Js object-oriented programming notes

Some Notes on js object-oriented programming. In js, object-oriented programming is a bit like java or c ++. Below I will give you some notes on js object-oriented programming, I hope it will help you. Many background languages, such as c ++, java,

Js cookie operations (read, delete, set, and expire)

The js cookie operation method mainly involves setting, reading, expiration, and deleting cookie values. The following section summarizes some common js cookie operation application instances, I hope it will help you both in depth. Today, we will

External js loading for webpage delayed Loading

In applications, external js usually affects the website's opening speed and experience. In some JavaScript files, we can delay loading, next I will introduce the external js loading instance test of webpage delayed loading. I hope to help you. In

Js implementation form (textarea) Acquisition and focus usage

In js, onfocus and onblur are acquired and lost, while in jquery, focus and blur are both used. The two are slightly different. Let's take a look at them. In js, onfocus, onblur, onmouseover, and so on will be used. jquery binds events. The

Application Examples of the js setTimeout Function

The setTimeout function is a scheduled function that can call a specified function every few seconds for operations. Below is an infinite loop instance, one is that the setTimeout function can pass the parameter/value passing instance, both of which

Js enables page Jump by keyboard combination

In the past, we used js to determine whether the user was submitting by pressing ctrl + enter. Next I will introduce two page Jump methods by pressing the keyboard combination key. Use a keyboard to redirect pages. Change the address after location

Javascript Regular Expressions use variables

This article introduces some problems and solutions when using variables in Javascript Regular Expressions. It mainly describes the replacement and RegExp methods. Example 1: replace with a variable The replace function can be replaced by a regular

Supports dynamic zooming of cross-origin iframe height with content

The highly adaptive feature of iframe is a common issue. Today I will find a few more questions about the highly adaptive feature of iframe. I have sorted it out and shared it with my friends. The code is concise and compatible. The iframe height is

Js array cyclically traverses all elements in the array

In js, the simplest way to traverse arrays is to use for and then use arr. length as the maximum value of for. Let's take a look at some useful instances. For example, for () {} traverses the Array The Code is as follows: Copy code

Sorting out javascript Array length issues

In javascript, the array length is very simple. You can use the length function to obtain the specific array length. However, when using the group length traversal function, it should be length-1 and the starting value is 0. Array length: You do not

Jquery Ajax form submission plug-in jquery form usage

Jquery form is a very good ajax form submission plug-in. Today I will introduce you to the application example of jquery form's ajaxSubmit (), hoping to help you. HTML First, we load the jquery library and jquery. form. js plug-in. Jquery. form. js

Asynchronous transmission of ajax json data in jquery ajax instances

This article will introduce the interaction between ajax and json data. In the past, ajax post, get, AND htm and txt data were directly returned. This is a try to return json data. In your own background cms, you want to use the pop-up mask layer on

Simple Example of ajax asynchronous Form Verification in JQuery

In ajax of jquery, there are post and get implementation of several asynchronous forms for submission. Next I will introduce two simple jquery ajax Form Verification instances. I hope they will be helpful to all of you. $. Get is the same as $. post.

Simple form submission using Jquery ajax

In jquery, we can directly use $. post or $. ajax to submit a form. The following section describes the ajax submission form instance. This is the simplest way.   The Code is as follows: Copy code $. Post ("/index. php?

Sample Code for submitting form items using jquery ajax

This article introduces an example code of jquery ajax submitting form items. I hope this tutorial will be helpful to you. The Code is as follows: Copy code $ ("Form [name = 'createbox']"). submit (function (){Var self = this;

Details about jQuery ajax asynchronous transmission instances

Ajax asynchronous transmission is an important function widely used in ajax. with ajax asynchronous transmission, we can implement many very good functions, the following small series will introduce some jQuery ajax asynchronous transmission

JQuery ajax uses $ (this). parent () to solve the problem.

This article will introduce to you the solution to jQuery ajax's invalid $ (this). parent (). I hope this method will be helpful to you. Html The Code is as follows: Copy code remove Requirement Description:Click

Jquery ajax example of refreshing message boards and comments

The effects of refreshing comments are often used. This effect is very good for users and websites. The following small series will introduce you to an example of jquery ajax refreshing message boards and comments, I hope this tutorial will be

JQuery Ajax Example Study Notes

JQuery Ajax is a very good plug-in that simplifies the original ecological js ajax. With jquery ajax, it is as simple as eating, below I have sorted out some examples of jquery ajax applications to learn from and hope the article will be helpful to

Jquery ajax return Data Exception Solution

Ajax returns a lot of data, which can be called a returned Data Exception. If the returned data is not what I want or is garbled, next I will use an example to introduce some examples of jquery ajax returned data exceptions. A new top-floor function

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