest: Var getArgs = function () {// get url querystring Var params = document. location. search, reg = /(? : ^ \? | &)(.*?) = (.*?) (? = & | $)/G, temp, args = {}; While((temp1_reg.exe

Introduction to JavaScript event bubbling and application examples

I. What is event bubbling? Trigger a certain type of event on an object (such as clicking an onclick event). If this object defines the event handler, this event will call this handler, if the event handler is not defined or the event returns true,

JavaScript and Cookie (3): display the time and number of user visits

Httml code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] Untitled Document JS Code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] Source: http://www.cnblogs.com/zghlx/

RegExp attributes, methods, and applications of JavaScript

EgExp object (the most easy-to-understand and in-depth Regular Expression tutorial I have seen so far) JavaScript provides a RegExp object to complete operations and functions related to regular expressions, each regular expression pattern

JavaScript code optimization skills (recommended)

The speed of JavaScript code is divided into two parts: download time and execution speed.Download time:The Web browser downloads the JavaScript source code, that is, all the variable names and comments are included.This and other factors increase

Extra notes for processing Javascript Chinese strings

The character constants in javascript files are closely related to the character encoding in the js file. See the following code: Var strSex = "male "; In GB2312 encoding, assume that another variable, strAxSex, is the BSTR value read from the

Global variables in the Javascript framework

Looking at the implementation of various major types of libraries, a global variable is basically defined at the beginning and then extended. For example, Prototype. js Prototype, Native of mootools, Base of Base2, Ext of Ext, JQuery of JQuery, YUI

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