How to use javascript to refresh iframe on the parent page

This article introduces how to use javascript to refresh iframe on the parent page. For more information, see. The Code is as follows. The Code is as follows: Copy code JQuery (". captcha_iframe"). attr ("src", jQuery (".

Summary of common Javascript cross-origin requests

Common cross-origin requests in js include four types: window. name, JSONP, jQuery. the first method is to use iframe, the second and third methods use json data, and the last one is xml file operations. Here is a brief introduction. 1. window. name

Summary of various methods for sorting Javascript Arrays

There are many sorting methods for Javascript arrays. js itself provides a large number of data sorting functions. In addition to using it to sort data, other custom sorting methods are also introduced. Sort by single array Sort () function The sort

Detailed description of the Code for calling the parent window program using Javascript

This article summarizes some common Javascript code used to call the parent window program. If you need to know it, you can refer to it. Parent Page code: The Code is as follows: Copy code html.html --> open new page

Usage of this object in JavaScript

In js, there are many ways to use this. The following describes the common usage of this in js, anyone who needs to know how to use this will not be able to refer to it. Let's take a look at what this points to in the following situations: 1. In the

How to obtain the current file path in a javascript file

The _ FILE _ constant like PHP does not exist in javascript files for us to obtain the path of the current FILE. After research, we can use the following methods: 1. Get the current JS file path in jQuery It is relatively simple to obtain the path

Js/jquery get the value of the text box and change the value of the text box

In js, we can use getElementById () to obtain the text box or change the value of the text box. The operation method in jquery is also simple and incorrect. Next I will introduce it to you. We will use it to learn how to get the value of the text

Js random array string (random advertisement)

On a large portal website, we will see that the ads displayed for the first time are different. Next I will introduce you to the random array strings. In fact, the ads are almost random. Instance The Code is as follows: Copy code

Js/jquery event binding method

Event binding refers to the process of constructing an HTML element in response to a system or user action. There are no less than five event binding technologies in different browser versions. Below we will quickly introduce these technologies The

Differences between window. event objects in ie and ff in js

This article will introduce the differences between window. event objects in js and ie and ff. If you need to know what to learn, you can refer to them. 1. The event object is valid only when an event occurs. Some Properties of the event only make

JavaScript operation COOKIE instance code sharing

Cookies are commonly used in WEB development. They can be used not only in js, but also in php. Next I will introduce a cookie operation class to read cookies, delete operation. Compared with javascript, it is easier to use backend php to operate

Js Regular Expression matches the image and all image addresses in the content. src

This article introduces the src Method for matching images and all image addresses in js regular expressions. For more information, see. Implementation: Use the js regular expression to match all images and all image addresses in src. Idea: 1. Match

Example of adding a method (sum, maximum) to an array using Javascript

This article will give you a detailed description of how to find the array and the maximum value in js. Next I will introduce several examples to you.   The Code is as follows: Copy code In addition, a method is

Javascript deletes array elements and reduces the length of the array.

This article introduces how to delete array elements by using javascript and reduce the length of the array. Example 1 The Code is as follows: Copy code /*** Deleting array elements by Using values** @ Param mixed value

Usage of prototype in Javascript

This article introduces how to use prototype attributes in Javascript. This article is applicable to beginners. I hope to help you all. First, we need to first understand the concept of a class. JavaScript itself is an object-oriented language, and

Js framework page redirection method to jump out of the framework

Because today we want to build a website background and the background uses a framework, the results are always in the framework when exiting. Next I will introduce a method to jump out of the framework. Core code The Code is as follows:

Js achieves adaptive height of text boxes based on input content

We can see that many websites can control the Textarea input box to increase according to the user input content. Below I will summarize the two text boxes based on the input content adaptive height examples. Use jquery's autoTextarea Method JS Code,

Summary of js Implementation of PNG Image transparency in IE 6 Browser

PNG images are transparent in other browsers and can have a perfect example of transparent background effect without any processing. However, ie6 cannot recognize the png Image transparency function in ie6, next I will introduce several methods for

Example of js RegExp Content Retrieval in text

In js, RegExp objects have three methods: test (), exec (), and compile (). They can all be used to find strings, the following is a summary of their usage. Example 1: exec () 1, The Code is as follows: Copy code

How to Use js onbeforeunload and onunload events

Onbeforeunload and onunload events are the functions of the two functions before and when the page is loaded, which can prevent prompt refresh when the page is refreshed or when the page is closed, next I will introduce the usage of onbeforeunload

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