Js event listening encapsulation (supports anonymous functions)

There are a lot of scenarios for event listening in js. It is nothing more than determining whether the browser supports addEventListener and attachEvent. There are many methods to search for event listening on the Internet, but there are still some

Differences between outerHTML, innerHTML, and innerText in Javascript

In javascript, if we want to obtain the object content, js provides three methods for us: outerhtml, innerhtml, and innertext. But what is the difference between them and their specific usage, maybe many people do not know. Sample Code:

JS operation cookie details (document. cookie object)

Document. cookie allows you to perform various operations on cookies, including cookie setting and deletion. The following article describes how to use cookies in JavaScript. 1. Set cookie Each cookie is a name/value pair. You can assign the

Introduction to asynchronous loading of Javascript listening Elements

We know that in IE browsers, we can monitor the loading status of elements through onreadystatechange, and then determine whether the elements are loaded through the readyState attribute. In standard browsers such as Chrome and FireFox, we can

Javascript to get the value of the drop-down menu and jump to the code

The core principle of redirection is that the user adds a change to the select statement. When the user clicks, The js obtains the value of the selected select statement and jumps, for more information, see. My most commonly used code, the core code

UEditor cross-origin File Upload Implementation Method

This article introduces the UEditor cross-origin File Upload implementation method. Many users encounter cross-origin problems when using the UEditor, leading to the inability to send images, the reason is that the src cross-origin in iframe is

Comparison between js setAttribute and attr in jquery

In general, I feel that js setAttribute works exactly the same as attr in jquery, but it is simplified in jquery and the work is more powerful. Next I will introduce their usage separately. SetAttribute (string name, string value): adds a new

Usage of window. onerror in Javascript

Window. onerror can be thought of as a lot of useful things in js. Next I will introduce how to use window. onerror. If you need to know it, please do not go to the reference. The onerror syntax uses three input parameters by default: • Msg: error

A Simple Method for Calculating String Length/null in js

We usually use the length function to calculate the character length in js. However, it is strange to read the document written by a friend below, the following describes how to calculate the length of a null character or a string. You can use the

Description of key types in for in javascript

This article describes how to use the key type in javascript for in. for more information, see. Many while, for (var k = 0; k The Code is as follows: Copy code Function getAvgSum (arr, param, flag ){Var as = 0;If (param

Search for and replace Javascript strings

In js, We need to search for strings and use indexOf and then replace (). In fact, we don't need to do this at all. We just need a simple positive table expression under replace. The replace (regexp, replacement) method has two parameters. The first

Summary of regular page Jump code using javascript

In js, it is easy to directly use window to achieve page Jump. location. href can be implemented. If you want to perform a scheduled jump, you need to use the setTimeout Function to set a scheduled jump. I will summarize it for you. The following is

Jquery is compatible with ie6 after scrolling to the navigation bar and floating stop on the top of the page

This article will introduce you in detail a jquery code compatible with the ie6 instance on the top of the suspended page after scrolling to the navigation bar. For more information, see. Jquery Implementation Method The Code is as follows:

Methods for viewing history of articles in JavaScript

The most common method to review historical data is to directly use cookies. Of course, session or data is stored directly in the database, in this way, you can view your browsing history at any address. Next I will introduce the method in

Javascript code for automatic slide playback

A good picture switching effect that can be used to discuss automatic playback with cache effect. You may want to know more about it. The Code is as follows: Copy code automatic playback-slide Buffer Effect

Js to get the webpage width and height values

Js to get the page height and width, we can use document. body. offsetHeight (including the height of the edge) and document. body. offsetWidth (including the edge width) is enough. The specific example is as follows. View the difference using the

Explanation of the default behavior of javascript to prevent bubbles and browsers

This article will introduce some examples of javascript blocking bubble and browser default behavior. I hope some methods will be helpful to you. When using javascript programming, you may encounter a problem, that is, when you add an event to html,

Js string SEARCH examples

There are many methods to search for characters in js. One is to search for a specific string and return a string, and the other is to find the position of the string. I will share with you their implementation methods. Searches for a specific

Example of Ajax Request Code for JavaScript compatibility with multiple browsers

Ajax is often used, but most of the ajax compatibility found on the Internet is not strong. I have changed a good and compatible ajax function, and the jquery ajax compatibility introduced later is also very strong. Example The Code is as

How to determine if js is an array

Because javascript is a weak type of language, and everything in javascript is essentially an object, it is not easy for us to directly determine whether the object is an array, next, I will sort out the implementation methods for js to determine

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