Set and delete cookies in js

This article provides operations on cookies. Let's take a look at how to set and delete cookie instances in js. Cookie is a txt file used by the client to save information. This article provides operations on cookies. Let's take a look at how to set

DOM operations in AJAX

I have been depressed by DOM operations in AJAX for several days. Today I finally realized that self-learning is bitter, and a bitter snot is a tear. I will give some lessons, wake up later, and the old bird will stop watching it. 1. do not confuse

Floating petals on Web pages

Floating petals on Web pages none  

Javascript allows the media to play with the specified button

Because the media code of a windows mediaplayer can only be used in IE, the following code does not support FF. Function to control media playback through external buttons. Webjx. Com Http://> untitled document Webpage

Drag and simple Ajax acquisition

Drag-and-drop website Map Website Map Hide RSS disabled Information DIV/CSS XML/XHTML Javascript/Ajax Silverlight ASP/. NET Development Tools JS/Ajax Javascript programming XML/XHTML/CSS webpage Creation Ajax

Imitating Google's search prompt box

Var $ = function (a_sID) {return document. getElementById (a_sID );}Var $ = function (a_sName) {return document. getElementsByTagName (a_sName );}Var $ F = function (a_sID ){Var oObj = $ (a_sID );If (! OObj) oObj = document. forms [a_sID];Return

Js determines the browser type

It's easy to use. js to determine the browser type Function CheckBrowser () {var app = navigator. appName; var verStr = navigator. appVersion; if (app. indexOf ('netscape ')! =-1) {alert ("prompt: \ n you are using the Netscape browser, which may

Javascript uses substr to obtain the substring of a string

Javascript uses substr to obtain the substring of a string

Js Code for horizontal image scrolling

Width = 100% align = center border = 0>& Lt; TD width = "769" & gt;Style = "OVERFLOW: hidden; WIDTH: 550px; COLOR: # ffffff;HEIGHT: 130px ">Cellspace = "0"> Hspace = 2> Hspace = 2> Hspace = 2> Hspace = 2> Hspace = 2>

Google Smart Tips

Let's take a look at Google's Smart Tips, First, we can see that there are three files. The test.htm file is the test file, and the css.css style list. google. js is the js processing file. I will write the code one by one and share it with

How to copy and paste data using javascript

You can use the: Object .createtextrange(.exe cCommand ("copy") command for copying. You can use:Window. clipboardData. setData ("text", content source)The source of the content here is to copy the text in the text box ID to the clipboard. Here,

Open, save as, attribute, print, and other 14 JS Code

Hide the toolbar in the browser that jumps out when the mouse moves to the imageOr Open, save as, attribute, print, and other 14 JS Code■ Enable ■ ■ Save As ■ ■ Attribute ■ ■ Print ■ ■ Page settings ■ ■ Refresh ■ ■ Import to

Netease asynchronous transmission mode ajax

Function getXmlhttp (){Var http_request;If (window. XMLHttpRequest ){Http_request = new XMLHttpRequest ();If (http_request.overrideMimeType ){Http_request.overrideMimeType ("text/xml ");}}Else if (window. ActiveXObject ){Try {Http_request = new

Ajax online dictionary

--> The vocabulary is derived from Buglol

Anti-Sina Blog js pop-up trial window

/*Author: DavivBlog: 2006-10-27Thank you: wenming (Blueidea)Function: a prompt is displayed.Method: Call sAlert ("information you want to bring up ");*/Function sAlert (str ){Var msgw, msgh, bordercolor;Msgw = 400; //

How to Learn JS Code?

1: read a book to understand the concept!The purpose of this book is to have a basic understanding of js!This time should not be too long. Check the progress, days to a week!2: when surfing the Internet, pull the source code based on different page

FireFox supports innerText

By default, FireFox does not support innerText, but it has the same function as innerText in textContent. The usage is as follows: Document. write (document. body. textContent ); It is a little uncomfortable for people who are used to using

JavaScript disables page playback, refresh, and close details

Now the browser uses multiple windows. Sometimes we close the Page accidentally when writing an article. Next I will introduce you to a prompt when we close the unsaved page, if you click "OK", it will be closed. Example 1 The Code is as

Array functions of common JavaScript operations

This article will introduce you to the array functions commonly used in JavaScript. The most common functions are join, concat, pash, shift, sort, and so on, I will introduce it to you below. Array Operation Functions Join (delimiter) concatenates

Skygq Form Verification ajax refreshing form submission

This article will introduce you to the Skygq Form Verification example for no-refreshing ajax form submission. If you need to know more, please refer. 1. For special requirements of input checkbox selection, we can limit the number of options, so

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