Js to get parameters in the url

In some cases, we will use js with parameters. For more information about this code, see. // Lastest:Var getArgs = function () {// get url querystringVar params = document. location. search, reg = /(? : ^? | &)(.*?) = (.*?) (? = & | $)/G, temp,

The AJAX response: XML, HTML, or JSON?

Since my last AJAX project I ''ve increasingly been wondering about the "ideal" output format for the AJAX response. once you ''ve succesfully fired an AJAX request, what sort of response shoshould the server give? An XML document? An HTML snippet?

About ext, ajax should not be just ext. At this time, I may be more inclined to jquery, but jquery's plug-in

About ext, ajax should not be just ext. After reading the five-page discussion, I feel that most people do not support ext. Although ext may be the most popular ajax framework, but she does have a lot of problems.1. For example, the hot issue of

Introduction to several popular ajax frameworks

ExtJS (yui-ext) is a group of extensions from Yahoo! UI, with a CS style Web user interface component. The main UIS include dialog, grid, layout, and tabs.JQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript toolbox that allows you to operate HTML elements in a

Ajax-based MVC solution in. Net Environment

Nowadays, more and more people are trying to use Ajax-based Web development. However, Ajax is not very convenient in the. Net environment.   1. Problem background Now, more and more people are trying to use Ajax-based Web development. in the. Net

Js rolling pop-up menu

Http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd> untitled document Laksdflkjf 3453245353

Convert AJAX-implemented Chinese characters to PinYin 2

$ Pinyins = Array ();// When the ishead of a Chinese character is 0, the first letter of the Chinese character is output when the ishead of all Chinese characters is 1.Function GetPinyin ($ str, $ ishead = 0, $ isclose = 1 ){Global $ pinyins;$ Restr

Js framework page refresh

1. Response. Write (" "); 2. Response. Write (" "); 3. this. registerStartupScript ("reload", " "); or this. registerStartupScript ("reload", " ");

Js full selection and invert Selection

Function chkClick (chk, oSrc )...{If (chk. checked)ChkAll (oSrc );ElseUnChkAll (oSrc)}Function chkAll (oSrc )...{OSrc = eval (oSrc). rowId;If (oSrc! = Null)...{If (oSrc. length = null)...{If (! OSrc. checked)... {oSrc. click ();}}For (I = oSrc.

Convert ubb to html code

Function unhtml (s_string)S_string = replace (s_string, "&", "& amp ;")'S _ string = replace (s_string, "", "& nbsp ;")S_string = replace (s_string, "Unhtml = replace (s_string, ">", "& gt ;")End functionFunction ubbimg (s_string)S_string = replace (

Javascript dynamically changes the content in table cells

Speaking of using js to dynamically change the content in td, we will think of dom. Let's take a look at the simple code below. 0, 1 1, 0 1, 1 Enter the text to add: Row & nbsp;Column

Implementation of JavaScript encryption and decryption

During webpage creation (in fact, webpage Trojans), the most annoying thing is that the javascript code running on IE, a client that has worked hard, is often easily copied by others, it's a bit difficult for you to know that you're tired of writing

Write on Images

New document The story of the rhinoceros and the bird

Array Method in JavaScript

Shift: Delete the first entry of the original array and return the value of the deleted element. If the array is empty, undefined is returned.Var a = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5];Var B = a. shift (); // a: [2, 3, 4, 5] B: 1 Unshift: add the parameter to the

The most common js special effect set for webpages

Typical special effects1. Add to favoritesNote: Click here to add your website to the favorites menu of your browser.Code:Cai Wang "> Add this site to favorites 2. Set as HomepageNote: Click it to set your website to the browser's start

JavaScript Tutorial: A function used to determine whether a date is correct

The IsDate function of VBScript is used to determine whether a date is correct. If JavaScript does not have this function, we will also write a similar function. It must be noted that the IsDate parameter in JavaScript must be a string, six

Some Javascript attributes

Async attributes The async attribute indicates whether asynchronous download is allowed.Basic syntax boolValue = XMLDocument. async; XMLDocument. async = boolValue;The Boolean value is writable (read/write). If asynchronous download is allowed, the

Implement the forward and backward functions under AJAX

This problem is always plagued during the process of making this BLOG ....   There are three methods to make a big difference: 1. Each time the client interacts with the server, it must change the URL value. In this way, IE will record the

Js implements cross-browser copying of IE content to the clipboard

We all know that using the general method, we cannot copy the content across browsers, and there is no way to copy the content to the clipboard under ff, next, I will introduce a Zero Clipboard plug-in to implement cross-Browser IE copying content

Differences between the three equal signs and the two equal signs in js

In js, there is one equals sign, two equals signs, three equals signs, one is a value equals sign, and the other is a comparison equals sign. So what is the use of the three equals signs, next, I will introduce three equal signs. Sometimes we can

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