Js dynamic table creation (createElement function)

dynamic table creation (createelement function) for webpage special effects

Implement the cross domain ajax function of ajax.net

For security issues, Microsoft has completely closed the function of asp.net ajax for cross domain Switching. if cross domain ajax is not very sophisticated and careful, it will indeed give hackers a chance to attack. however, cross domain ajax is

Js gets the parameters passed in the address bar

String segmentation analysis.Here is a get URL +? The JAVASCRIPT client solution with the QUESTRING parameter is equivalent to asp's request. querystring, PHP's $ _ GETFunction: Then, we can call this function to obtain the

Ajax registry ticket verification

Prince's palace student assignment upload system v1.0 by Xue Xiaolong homepage job upload View a Job resource download

Js cascade menu [Dynamic Control select]

Javascript dynamically controls select Form Content first & nbsp; second

Image Scaling script

Usage:DrawImage (ImgD, imgwidth) ImgD is the name of the image label imgwidth is the maximum width allowed by the image.The following is a reference clip: "%>  

Image amplification code

Use javascript to implement QQ Customer Service Code

QQ customer service results are often seen on some websites. When the customer service personnel are online, QQ displayed on the webpage is online. When the customer service personnel are offline, QQ displayed on the webpage is offline, this is

The image disappears after a certain period of time.

Add the following code to the and

Delete, set, and modify cookies

New Document

Solve the refresh problem with the hash Parameter

Solve the refresh problem with the hash Parameter New document link1 link2 link3 p1 p2 p3  

Differences between JS &, | and | operators

1. Performance Comparison If the first operation Number of & is false, false is directly returned without considering the second operation number. If | the first operation number is true, and returns true directly without considering the second

Use VBScript and JScript on Web pages

Use VBScript and JScript on Web pages Prepared by: winsky sorting Date: 2004.06.26 Summary: This article discusses the differences between VBScript and JScript and their usage scenarios. This article also discusses: L VBScript and JScript in Visual

Ubb to html Reference Function

Public string Texttohtml (string chr){If (chr = null) return "";Chr = chr. Replace ("Chr = chr. Replace (">", "& gt ");Chr = chr. Replace ("\ n", " ");// Process [URL] [/URL]Chr = Regex. Replace (chr, @ "\ [URL \] (? [^ \] *) \ [\/URL \] ", @" $1

Js password strength detection code

// Password strength;Function PasswordStrength (showed ){This. showed = (typeof (showed) = "boolean ")? Showed: true;This. styles = new Array ();This. styles [0] = {backgroundColor: "# EBEBEB", borderLeft: "solid 1px # FFFFFF", borderRight: "solid

What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?JavaScript is a scripting language based on Object and Event-Driven with secure performance. UseIt is linked to a Web page together with HTML hypertext markup language and Java scripting language (Java applet ).Multiple objects

Examples of simple Javascript code application on Web pages

When you click an image (image or table element) on the left of the table and move it to the center of the table: Reference content is as follows: The file is referenced as follows: Reference content is as follows: Xp style menu Effect Reference

JavaScript Tutorial: onmouseover controls Images

JavaScript Tutorial: onmouseover controls Images   This article is from: webpage tutorial Network (www.webjx.com)

Detailed description of the Data Interaction instance on the parent and child pages in JavaScript

In JS, if you want to publish the data on the parent or child page, you only need to use objective framesor directly use windows.prarent.doc ument. getElementById. Next, I will introduce it to you. Writing about parent-child page data interaction in

How to Use the replace method in javascript

The replace method is a commonly used character replacement method in Javascript. It can directly replace a specified string or write multiple regular expression rules in the replace method to replace, the following describes how to use the replace

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