Detailed description of custom ckeditor Toolbar

Yesterday, we needed to customize the ckeditor editor toolbar and add a plug-in as a requirement. Next I will introduce my recording notes to you, so you can learn it as needed. 1. Download and install ckeditor. 2. Custom toolbar buttons: You can

Detailed usage of addEventListener () and removeEventListener ()

This article summarizes the usage of addEventListener () and removeEventListener (). For more information, see. AddEventListener () and removeEventListener () are used to process specified and deleted event handlers. All DOM nodes contain these two

Js obtains the relative/absolute position of an element on the page.

In js, the algorithm for retrieving the position of an element on the page is very simple, as long as it is the position of the element on the page = the position of the element relative to the browser window + the value of the browser scroll bar,

Js adds two types of table row tr instances.

I have collected two good js instances to add and delete table row tr instances. For more information, see. I hope this method will help you all. Example 1 The Code is as follows: Copy code js insert delete talbe row A0 B0

Some common Javascript Form Verification Code

This article introduces some common Javascript Form Verification code, including email address, phone number, mobile phone number, ID card, website address, and so on. The Code is as follows: Copy code // Verify EmailFunction

Usage of JavaScript closures

This article introduces how to use JavaScript closures. For more information, see. A closure is a way to access and manipulate external variables in a function. In general, we define some variables outside the function for internal use.

How to Get FCK editor information/value assignment in js

This article describes how to obtain FCK editor information/value assignment in js. For more information, see references. Editor Information The Code is as follows: Copy code Function getEditorContents (){Var oEditor =

How to assign the content in the kindeditor editor to textarea when submitting a form through Ajax?

This article describes how to assign the content in the kindeditor editor to the textarea method when submitting a form through Ajax. For more information, see. KindEditor cannot get the textarea text box value in Firefox or other browsers. First,

Js control web pages open program code in a specific iframe

This article introduces a good js control page to open the program code in a specific iframe. If you need to know it, please do not go to the reference page. When writing the system management backend, we often use iframe for management, but there

JavaScript namespace usage instructions

Speaking of the namespace, I think many of my friends know that php has a namespace and has a namespace. We will talk about the namespace of JavaScript. I will introduce it to you below. When writing JavaScript in C or JAVA, people who are

JavaScript code for obtaining the coordinates of the mouse position (Click position)

In javascript, we need to obtain the coordinates of the mouse position in several ways. One is the relative position (browser window, document location). Almost all of these are using document. body. scrollTop, document. body. dom commands such as

Usage and difference between substr and substring in JS

Both substr and substring are JS string truncation functions. The two functions are similar in usage, but they are different in many places. Next I will summarize the usage and differences between substr and substring. The syntax of the two is as

Detailed description of javascript URL encoding and anti-encoding usage

In js, if we want to encode the url, the commonly used functions include escape, encodeURI, and encodeURIComponent. The corresponding three decoding functions are: unscape, decodeURI, and decodeURIComponent, next we will introduce the conversion

Js checks the index value of an element in the array

There are a lot of functions that provide data in js, but I have not been able to implement the method I want for a long time, later, I found that you can use the indexOf function to find and locate the index values of array elements. For more

Jq and javascript implement back-to-top Implementation Program

This article introduces two good implementation programs for returning to the top by using jq and javascript. For more information, see. The jquery blog is now out of work on time. Recently, I am very tired. It is estimated that I have worked

Js determines that the instance is Null and the string is Null.

In javascript, what are the differences between Null and Null strings? Let me introduce how to judge the differences between Null and Null strings. Recently, I suddenly found that my JavaScript code is bloated, so I began to study the simplified

Js/jquery check for IE instance code

This article describes whether to check the IE instance code. It can be judged by js or jquery. Next I will introduce it separately. Js determines whether it is IE The Code is as follows: Copy code Function isMSIE (){Var

Usage of Javascript Math functions

In js, Math functions can include various methods, such as Math. random (): Math. round (); Math. floor (); and Math. ceil (); opposite, Math. floor (); let me introduce it later. Math functions are mainly used to process numbers. Math. random ():

Common examples of Javascript Array Operations

This article will give you a summary of the js array operation examples. These are basic js array operation methods. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. 1. Create an array Var arr = []; // create an empty arrayVar arr1 = new Array (5); //

Javascript determines the IE version number

There are many ways to judge the version number of IE browser using js. I will introduce three related instances below. I recommend using the last concise version to judge IE browser. The most comprehensive method is the second. In today's project,

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