JavaScript variable scope

The variable scope is the region in the program that defines this variable.First, paste a piece of code. If you are not confused about the output of the code, you do not need to read it below./* Code 1 */Var scope = "global ";Function checkScope

Window. location and document. location in Js

Document. location this object contains information about the current URLLocation. host get port numberLocation. hostname set or get Host NameLocation. href set or get the whole URLLocation. port: set or obtain the port number of the URL.Location.

YUI html form serialization html form serialize

Form serialization in yui3. I found that there are not many yui tutorials for the Helper's house. The most popular is not necessarily the best. I personally prefer yui over jquery. Usage: 1. serializeForm ('# formid'), return a = 55 & B = option1 &

Concerning the ExtJS error "exceptions are thrown and not caught"

An error message was reported recently when ExtJS was used to build the webpage interface. The prompt in IE is as follows: Exception thrown and not caught, row 19 .... The Firefox prompt is as follows: Uncaught exception: No center region defined

Examples of JavaScript for/in loop usage

Examples of JavaScript for/in loop usage, although For and IN are not used to, but each has its own advantages and personality. It is a good code when used. for/in loop test the for/in loop

JS implementation webpage opens the "Sort favorites" dialog box

Javascript displays "Sort favorites" on the webpage. This function has security risks, so it cannot be implemented in higher IE versions. Click the link on the webpage to display the "organize favorites" dialog box, which is similar to the "add

Regular Expression to verify string Composition

Regular Expression to verify string Composition

The Image object of JS can be used to check whether the Image type is valid.

If you encounter an upload of an image file in the project, you need to add a detection program in the background to determine whether the image type is valid to prevent unauthorized file uploads, if you are familiar with js Image objects, you can

Enumeration of prime numbers using JavaScript

This article on cool shell is attractive: Checking regular expressions of prime numbers The Code translated into JavaScript is as follows: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] function prime (MAX ){ Var re =/^ (11 + ?) \ 1 + $ /, N, C = '1

IE onchange event-triggered bug and solution tutorial

Today I encountered a bug in the Internet Explorer onchange event. This bug exists in all Internet Explorer versions (6, 7, 8). I don't know if it's a bug, or did I design it like this on purpose? Let's take a look at the reproduction process of the

Google Map API Tutorial: adding a control button to a Map using a GControl object

Today, Google has recorded 5900 pieces of my website maps, and Baidu has begun to include them ~ The Google map api tutorial I wrote today is about adding a control button on Google Maps and using GControl objects of Google Map APIs, use the

JavaScript Lesson 2: Operator Operators

Lesson 2 operator Operators (This article is long and smelly, but it is extremely easy to understand. It is only suitable for beginners of JavaScript, especially those with no foundation) 2.0 ASCII and Unicode encoding The computer can only process

Two types of AJAX Chinese garbled Issues and Solutions

1) the parameters in the sending path are in Chinese, and the received parameter values in the server segment are garbled.For example:Var url = "a. jsp? Name = Xiao Li ";XmlHTTP. open ("post", url, true );Solution:Use the escape () or encodeURI ()

In-depth analysis of ECMA-262-3: Chapter 5 Functions

Introduction In this article, we will discuss in more detail a common ECMAScript object-function. We will study in detail the various types of functions and explain how these types of functions affect a context variable object and what is included

JavaScript getting started Tutorial: more than one hundred basic knowledge

1.doc ument. write (""); Output statement 2. Comments in JS are // 3. The traditional HTML document sequence is: document-> html-> (head, body) 4. the DOM sequence in a browser window is: window-> (navigator, screen, history, location, document) 5.

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks-practical functions (4)

Practical FunctionsMany JavaScript frameworks have a large number of practical functions that make it easier to develop applications using JavaScript. This article has a lot to add, so I will discuss one of the more compelling functions in most

JavaScript Event Learning Addendum: addEventSimple

Here is an addEventSimple and removeEventSimple function. Sometimes I use these two functions to register an event handler that is less conspicuous. Function addEventSimple (obj, evt, fn ){If (obj. addEventListener)Obj. addEventListener (evt, fn,

Introduction and simple use of JavaScript objects

JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) language.JS is an object-oriented programming language (Object-Oriented ).An OOP language allows you to define your own objects and make your own variable types.The OOP language allows you to

Javascript implements encapsulation similar to C # classes

I have not studied Javascript deeply. Although I have many C # class libraries of my own, I don't have a js class library of my own. I have been using it all the time and try again. In the future, we will encapsulate common js methods like C #

Inheritance Mechanism of Javascript framework

This is a part of the larger architecture of the Helper House ( tutorial. Prototype's original inheritance mechanism was very weak, and this aspect was also strengthened to confront mootools. Well, there is basically a clone function

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