Use of instanceof and isPrototypeOf in javascript

The following example shows how to use instanceof, isPrototypeOf, hasOwnProperty, and in javascript: If the result cannot be displayed, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page. For more page code: Tip: the code can be

U128.js 128-bit unsigned integer JavaScript Library

U128.js is a JavaScript library that provides 128-bit unsigned integer operations. It is designed to be compatible with various mainstream browsers. Sample Code:

When the constructor encounters the YUI3 encapsulation Mechanism

Copy to ClipboardReference: []/** Create confirmation dialog box* @ Constructor ConfirmBox*/Var ConfirmBox, confirmOff, confirmDel;ConfirmBox = function (msg, url ){This. msg = msg;This. url = url;};ConfirmBox. prototype. fire =

Code for while LOOP usage in Javascript

The code for the while LOOP usage in Javascript is described in this example. I believe this will be helpful for your JavaScript programming. while LOOP test while loop

UnsafeWindow cannot call GM_getValue and GM_setValue

As the namespace changes, the following GM_getValue and GM_setValue cannot be called in unsafeWindow: // Normal use GM_setValue ('foo', true ); GM_etValue ('foo '); // The value of GM cannot be accessed. $ ("# BtnPost"). click (function (){ GM_

Several Modes of Javascript Memory leakage

JavaScript is a garbage collection language, which means that the memory is allocated to the object based on the object creation and will be reclaimed by the browser when no reference is made to the object. The garbage collection mechanism of

Determine that the webpage window appears only once Based on the cookie

This is the JS Code based on the cookie. It is collected from the Internet and is not tested in multiple browsers. The webpage window in IE is only displayed once. Usage: 1. Add the following code to the head section of the webpage. 2. Put the red

JavaScript Lesson 1: Variable Variables

Lesson 1 Variables Article Title: Learn JavaScript: Lesson 1: JavaScript VariablesBy Stephen ChapmanTranslator: Hao Xiaoru (This article is long and smelly, but it is extremely easy to understand. It is only suitable for

Js Image Viewer, layer-by-layer display of the top and bottom strip

This is an image viewer using javascript. the next exit code is displayed at the layer. Pay attention to the functions $ (), addEvent (), and removeEvent () in the code () these functions are not encapsulated in the Image Viewer. I personally think

Document. querySelector () and document. querySelectorAll ()

In css, setting styles for specific elements is inseparable from the use of delimiters. Currently, some large javascript frameworks often use delimiters to obtain specific elements, such as jQuery. The W3c standard defines two new methods

JavaScript to get custom Cell Property Values

Js uses cell custom attribute values. Different implementations in IE and FF Result + = ""Var isIE = document. all? True: false;If (isIE) // IE{For (var I = 0; I Result + = " ";}Else {// FFFor (var I = 0; I Result + = " ";}Result + = ""

Seven useful but unfamiliar JavaScript Techniques

The success of JavaScript is repeat. Writing JavaScript code for Web pages is already the basic skill of all Web designers. This interesting language contains many unfamiliar things, even if JavaScript programmers who have been writing JavaScript

Javascript easily controls page image size

Today, Gonten found a piece of useful code in a CMS template to share with you. Some web pages are often seen, because the images are too large to control the image size, resulting in page dislocation, or some images cannot be seen. The following

JavaScript Event Learning Chapter 2: Event

In this chapter, I will give an overview of important events, including compatibility issues with some popular browsers. The events proposed here, when they happen on a fixed HTML element, their names can be recognized by most browsers. That is to

FireFox's support for ajax onreadystatechange

I. Problems:Var xmlHttp;Function savecarttodata (){CreateXMLHttpRequest ();Var rndcode = new Date (). getTime ();Var CartUrl = "a. asp? Cache = "+ rndcodeXmlHttp. onreadystatechange = function (){.....}XmlHttp. open ("GET", CartUrl, true );XmlHttp.

Cross-browser incompatibility of JavaScripts

Many browsers implement a public subset of JavaScript, making most of the Code compatible with different browsers. The incompatibility problem is not the language itself, instead, the underlying Document Object Model (DOM) opened by the browser is

JavaScript windows. open () parameter set

[1. The most basic pop-up window Code] Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Because it is a piece of javascripts code, they should be placed between the . are used for some earlier browsers, and the code in the labels is not displayed as

COM to get the JavaScript array size

When the Helper House ( Tutorial uses JavaScript to call COM to pass arrays, the COM interface receives VARIANT objects, such as array, the vt type VT_DISPATCH of the object, therefore, the value indicates an IDispatch pointer. The

JavaScript creates word selection effects and supports searching

What is word selection for the help house ( You may think of the word search software for that year. Haha! It seems that you are the victim. However, the word selection mentioned in this article is not spam software. It means that a

Simplified Version: JavaScript color gradient and gradient effect

Recently I read Dean's "Convert any color value to hex in MSIE" and finally solved the problem of obtaining color rgb values based on keywords. JavaScript color gradient and gradient effect color gradient change Demonstration:

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