Do you really know window. location?

If you know a little about JS Code, you will generally knowwindow.location.hrefThis attribute. Use this property to obtain the URL of the page: window.location.href = window.location.href; Okay, I tell you, it's so weak. In fact, native JavaScript

Js Code for Cookie operations, with detailed comments in the code

Js operation Cookie Code. The Code below contains detailed comments, so I will not talk about it here. go directly to the Code: /** Set and retrieve cookies*/Var Cookie = {}// Write the Cookie. The key is the key and the value is the value.//

Confirm link validation JS Code, non-button Validation Method

LieHuo63.Net (lie09) teaches 45 steps to use the Confirm validation function in JavaScript to implement the link validation function. In the past, many people used the button confirmation function. A confirmation box is displayed, in fact, the

JS batch get class naming node getElementsByClassName ()

JS batch get class naming node getElementsByClassName ()GetElementsByClassName () is an old method, which is optimized and provided to you.The Code is as follows:// Obtain class naming nodes in batchesFunction getElementsByClassName (className, tag,

Time-sharing Optimization of Javascript large arrays

Inspired by Nicholas C. Zakas's Timed array processing in JavaScript. An example of loading large table data: array-processing.html Notes: The timedChunk function is the essence, in which 50 ms is from the results of the Response Time Overview

Google Map API tutorial on auto Scaling

I spent two nights writing a google map application, using Map api, weather api, and localsearch api. I want to write some articles about Google map API, today, I will write a method for automatically scaling a map to an appropriate level. Here,

Use the YUI3 IO component to implement ajax

Note: The following statement does not support cross-origin ajax, and does not support cross-origin of subdomains./** * */YUI (). use ("io", function (Y ){Var show_info = Y. one ('# show_info ');Var handleSuccess = function (ioId, o ){If (o.

Several Methods for javascript to judge ie and non-ie browsers

A few days ago, I saw on the Internet the following JavaScript code written by a Technical Coordinator to determine whether the IE browser is the shortest: How about it. Today, I saw another friend in the blog Park summarize

JS solves the problem that the form is still submitted, even if the listening handler returns false

How to solve the problem that the form is still submitted, even if the listening handler returns false Code Modified Code:CodeNote:1: Use of the preventDefault function see DOM Events: http:

Multiple executions in onresize IE

On the page, define the onresize event for the window object. When the window is scaled out, the onresize method is executed multiple times, affecting the page performance.I checked some information on the Internet, saying that in ie and opera, the

JavaScript Event Learning Chapter 7: Event attributes

To understand the Event attributes, I will provide some sample code here. In this category, there are very serious browser compatibility problems. When we want to read some information about the Event, it is often lost in a large number of

JS does not prompt to close the browser window. No confirmation is displayed.

If the webpage is not opened through a script program (window. open (), call window. before closing the window, you must close the window. the opener object is set to null. Otherwise, the browser (IE7 and IE8) will pop up a confirmation and close

Flash blur when scrolling webpages due to conflicts with Javascript

In the tutorial of helper House (, a customer recently launched a monthly subscription advertisement in helper house. Therefore, the customer handed over the advertisement file (Flash) provided by the customer to the technology and

JS implementation text box can only enter numbers and letters

In the past, I used javascript to write a verification text box that can only input decimal places (two decimal places need to be retained). Remember that it is mainly implemented by judging eventkey or evencode, the text box must be added for the

Ajax + Javascript dynamic text input box

Html file code Copy to ClipboardReference: [] JAVASCRIPT code the Code for test. js: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] // JavaScript Document // // Use JAVASCRIPT to dynamically generate text input boxes to

Use gb2312 encoding and decoding in JavaScript

Through this article, you can understand: Anonymous Functions Closure generation JavaScript implements private and public Access PermissionsDocument. cookie operations Javascript does not have private and public access permission setting keywords.

Several Methods for operating strings in JavaScript

Copy to ClipboardReference: [] connection string SEARCH stringsLocate the position of a stringStr. indexOf (subStr)Str indicates the specified string. subStr indicates the substring to be searched.Search for characters at a specified

Using JavaScript to drag and drop a webpage

Javascript is characterized by dom processing and web page effects. In most cases, we only use the simplest functions of this language, such as making image carousel/Webpage tabs, this article will show you how to drag and drop your webpage. There

Javascript custom array deletion method remove ()

( Tutorial Javascript custom array deletion method remove () Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Javascript custom array deletion method remove ()

Simple and efficient javascript slide playback

I have seen many Javascript slide playback effects in my tutorial at I think it is too complicated. I wrote a simple one myself. The css Filter effect currently does not support the following code for firfox: The image path needs to

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