android--network communication using HttpClient HttpGet and Post methods

This article introduces the use of HTTP GET and Post methods for network communication, which describes using httpclient httpget and network communication.First, make sure that the current project already contains Apache support librariesDownload

iOS and Android push feature summary __c language

One, iOS push A push action is generated only if the program is not running in the foreground. iOS Push process: Prior to this, the application needs to obtain the certificate (identity) provided by the Apple, and when sending a message to APNs

JNI is basically configured and used in Android Studio 2.2

JNI is basically configured and used in Android studio JNI basic configuration and use of what in Android Studio to build projects using Ndkbuilder what? JniJava Native Interface It allows Java code to interact with code written in other languages.

Android Error The method OnClick (View) of type new View.onclicklistener () {} must override a superclass

Today, a source code was downloaded on the web and an error occurred after importing eclipse: The method OnClick (View) type new View.onclicklistener () {} must override a superclass The problem with the JDK version was found on the Internet.

Android Rxbus Event Bus

My Video course: "FFmpeg to build Android Universal Audio Player" Recently used in the project Rxjava and Rxandroid, really feel pretty good, and then heard that you can use Rxbus to replace the Eventbus and other events distribution of the

Examples of MVP usage in Android

 | Copyright NOTICE: This article is the original article, without the owner's permission to reprint. 1. Introduction Everyone knows and is familiar with the MVC pattern, the Android native uses the MVC model, but the biggest problem with it is

A typical problem with the ADB connection in Android development:

Problem phenomenon: Create a new Andriod project, then run as, and the following interface appears: [2014-02-13 16:36:54-Flashlight]------------------------------ [2014-02-13 16:36:54-Flashlight] Android launch! [2014-02-13 16:36:54-Flashlight] The

Android performance optimization uses rxlifecycle to solve Rxjava memory leaks __java

Android performance optimization using Rxlifecycle to resolve Rxjava memory leaksObjective:In fact, Rxjava caused by the memory leak is I accidentally found, is to understand how retrofit and Rxjava in combination with the adapter mode to solve, the

Android Date Format ms

Date curdate = new Date (); String datestr = new SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss SSS", Locale.china). Format (curdate); Various dates in Java represent the following letters: An alphabetic date or time element represents an example

Android DrawText three ways to get text width

String str = "Hello"; Canvas.drawtext (str, x, y, paint); 1. Rough calculation of text width log.d (TAG, "measuretext=" + paint.measuretext (str)); 2. To compute the rectangle in which the text is located, you can get a width-high Rect Rect = new

Android Initial learning-two ways to dynamically add view in a layout __android

I. Description There are two ways to add a view file: 1, by defining LAYOUT;2 in XML file, Java code writing Second, the preface notes 1. construct XML file 2.LayoutInflater Refer to AddView, first of all to understand the Layoutinflater class.

Android Early Learning-four kinds of launchmode__java of activity

Four kinds of launchmode of activity. Original address: Launchmode plays an important role in the process of multiple activity jumps, and it can decide whether to generate new activity instances,

[Android] Create an android-generic JSON data parsing framework

The most common use of Android and iOS applications for web interaction is the JSON data protocol, which is a brisk feature of the mobile platform, and is a gradual replacement for XML, with the following two popular JSON formats: {" code": "10000"

LRUCache Detailed Android memory optimization __java/android

Concept: LruCacheWhat is LRUCache.What is the principle of lrucache implementation. These two problems can be answered as a question, know what is LruCache, only then know the realization of LruCache principle; LRU's full name is least recently

Several ways to merge files with Android __java several ways to merge files

Here are several ways to merge files, and use the AMR file to illustrate the specific process of merging files. The AMR file header is 6 bytes, so you subtract file headers from files other than the first file when merging files. Note: The file

The use of open source Zxing library, on Android, two-dimensional code simple coding and decoding __ two-dimensional code

The first is simple coding, the code is as follows /** * Two-dimensional encoding based on strings * @param str needs to encode the string * @param widthandheight the height of the bitmap that needs to be generated @return * /Public

Android uses Rxjava+retrofit +realm combination to load Data <读取缓存 显示="" 请求网络数据="" 缓存最新数据="" 更新界面=""> (ii) __android

Continue to refine the last muddled process. The principle is still the same. Don't understand. Take a look.Android uses rxjava+retrofit +realm combination load Data (i) This integration is the database realm Click to view the Chinese document

Android obtains resource Id__resourceid by reflection based on package name and ID or name

Android automatically generates resouce IDs inside, whether it's layout,widget,drawable,string,color,array,style and so on. So if you just give you the package name and widget ID or string name, you can get the generated Resouce ID and get

HTTPCLIENT__ programming of "Android Advanced Learning" HTTP programming

Original works, allow reprint, reprint, please be sure to hyperlink form to indicate the original source of the article, author information and this statement. Otherwise, legal liability will be held.

html__ garbled problem of Android WebView loading iframe tag

My recent project needs to join the document Cloud returned directly to the IFRAME tag based on the data back in the background, but Android wanted to load it with WebView, and there were all sorts of problems in the middle. So just sort out the

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