Cross-origin sharing in JavaScript

In the client programming language, for exampleJavascriptSame-origin policy is a very important security concept, and it has an important significance in ensuring data security. The same-origin policy specifies that scripts in different domains are

JavaScript Capture web page cancel Close event

During Web development, we often use the page Close event onbeforeunload to give users a chance to stop the event, such as this blog editor. If you choose to exit, the onunload Event will naturally be triggered. But if you choose to cancel, how can

Improved switch equivalent comparison

This method is used to replace the Equal Value Comparison in the switch. Generally, each comparison of the same value needs to be judged repeatedly. The use of user-defined functions avoids repeated judgment and improves the efficiency. The

Display Organization Chart using Javascript)

Recently, an internal project needs to be used.Organization chart(Organization chart), looking for some open-source projects and their class libraries, found that there is no ready-made JS class libraries available for use, find some simple JS

Example of how to sort the hotspot of a JavaScript menu item

An example of how to sort the hotspot of a JavaScript menu item. list items or menu items are sorted by the number of clicks (or other events). Here is just an example, if you want to see a more complete example, you can develop it on this

9 JavaScript development best practices

1. Use the correct however, in the source code, the following tag syntax is everywhere: in HTML, the language attribute is out of date because it is redundant when the type attribute is available. Don't write this again ......In fact, the client

DocumentElement knowledge Summary

Source:Obtains the height and width of the current browser window.Solution text:Solution Process:About document.doc umentElement:W3c: This is a convenience attribute that allows direct access to the child node that is the root element of the

Js uses indexOf to search for a string and return the position

JavaScript uses indexOf to search for a string and return the position. Because the effect is relatively simple, the running function is no longer used for demonstration. You can test the function by copying the code to any HTML file. Copy to

Multiple frames of GIF in IE can trigger multiple Image (). load events.

Yesterday, my colleague was in charge of a homepage advertisement. The advertisement used multi-frame GIF animation, jpg in the HTML demonstration page, and the Image object load event was used to add the advertisement, this avoids the embarrassing

Js global variables, local variables, and scope

If the effect cannot be displayed, press Ctrl + F5 to refresh the page, more webpage code: Tip: the code can be modified before running! Running result: NaN, 100Reference:1. Global variables and their scopesGlobal

The drag-and-drop function of the webpage layout module of jquery. ui plug-in

Recently, due to system upgrades, personal space needs to be transformed to imitate the QQ space's spatial dress-up function.After checking some basic information, I decided to use the jquery. ui plug-in.Finally, basic functions such as changing

ECMA-262-3 in-depth analysis. Chapter 1. Execution Context

IntroductionThis article mainly discusses the ECMAScript execution context and related ECMAScript executable code. DefinitionEach time the controller is transferred to ECMAScript executable code, it enters an execution context. Execution context

Comparison of equality and unequal attributes in Javascript

In javascript, you can use = to compare whether the two data types are equal. If the two data types are different, the data will be compared after conversion. The conversion rules are as follows: L if the type of one of the operands is Boolean,

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks-Comparison of frameworks (8)

Framework comparison Table 1 provides a detailed comparison of the five frameworks discussed in this article   Prototype JQuery YUI ExtJS MooTools Latest Version 1.6.1 1.4.1 3.00 3.1 1.2

Create a fixed position to pop up the floating ad instance code

I haven't written the JS program for a long time. I am free these two days. I have rewritten the previous floating ad code. Well, we have limited capabilities in that sentence. If you have any mistakes, please give us your evidence and give us some

Select the JS method of the tree data node of the TreeView Control

A few days ago, in order to improve the tree-based permission selection function, jquery was used to write a method based on the tree structure. The result of this method is: "When a node is selected, the selected status of its child nodes also

JavaScript and Cookie (4): directly browse website sites

Httml code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Untitled Document Website1 Website2 Website3 Website4 remember my choice JS Code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Source:

Use JavaScript to change the radio and checkbox styles in input.

With the advancement and development of front-end technology, traditional form styles are no longer able to meet requirements. Due to beautiful requirements, many such form beautification plug-ins are available on the Internet. I searched the

Use JavaScript to change the color of a table by line

By adding an attribute or type selector to the element, you can use CSS settings to implement a two-color table. However, if the table is very long, it is really troublesome to add elements one by one. In addition, such code is not easy to maintain.

Javascript filters all content outside the img tag

The Helper House ( tutorial today asked a netizen In the webmaster technical exchange group of, how to use JS to filter all content except the IMG label, in fact, using regular expressions is a good implementation, next we

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