Android SDK manager:failed to fetch URL Solution __android

After installing the Android SDK, run the Android SDK Manager "Failed to fetch URL" (the URL part may be different) solution. Click on the desktop in the lower left corner of the Start menu

Introduction to Mobile GUI Automation test (including Android and iOS)

Summary As we all know, automated testing can reduce the burden of testers to a certain extent, improve test efficiency, and achieve reliability testing and performance testing through Automation. For mobile client testing, it would be cool if we

[Android] Brief introduction and basic use of Rxjava (i.) __java

Preface Rxjava and Rxandroid ( have been burning for a while, and here is a brief introduction to them. Rxjava's self-introduction on the GitHub homepage is "A library for composing asynchronous and event-based

Android System porting Whole process

Android Development Environment article I. Installation: Required Packages Android requires the following system Packages:flex:This Lexical Analyzer generator is used to read a given input file F Or a description of a scanner to generate. Bison:this

Flexible application of message in Android (reprint)

Quote from Easyandroid Forum, original: 1. The message mechanism to utilize the communication between Android threads 1.1.Message The code is in the

"Fine" client (IOS, Android)/server,app Internal communication protocol, Cross-platform solution

Original link: "Only for technical exchanges, without permission to prohibit the reprint"Usually app-server uses the HTTP protocol to tell the app what it needs to display the picture, text.

"Fine" client (IOS, Android)/server,app Internal communication protocol, Cross-platform solution

"Only for technical exchanges, without permission to prohibit the reprint"Usually app-server uses the HTTP protocol to tell the app what it needs to display the picture, text. This is one of the most common protocols. Another kind of client-side

Docs access to the Android SDK is slow, please configure the Android SDK environment variable (android_sdk_home)!

Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import; Import;

11.Android of the JNI implementation function log Print __ function

When using JNI in a Java environment, you can easily print information using the printf function, and in the Eclipse Console console view it is easy to observe that if you use JNI in an Android environment, the printf function will not work. No

[Android] Print log line number, function, class name __ function

With C people must know __file__ and __line__, but there is no such definition in Java, sometimes debugging multithreading is very inconvenient, no way, do-it-yourself, with the following function to get the current line number. Function: /*** Get

Urban airship Android Client-google GCM Push

This article link: The previous article talked about how to push the notice through the helium, below to see how to push through the gcm of Google. Here about the GCM configuration can refer to

Urban Airship Android Client-helium Push

This article link: Tell me today how to create an Android application that is the simplest to receive urban airship notifications. 1. To create an Android application first, it is important to

Ubuntu installation MTP drive access to Android devices

Because of the reason of work .... I have no direct use of the Windows system, the last few days even the final Windows desktop has evolved into CentOS ... The data cable that causes the Android device to connect to the computer can only be

The summary of Android dormant wake process and location awakening problem

Platform Information: Kernel: Linux 2.6.35 android:2.3.1 CPU: Samsung S5PV210 Speaking from the EARLYSUSPEND.C, suspend is invoked after all the driver early wake_unlock are executed in early suspend, and in the Wake_unlock function, if the system

Android system date-time acquisition

[Java]View Plain copy print?                Import Java.text.SimpleDateFormat;        SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat ("YYYY year mm month DD Day HH:mm:ss"); Date curdate = new Date (System.currenttimemillis ());//Get current time

Anti-compile APK files during Android development

Sometimes we want to learn from others ' good works, or we want to study and learn. How to achieve it in the case of only apk. In fact, there is a way, that is, decompile apk. If the content is also i from other friends there to find, does not

Android Development--notes (i)

My last blog,, is about ListView and Recyclerview, and the cause is the problem when you want to develop a sticky note. After studying the Recyclerview, I spent some time this morning writing

Analysis of the growforutilization of the Android ART GC

There are a variety of scenarios in the Android runtime that trigger garbage collection (Gc,garbage collection), and in the case of Android 5.0, it can be found that the most common way to trigger a GC during the application run is as shown in the

Android-fire git and repo literacy-how to get the Android source code (RPM)

Git is an open source distributed version control software developed by Linux Torvalds to help manage Linux kernel development, unlike a centralized version control system such as Subversion and CVS. In a centralized version control system there is

Android Client Performance test-memory (i)

Preface: 1. This content for the app application client performance test, not involved in the background, so not for the API or data interface 2. Target items for testing: Resource consumption, memory leak, power consumption, response time 3. Client

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