Javascript copy code Summary

In js, if you want to achieve the simplest copy content, you can click the button to copy the content, we will use window. clipboardData. setData (\ "Text \", \ 'contains www. bKjia. c0m \ '); below I will summarize various replication effect codes.

Javascript mouse event Overview

Today, I saw some common mouse events on a friend's website. Below I will sort out and keep a record, which will be useful in the future. If you need to know about it, you can refer to it. General eventsDescription supported by event Browser OnClick

The function setting parameters in js have default values.

This article will show you how to set default values for function parameters in Javascript. For more information, see In php, I can write it like this. The Code is as follows: Copy code Function abcccc ($ a = 1, $ B = 2

Javascript page floating ads, compatible with IE/ff browsers

This article recommends a good floating page advertisement to all of you. The Calling method is simple. You only need to create a div on the page and specify the id, then you can use js var ad1 = new AdMove ('gg1'); ad1.Run. The Code is as

Js eval (function (p, a, c, k, e, d) series encryption/Decryption

The eval () function in javascript is basically the same as the eval function in php. It is an encryption function that allows code to run using the eval function, I 'd like to explain how to use js eval (function (p, a, c, k, e, d ). Let's take a

Comparison of JavaScript Array and Object for loop Efficiency

This article introduces how to compare the efficiency of JavaScript arrays and Object objects for loops. for more information, see In the past, xiaohang sub (mountain) told me that the multi-purpose object uses fewer array objects, because the

In javascript, The TreeView does not show new program code.

This article will introduce you to the new Code of the TreeView in javascript. If you need to know about it, you can refer to it. Example 1 The Code is as follows: Copy code Function public_GetParentByTagName (element,

Common Methods for window. open () operations in JavaScript windows

In js, window. open () function is the most frequently used window operation. Next we will introduce various operations in js window. If you need to know about it, you can refer to it. Open a window in HTML We already know how to open a window in

JavaScript determines that the input content cannot be all space program code

In js, spaces and spaces are two different types of conditions. Spaces occupy one character space. Many programmers can directly submit a space if they enter a few spaces during judgment, to filter spaces in js, we only need to use replace for

How to compare objects in JavaScript

This article will introduce how to compare objects in JavaScript. In JavaScript, it is a little troublesome to compare the members of two objects. If it is only the first layer, it is easy, but the attributes in the sub-object may be an object, so

JS restricts the number of characters in the Textarea text field

When limiting the number input by users in js, our core code is to add the onKeyDown event in testarea, and then write a character judgment function to judge the field. value. the length is greater than the character length we set. If yes, substring

Simple Example of random sorting of javascript Arrays

In js, there is no such thing as php that can be used directly to sort data randomly. Here we will write a custom random array sorting function. There are many ways to randomly arrange javascript arrays. The following is a simple method:

Specifies the implementation code of the div content on the ajax partial refresh page

Here we will introduce the regular assignment of values to the specified div. We can use the setInterval or setTimeOut Function to execute the ajax function, so that we can refresh the function in a few seconds, let's look at the instance. Example

Detailed description of the javascript String concatenation Method

This article will give you a summary of the javascript String concatenation method. In js, you can not only directly use + to connect strings, but also use related functions. The following is a tutorial. String concatenation is common in JS.

Differences between substring and substr in javascript

In js, both substring and substr are used to intercept strings. What is the specific difference between substring and substr? Is there any difference, next, I will introduce some instances to introduce these problems. Substring Method The substring

Javascript checks whether the variable is a numeric instance

In js, we can use regular expressions to check whether the variable is a number. In addition to regular expressions, we can also use the isNaN function to check for non-numeric values. In this way, we can also obtain numbers, the following is an

Js instance for obtaining the coordinate value of the click position

This article will introduce to you more details about how to obtain the coordinate value of the clicked position in js. JQUERY obtains the coordinates of the mouse. The Code is as follows: Copy code // Obtain the mouse

JS webpage click Copy code Summary

The simplest way to copy content in js is to directly use createTextRange () and execCommand () and then there are window. clipboardData. setData and so on. Next I will summarize various application instances. Example 1 The Code is as

The iframe window popped up by artDialog cannot write programs. solution:

The first time I used artDialog, I didn't know some basic attributes of artDialog. I called the iframe and then called the art. dialog. close. Pop-up window method (refresh the current form when closing the pop-up window ): The Code is as

Principle of the array sorting sort method in js

Today, I will introduce you to the principle of an array sorting sort method in js. I hope this method will be helpful to you. Recently, Baidu projects used to sort arrays. Of course, at the beginning, we naturally thought of the array sort method.

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