Javascript control text display code

We often see that many articles on the website can customize the font size and medium size. Below I would like to recommend a js control text display code for you. If you need it, you can refer to it. Javascript control text display The

Other parameters of the transfer form for SWFupload File Upload

In the past, we used SWFupload to upload files directly, and then the parameters were processed separately. Next I will introduce other parameters for passing the form using SWFupload. On the upload page, the value is always not obtained. Later, a

Ie7/8 error: the object does not support the "trim" attribute or method.

When the trim attribute in jquery is used today,: $ ('input [type = \ 'text \ ']: eq (0 )'). val (). trim (), error in ie7/8: The object does not support the "trim" attribute or method. Next I will introduce the solution for you. Solution: Method 1:

How Node. js processes GET/POST requests

This article will introduce a Node. js to handle GET/POST requests. I hope this method will help you all. We need to view the HTTP request, Extracts the request URL and GET/POST parameters from it, Then "Route" runs the corresponding code based on

Js click Copy text to clipboard code Summary

This article collects several common summaries and shares about clicking Copy text to clipboard code. We usually use clipboardData to copy text to the cut version in ie. setData is used for instances. For more information, see. IE browser

Javascript browser window close event (no prompt box is displayed)

There are many browser window close events. Here we will introduce several common browser window close events. For example, if you close a window, a prompt box is displayed, or the window. onbeforeunload and window. onunload events are displayed

Differences between parseInt and parseFloat types in javascript

In js, parseInt and parseFloat both define or convert the numeric type, but one is an integer that supports the floating point type, that is, they have different precision. ParseInt () function: converts a string to an integer. The return value

Tips for improving the readability of js Code

This article introduces the tips for improving the readability of JavaScript code. Here we will introduce the methods. For more information, see. Flattening Logic In our work, we may encounter some complicated logic, such as: Meet condition 1, or XX;

Js click the button to jump to the page code

In the webpage, the button does not have the attribute of tag a. If we want to add a jump event to the button, we can click the jump js on The onclick event, below I will introduce some common methods. How can I jump to another page by clicking the

Sample Code for mutual conversion between Js strings and Arrays

In js, the most common code for converting arrays and strings is to use the join and split functions for operations. This is somewhat similar to array and character conversion in php and asp, next I will introduce the operation methods in js. Method

Ueditor Baidu editor removes online image management (1/2)

Some time, we do not want the editor to have online management functions. For example, our message board certainly does not want other users to directly have online image management functions. How can we delete these functions, the following article

Js print content in the specified area of the webpage

Print to print a webpage is a simple task, but sometimes we want to print the content of a specified area. Next I will introduce how to print the webpage code in a specified area using print. Relatively simple method Use CSS to define a. noprint

JavaScript cannot read the contents of the script Tag src file.

This article describes how to solve the problem that JavaScript cannot read the src file of the script tag. Script tag Generally, when we create a script tag on the page, src either introduces an external js file:? 1 script

Code transfer between Javascript frameworks (iframe)

This article will summarize the code for passing values between frameworks (iframe) in js, from our most commonly used method to my summary of writing a function and some of the following methods for transferring iframe cross-origin values. Many

Javascript arr. sort array sorting function usage

Sort is a built-in method of the array object. You can sort the elements in the array in ascending order. If no parameter is specified for the sort method, array elements are sorted by character encoding data. If you want to sort other types of

IndexOf () in js partially matches strings

We often need to look for some characters in the string or some content in html. Next I will introduce how to use the js indexOf method, according to the syntax of the indexOf method, stringObject. indexOf (the string to be searched, the position

Js calculates the sum of all numbers in the array

Today, I encountered a problem of calculating the array summation. I always felt that the for loop summation was troublesome. I searched for the problem and thought that this method was good, but the eval here didn't know whether it was good or not.

Several nice js countdown program instances

To implement countdown in js, we need to use the setTimeout function. setTimeout can be used to set the execution time or place the display time in the input, div, or other containers. 1. Simple timing pop-up window: In this instance, we will create

Js IE does not support the new date () method solution

This article introduces how to solve js new date () function not supported in IE browser. For more information, see. Solution 1 The Code is as follows: Copy code Function NewDate (str ){If (str = null)Return false;Str = str.

Js to view the version code of the current Browser

To obtain the browser version, we can not only use the server script to determine the same, but also use js to obtain the browser version information. To obtain the browser version in js, we only need to use navigator, let's take a look at the

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