JavaScript code that removes character spaces and converts characters

The program can convert characters, remove spaces in the middle of the characters, and click Bttton to copy the code. Further improvement is required. Please kindly advise. The left and right spaces functions are not completed. Example:

Share 5 interesting JavaScript code snippets

Many people think that programming languages are only used for work, and there is no pleasure. In fact, as long as we make full use of our whimsy, there is also an interesting aspect of rigid things. This article tells you that using JavaScript can

Javascript anonymous Functions

1. What is an anonymous function?There are three methods to define a function in Javascript:1. function keyword statement:Function fnMethodName (x) {alert (x );} 2. Function Literals ):Var fnMethodName = function (x) {alert (x );} 3. Function ()

Use javascript + html5 to draw images on webpages

This is a simple drawing application implemented on canvas using javascript. You can draw images in the following area using a html5-supported Browser: Your browser does not support canvas! The function is very simple. The principle is similar to

Iteration Method in Extjs

EXTJS has many iteration methods, such as Ext. each, which you may already know, but there are other unknown and useful methods. First, let's briefly review Ext. each:Ext. each Apply the same method to members of each array. It is basically a more

Conversion between JSON objects and strings

For example, if I have two variables, I want to convert a to a string and convert B to a JSON object:Var a = {"name": "tom", "sex": "male", "age": "24 "};Var B = '{"name": "Mike", "sex": "female", "age": "29 "}';Advanced browsers such as Firefox,

JS Client Cache simple small Functions

Use the getCookie, addCookie, and deleteCookie functions to obtain, add, and delete the client cache. Copy to ClipboardReference content: []/* get the cookie with the name specified in document. cookie If the cookie is like a = 1; B = 2;

Jquery Ajax Example 7: Examples of event analysis in all Ajax Processes

I. Ajax process event analysis JQuery triggers many events during Ajax execution.These events can be divided into two types: Local and Global ).Partial event: it can be called through $. ajax. If an Ajax request does not want to generate a global

Jquery Ajax instance 2: send a request to the page to return JSon-format data

I. AjaxJson. aspxProcess business data and generate JSon data for JqueryRequest. aspx to call. The Code is as follows:Protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e){String u = Request ["UserName"];String p = Request ["Password"];String output

Jquery Ajax Example 4: send a request to WebService to return an asynchronous call to the object

1. WebService. asmx: Process business data and generate the Person Entity Data in the GetPerson Method for JqueryRequest. aspx to call. The Code is as follows:[WebMethod]Public Person GetPerson (string name, int age, string address){Person p = new

Synchronous call and conflict in JQuery ajax settings

How does JQuery ajax set synchronous calls (only one function can be triggered at the same time) to solve conflicts with layer display information? The Code is as follows: Set the following attributes before callingThe prompt layer information is

Jquery Ajax instance: send a request to the page to return XML format data

I. AjaxSample. aspxProcess business data and generate XML data for JqueryRequest. aspx to call. The Code is as follows:Protected void Page_Load (object sender, EventArgs e){String uid = Request. QueryString ["username"];String pwd = Request.

Solution to the problem that the jquery ajax return value cannot be obtained

Let's take a look at a simple piece of JavaScript code returned by jquery ajax.Code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] function getReturnAjax { $. Ajax ({ Type: "POST ", Url: "ajax/userexist. aspx ", Data: "username =" + vusername.

Jquery implements editable tables and submits them to the server using AJAX

Use Jquery to implement editable tables and submit them to the server to modify data using AJAX. Below is the js Code: Copy to ClipboardReference: [] $ (function () {// equivalent to adding an onload event to the body tag on the page $ (

Use jQuery to simplify ajax operation instance code

Use jQuery to simplify ajax operation instance code Copy to ClipboardReference: [] Untitled Page data is being submitted. Please wait...

Two Methods for submitting forms using JQuery ajax

It seems that AJAX is getting increasingly popular. As a WEB application developer, if it doesn't, it will be outdated, and may even be eliminated repeatedly during job search. I am also a WEB application developer. Of course, I also need to "stream

Common Code of JQuery and Ajax

Traditional ajax CodeJQuery MethodGet and post get vs. POST enter name and birthday Control ajax $. ajax () method enter name and birthday Set ajax globally $. ajaxSetup () method

What is jQuery? Use jQuery to simplify Ajax Development

JQuery was created by John Resig in early 2006. It is a very useful JavaScript library for any programmer who makes JavaScript code. Whether you are new to the JavaScript language and want to obtain a library that can solve some complex problems in

JQuery example: About $. getJSON cross-origin Ajax Method

The tutorials on the Internet are provided with an example. I don't know where to use $. getJSON to implement cross-origin Ajax. After some time of "research", I will write down the results. Client: When $. getJSON () is used to transmit the first

Why jQuery ajax is not called in ie

Today, we found that jquery 1.7.2 does not call the $. get () method in ie8.1. After debugging, I finally found that I checked ie and opened $. get (). Will be called, and the second call will not work again. So I inferred that it was an ie cache

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