Conversion between HTML (DOM) and JavaScript nested Arrays

Html2ja: parses the html target element into a JavaScript array literal. The values of each element are tagName, className, id, and other CSS selector combinations; ShowJa: indent the array generated by html2ja to be formatted and displayed; Lateral

Return to the top of the Code implemented by JavaScript and scroll with the scroll bar

JavaScript implementation returns to the top of the code and can follow the scroll bar to scroll. This is the code shown by the Helper's house editor in Baidu space. I don't know who the original author is, the "Back to Top" button in the Code is

Javascript in IE6 cannot hide the select tag bug.

Yesterday I made a simple project and required a select menu with three levels of linkage. However, IE6, which cannot afford to be hurt, encountered a select bug that cannot be hidden, I have also introduced the select layer-high issue in IE6, which

Summary of common JavaScript methods

JS Summary of common JavaScript methods. The Institute of fire is reposted on a friend's technical blog, with a total of 107 articles, hoping to help you learn about JS. 1.doc ument. write (""); Output statement2. Comments in JS are //3. The

JavaScript optimization of the if statement

UglifyJS is a tool for compressing and beautifying javascript. In its documentation, I see several methods for optimizing if statements. Although I haven't used it for some trial tests, I can see from here that it has done some beautification work

Total number of messages displayed by a single message recipient in WordPress

On the WordPress blog, the total number of messages for each message recipient is displayed. The effect is as follows: The method is simple. Add the following code to the funtions. php file: Function commentCountAuthor () {$ oneText = 'one

How to obtain the detailed URL of the current page in js

Sets or obtains the specified file name or path of an object. Alert (window. location. pathname) Set or retrieve the entire URL as a string. Alert (window. location. href ); Set or obtain the port number associated with the URL. Alert (window.

Google homepage LOGO beans-eating game source code [instructions for use]

June May 23 news: Yesterday Google launched a LOGO game on every homepage around the world to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the toy game. I found today that Google's LOGO is still a toy game, many friends asked the fire about the

Understanding delete: some details in javascript

In javascript, we sometimes use delete to delete objects. However, we may not know the details of the delete operation. Yesterday, I saw kangax's article on delete analysis, which benefited a lot. This article will translate the essence of the

In-depth analysis of ECMA-262-3. Chapter 4. Scope chain

Introduction In Chapter 2Variable objectIn the description, we already know that the data of an execution context (variables, function declarations, and function parameters) is stored as attributes in the variable object. At the same time, we also

Comparison of JavaScript frameworks (II)

DOM Traversal Searching for elements based on ID, element type, and class name is very useful, but what if you want to find elements based on their location in the DOM tree? In other words, you have a given element. You want to find its parent

Web page watermarks (non-image watermarks) using Javascript)

Definition In some B/S architecture application systems, many pages require watermarks. Common examples are document systems and contract systems. We often focus on adding watermarks to website images, but on page watermarks. I just went to Google

Use of JavaScript encoding/Decoding Methods

JavaScript code involves three functions: escape, encodeURI, and encodeURIComponent. The corresponding three decoding functions are: unescape, decodeURI, and decodeURIComponent. 1. encodeURIComponent is required when passing parameters so that the

Add an output window for debugging JavaScript

Debugging JavaScript is a very troublesome task. Although there are many useful debugging tools, sometimes you want to track value changes, but you do not want to interrupt script execution, you do not want to use alert to display value information.

How to use call in javascript

Call () in javaScript is a wonderful method, but it is also confusing. Let's take a look at the official explanation:Call MethodSeeApplied to: Function objectsRequirementsRelease 5.5Call a method of one object to replace the current object with

Javascript event object and jquery event Parsing

DescriptionEvent indicates the event status, such as the element that triggers the event object, the location and status of the mouse, and the key to be pressed.The event object is valid only when an event occurs.Some Properties of the event only

How to write a better JavaScript program undefined (part I)

First declare something to eliminate ambiguity: the JavaScript in this blog post refers to JavaScript in the general sense, not just the runtime environment that "claims to be JavaScript; "global variables" and "attributes of Global Objects" refer

Code for CSS display highlighted by JavaScript

In the tutorial of, I saw a brilliant expert on the Internet who used strings instead of regular expressions to highlight and display Javascript code. I benefited a lot, so I conceived the CSS code highlighting. Compared with

In ExtJS, JsonStore and Ext. PagingToolbar of grid have query conditions.

The help documentation in Extjs contains some simple queries. grid paging queries only include parameters such as start, limit, sort, and dir by default, but in actual situations, you may need to input custom parameters, I tried it many times but

Another method for passing object parameters to methods in JavaScript

Method functions:Function sendMessage (sMsg, oObj ){If (arguments. length = 2 ){OObj. handleMsg (sMsg );OObj. test ();} Else {Alert (sMsg );};}SendMessage ("Hello world! ");Common method transfer:Function obj (){}Obj. prototype. handleMsg = function

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