13 cool Javascript navigation menu Codes

12 super-cool Javascript navigation menu codes are collected, which are resources from foreign websites. Due to the time relationship, these menu codes are not provided for packaging and downloading, however, you can select your favorite menu based

Transition event changes in YUI3.3.0

In the transition module of YUI3.2.0, other operations are performed after the transition is completed by using the transition: end event. In YUI3.3.0, this event type is no longer recommended. The following two methods are adopted: First, directly

AJAX Edit in Place implemented by Prototype

Prototype seems to have been exhausted, but many people are using it. This code is used to implement the Edit In Place function. // Requires prototype. jsFunction edit (action, obj ){Element. hide (obj );Var textarea = ' ';Var button = ' ';New

Php calls the fckeditor editor code on the page

FckEditor's articles have been introduced before. Today, let's talk about how to use PHP to call the FCK editor. The Code of fckeditor can be written as a function or category and called directly, you don't have to write so much code every time! I

Cross-origin Resource Sharing (CORS) for cross-origin ajax calling

A few years ago, website developers hit the south wall with the same-origin ajax policy. When we were amazed at the huge progress of cross-browser support for XMLHttpRequest objects, we soon found that there was no way for us to use JavaScript to

Several problems to be solved in javascript Learning

When learning javascript, we need to take a closer look at the following questions: 1. javascript callback function 2. Cross-Site Request for Cross Domain 3. Class 4. Design Mode 5. namespace 6. Various browser standards 7. Algorithms 8.

JavaScript Event Learning Chapter 8: Event Sequence

In the first chapter, I mentioned a problem that may not seem so understandable for the first time: "If an element and its parent element have an event handler for the same event, which of the following statements will be executed first?" There is

JS Code used to determine whether iframe is loaded

In general, the method used to determine whether iframe is loaded is similar to that used to determine whether JavaScript files are loaded successfully: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] var iframe = document. createElement ("iframe

Google spider running JS and CSS styles on webpages

Old Concept In my existing ideas, web crawlers, Spider, and Robot of search engines only capture the HTML code of pages, JS and CSS code inside or outside are ignored. Therefore, we often say that Ajax is not conducive to search engine crawling, but

Hook Javascript Function

In the document upgrade scheme, because a new template is used, I need to perform some checks before the original system executes some functions. If it is set up, the original function is executed. Otherwise, my new logic is executed, then,

JavaScript cancels browser event bubbling

When js is used to specify a style or bind an event to an Html element, it is easy to bind the style or event to the parent element of the target element because the browser event is captured/bubbling, if you only want to bind a style or event to a

Js css style operation code (batch operation)

Using JavaScript to control css styles allows a webpage to achieve a good user experience or even an animation effect. Efficiency is also taken into account. We usually use the following two methods to write css styles using js: In general, we use

+ Operator number in JavaScript

In some frameworks, I saw a similar way: + new Date (); I felt a little strange. I checked the relevant information and some help from some netizens. the usage is explained as follows, hoping to help you,Please correct me if this is not suitable.! 1.

Disguised Method for blocking custom JavaScript script errors

The Tutorial at (www.bkjia.com) Shields disguised methods for custom JavaScript script errors. When a JS segment may encounter errors in some special circumstances, you do not want to display the error information, we can reload the window. onerror

Analysis of sogou cloud Input Method JS files (3)

This article mainly analyzes the imeBindInput function.I found that there are some problems with decompression code on the Internet. Because I have not studied the code compression algorithm, I am not very familiar with decompression, so I have no

Functions and setInterval in JavaScript Learning

1. all the previously written functions have been scattered. If you use any function, you can write any function that is not neat enough. Therefore, this write is an encapsulated class, which is not bad to use, however, many problems have been

The 'column' column layout of FieldSet in ExtJS

The extended FieldSet is as follows: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] ME. Base. FieldSet = Ext. extend (Ext. form. FieldSet ,{ Layout: 'column ', FieldSetItems: [], AutoScroll: false, Defaults :{ Layout: 'form ', LabelAlign: 'right

JavaScript adds a hyperlink to a specified keyword

In the tutorial www.bkjia.com, many friends may see links to some keywords in some articles, which are very similar to internal advertisements. It is very easy to achieve this effect, today, www.bkjia.com sorted out this function and looked at the

Application of object-oriented programming in javascript (I)

For people who are engaged in or planning to engage in programming, object-oriented is a familiar word. Almost everyone can list some object-oriented programming languages, such as C ++, JAVA, c. In fact, object-oriented thinking is independent of

Use JavaScript to format numbers (three-Node Method)

Someone asks a question about digit formatting. For a string of numbers, implement the three-byte expression (for example, 629,200,000.206), and split the number from the back to the front, each three digits into segments, separate them with commas.

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