Ajax Tutorial: post method use cases (with loops)

In recent projects, to solve the timeout Problem in Big Data Query, You need to split big data into small data and then perform cyclic processing. I have insufficient experience and limited technology. I can only use ajax to transmit data. The use

Controls the display of URLs by JavaScript random numbers

LieHuo83.Net (LieHuo83.Net) teaches 82 simple examples of a JS program, which is not a webpage special effect. Save some URLs to the array and hand them to JavaScript for processing. Based on the random number generation, the URLs in the array are

JavaScript FileSystemObject object writes Text File Content

This code is mainly used to practice the JavaScript FileSystemObject object, which allows JavaScript to write content to a text file. You can specify the path of this TXT file by yourself, then define the content to be written and run the code. You

JS to get the size of the uploaded file

We sometimes need to determine the file size before uploading the file. There are two methods:Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] However, the above Code has a problem. when dynsrc is assigned a value, you must have the file operation

Simple functions for Javascript to obtain URL parameters

Use PHP, ASP, and asp.net to obtain the gonten.com/s.php? The parameter id = 123 & name = gonten is simple, but Javascript does not directly obtain the function. You must use a custom function. There are also many methods on the Internet, but some

Javascript cache provider

I believe that every developer knows the importance of caching. Cache backend (such as memcached and xcache) from the beginning to the end .) To reduce the pressure on the database. You want your browser to cache more than once loaded Resources in

Conversion between numbers and strings (. toString, parseInt, parseFloat)

1. convert numbers to strings1.1 toString method (String Representation of the returned object)Var I = 012345;StrI = I. toString ();1.2 + ""Var I = 012345;StrI = I + "";2. convert a string to a number2.1parseInt (returns the integer part converted

Replace JavaScript parameter values

Replace JavaScript parameter values Url:Http://www.taobao.com/go/act/shopping/sousuo55660.php? Pid = mm_888888_0_0 & amp; unid = 123 Js code: Source: http://www.heiniuhaha.cn/blog? P = 1106

In-depth analysis of ECMA-262-3. Chapter 2. Variable object

Introduction In a program, we always declare variables and functions, and then successfully use them to build our system. When we reference the desired object, how does the interpreter find our data (functions, variable? Many ECMAScript programmers

JavaScript Event Learning Chapter 3: early Event handlers

In this chapter, I will talk about some of the oldest ways to add event handlers, which are even supported by the second-generation browsers. These old browsers only support one method for registering an event handler, which was invented by Netscape.

Dynamic implementation of multi-level menu on the left side of JavaScript

The implementation of the multi-level menu dynamics on the left side of js is very simple. It is just a matter of a few more levels. Well, now let's talk about my design ideas. First, add the following code from the first level:Copy to

JavaScript reads the CSS information of an element.

In front-end development, JavaScript and CSS information are always involved. For example, a set of style information is cascading for an HTML element. The value of the width attribute is 80 PX. Then, call the script to read this value. The result

Javascript: showModelDialog notes

When you open a new page through showModelDialog on a common page, you can use showModelDialog to open another page on this new page. Under IE6, you can find that you can operate the original normal page.The procedure is as follows:Page1.show

FCKeditor source code analysis (1): fckeditor. js Chinese comments

The source code of FCKeditor has been studied over the past few days (what is FCKeditor ?) I searched the Internet almost, and it seems that fckconfig. the js file explains a lot, but for fckeditor. js: The FCK core file is almost 0. so it took a

JavaScript to get the node Text Value

We know that the innerHTML attribute provided by the browser can be used to obtain the value of the string contained in the node. For example, there are the following nodes: Copy to ClipboardReference: [www.bkjia.com] I'm strong Pass Copy to

Jquery Ajax operations on javascript global variables

Problem: When ASP. NET is used in combination with JQuery + Ashx to load the message system, extract the Message ID from the message data read by PAGE and then query the reply content corresponding to the message using Ajax. The Code is as

Ajax & amp; one of the Ajax basics of PHP learning and training

In fact, Ajax has been in use for a long time, but it has never been time to look for the book system seriously. It has been quite time-consuming recently. This series is based on the combination of Ajax and PHP, mainly to share experiences with

Some Problems and Solutions encountered by ExtJS beginners

Almost graduated. I recently attended an interview. During the interview, the examiner asked me to complete an Ajax user management system including the front-end and back-end in an hour and a half, since I have been practicing using JavaScript to

JavaScript implementation Click image pop-up image size

In the tutorial www.bkjia.com, click the mouse on the image to obtain the original size of the image. With a change, we can automatically adapt the image to the size of the webpage, we can determine that if the image size exceeds the specified size,

Implementation of Javascript Cascade

When it comes to cascade, read the following code: Set ("UserDiv ").Width (160 ).Height (26 ).Border ("1px solid # ff0000 ").Background ("#00ff00 "); It may be a bit familiar. If you use jquery or have read some jquery code,

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