Convert XML data to HTML

You can use a simple XSL style sheet to convert XML data into HTML. With the continuous evolution of XML specifications, it seems necessary to meet the needs of everyone in the new version. Suppose there is an XML data that represents the content of

Js image carousel code with Buffer Effect

Js image carousel code with buffering effect this article provides two js image carousel codes with buffering effects, and a customizable slide and image buffering code, if you need to modify Js image carousel code with Buffer EffectThis article

Example of obtaining the master category name list recursively using XSLT

This article will introduce you to an example of using XSLT to recursively retrieve the list of Primary category names. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. This article is about a small example of XSLT and XML. Requirement: XML throws

AJAX method compatible with IE and Firefox

Method 1: Function gethttp (sid, url ){Var xmlHttp;If (window. ActiveXObject ){XmlHttp = new ActiveXObject ("Microsoft. XMLHTTP ");}Else if (window. XMLHttpRequest ){XmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest ();} XmlHttp. onreadystatechange = function (){If

AJAX login verification

Ajax login verification The js file is as follows: Var xmlHttp; Function IMG1_onclick (){ CheckIsValid (); } Function CheckIsValid () { CreatXmlHttpRequest (); Var userName = document. getElementById ("AdminText "); Var passWord = document.

Cookie for passing JavaScript Static Page values

ExploitationCookie: Cookie is used by a browser to store a small amount of named data. It is associated with a specific webpage or website.Cookies are used to provide the browser with memory so that scripts and server programs can use the input data

Window popup effect code

      Popup window popup Effect Popup

Cool floating code

Code: Var no = 8; Var oTime = new Date (); Var lastTime = oTime. getTime (); Var x_sin, x_point, y_point; Var x_length, x_increased, y_increased; Var I, body_width = 932, body_height = 538; Var lastTime = 0; Var fallInterval = 2.4; X_sin =

Preview the solution when printing some pages.

Case 1: The style is used when a few elements on the page are not printed (not previewed). The details are as follows:The style is defined as follows:@ Media print {. Notprint {Display: none;}}@ Media screen {. Notprint {Display: inline;Cursor: hand;

Ip url regular

Function trim (str ){Return str. replace (/(^ s *) | (s * $)/g ,"");} Function checkip (ip ){Var exp =/^ (d {1, 2} | 1dd | 2 [0-4] d | 25 [0-5]). (d {1, 2} | 1dd | 2 [0-4] d | 25 [0-5]). (d {1, 2} | 1dd | 2 [0-4] d | 25 [0-5]). (d {1, 2} | 1dd | 2 [0

Use javascript to generate random numbers

Use javascript to generate random numbers.

Move text up

Sina Baidu google Yahoo Netease Sohu

DIV blocks that can be dragged by AJAX

DIV blocks that can be dragged by AJAX & Lt; td width = "25%" valgin = "top" & gt; GMAIL GMAIL content cannot be displayed for the moment Sina sports anatomy of the Huawei team's unique weapon FW28 20 thousand transfer Engine Matching super

Javascript floating window

Javascript effect:A non-stop floating image changes the floating direction when it encounters any side of the browser, just like a ball. This effect is mainly used for website advertisements. The Code is as follows: Save the following code as an htm

Compatibility between IE and Firefox

1. event. srcElement Problems In IE, the event object has the srcElement attribute but does not have the target attribute;In Firefox, the even object has the target attribute but does not have the srcElement attribute. We can solve this problem as

JavaScript DOM method and attribute Summary

1 createElement (element)Create a specified tag name and create a new element node. The returned value is the reference pointer pointing to the new element node.Eg) var para = document. createElement ("p ");Document. body. appendChild (para ); 2

Function usage in javascript

Function is used to define functions in js. Next I will introduce you to the usage of function Definition and related content such as passing values and function return values. For more information about function, see. Functions in javascript can be

Explain the functions of substring and substr intercepted by using explain script

There are two major substring and substr functions in javascript For string truncation. Next I will introduce the usage of the two string interceptions respectively. If you need to know about them, refer. I. substring Substring requires at least one

Javascript to get Chinese Character length and extract Chinese character code

This article introduces how to obtain Chinese Character lengths and intercept Chinese Characters in Javascript. For more information, see. Obtain the length of a string containing Chinese Characters In actual development and application scenarios,

Javascript closes the current webpage code (compatible with all browsers)

In js, the most common method for closing a webpage is window. close () and window. the open () function is used in combination. Next I will introduce a variety of code for disabling web pages. 1. js code without any prompt to close the

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