Listing all icons in css in js

A general configuration module has been developed recently. In the configuration module, you must configure system menus, function modules, and permission resources. icons are essential for a better user experience! There are more and more icons in

Javascript contains method, with demo

IE has many easy-to-use methods and is later copied by other browsers, such as the contains method. If element A contains Element B, true is returned; otherwise, false is returned. The only thing that does not support this method is the opposite of

JS class for automatically completing text box effects: SearchField

Searchfield is a simple, lightweight, and elegant search form code that supports drop-down text box prompts. It supports search recommendations, that is, when you enter text, the related drop-down search keyword suggestions are displayed! The author

Reasonably design data formats to improve efficiency and shorten program code

A netizen asked me: How can I obtain the lattice coordinates in eight directions of a grid? Is there a proper algorithm? I am like this: I have read several questions about this writing method: 1. Code is cumbersome and too long 2. It is

How to Compile High-Quality Javascript code)

In his new book (Javascript Patterns), Stoyan Stefanov introduces many techniques for writing high-quality code, such as avoiding using global variables and using a single var keyword, cyclic pre-storage length and so on. This article not only

Use JScript RuntimeObject to detect global pollution

This is an article about JScriptRuntimeObject (MSDN) debugging. Although most of these examples cannot run in other browsers, they can run in IE 5.5 +.Leaked GLobal IDEntifier For example, you accidentally created a global attribute, such:Function

Basic JavaScript Application syntax

1.doc ument. write (""); is the output statement2. Comments in JS are //3. The traditional HTML document sequence is: document-> html-> (head, body)4. the DOM sequence in a browser window is: window-> (navigator, screen, history, location, document)5

Ajax cache solution tutorial

Recently I made a project and used a lot of ajax. There was no cache problem in firefox, but there was a serious ajax cache in IE testing. The data was always lagging behind and I checked some information, I sorted out the Ajax cache solution. 1.

JavaScript Lesson 4: Making Decisions [II]

Course 4 of JavaScript 0 basics Making Decisions (Part 2)The fourth lesson is divided into seven sections: (This article is long and smelly, but it is extremely easy to understand. It is only suitable for beginners of JavaScript, especially those

Js optimization experience

These are some of my experiences in code writing. I have summarized them and I want to share them with you. I just wrote them when I think of them. 1. Use local variables to avoid using global variablesFor example   Change   The advantage

Javascript class library for query operations [Source Code]

I. What does this Article do: You can use javascript to obtain user operations and modify url parameters to implement certain functions, such as query (a specific query is implemented by a query statement consisting of parameters in the url obtained

Use clickCatcher to capture the Click event before the JS file is loaded/before the event Application

One way To Improve website Performance is To put the JavaScript file at the bottom of the document (I discussed it in Improve Your Web Site Performance-Tips & Tricks To Get A Good YSlow Rating ). However, this has a disadvantage. Problem Before

How does JS obtain the value of the current select element?

If the selected attribute is not specified for all option elements under the select element, the first option is selected by default. You can use select. selectedIndex to obtain the index of the selected option element. You can use select. options

Code for using nested functions in Javascript

Nested functions are allowed in javascript: nested

Parsefloat parseint in Javascript

JavaScript provides three explicit type conversion functions: eval (), parseInt (), and parseFloat ().Eval () function: converts a string expression to a numeric value. For example, the result of the statement total = eval ("432.1*10") is total = 432

JavaScript dynamic generation of private variable accessors

// Create a new user object and accept an object with many attributes as a parameterFunction User (properties){// Traverse all attributes of the object and ensure that its scope is correctFor (var I in properties ){(Function (which ){Var p = I;//

Obtain URL parameters using Javascript

In the background code, it is very easy to obtain the URL parameter. You can use Request. QueryString ["paramName. Sometimes I want to get URL parameters in Javascript, but I did not find them in the built-in Javascript method, so I wrote a

JavaScript: several methods to jump to a page

The page jump of the tutorial "(" is a common form of webpage. Because we often encounter website revisions or address changes during website operations, we need to jump to the new webpage, what should we do at this time? In previous

It is recommended to view the "most convenient" method of Json output.

The presentation layer of the project uses MVC + Extjs. During the development process, once the page is not displayed normally, the first one that needs to be checked is always "does Action output correct Json ?". Because developers perform this

Common Methods for Javascript operation drop-down box

The help house ( Tutorial Project encountered the need to use javascript to operate the drop-down box, by the way, make a summary, list some common methods, the following methods have been tested on FIRFOX3.5 and IE8, if other browsers

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