Android development of OpenGL ES 3D Space and Gldrawarrays

1. Four pyramid: consisting of 4 triangles. Square Body: composed of 6 triangles. Difficulty: When building the vertex coordinates of a 3D space, you must always have the center coordinate of the object (0.0f,0.0f,0.0f) to rotate the object around

Android automatically disables all child controls in the layout

Use scene: Disable all the child controls in the layout, so that the interface can only see, but can not edit, if a control to set up is certainly very troublesome, so think of a good method. You can extend more controls as needed, as long as you

Two-time return key exit code in Android

The code is as follows Private long exittime; @Override public boolean onKeyDown (int keycode, keyevent event) { if (keycode = = Keyevent.keycode_back && event.getaction () = = Keyevent.action_down) { if ((System.currenttimemillis ()-Exittime)

Android application Development UI Control Imageswitcher use

This article will talk about the use of Imageswitcher controls in Androidui development. Imageswitcher controls are similar to ImageView and can be used to display pictures, but Imageswitcher can be seen by name, mainly for the toggle display of

Android tweened Animation effect

The Android SDK offers three types of animations, motion tweens, frame-by-step animations, and interpolation property animations. The first animation effect-tweened animation is described below. Motion tweens can be applied to view, allowing

Android units and the screen resolution detailed

One, commonly used units: relative units mainly: PX, SP, DPabsolute units mainly include: PT, in, MM Second, the Unit application summary: The general use relative unit, but not absolute unit1, the size of the general use of the SP, the font of

Set up the Android Startup interface method in the Androidmanifest.xml file

like Android Login program and android HelloWorld program, but it is not always correct to run a correct program, depressed for a long time, and finally in one Test after the success of the Android The program in the emulator that runs the self

Android am PM command

The AM PM command in the ADB shell, some of its own insights and most of its website translations. By the AM command, am full name Activity Manager, you can use AM to simulate the behavior of various systems, such as initiating a activities,

Android Paint and save the picture's specific implementation code

This article introduces the example of drawing and saving pictures in Android, the following is the specific implementation method, a friend in need can refer to the Canvas is a canvas in which you can create a blank canvas, directly new to a

The fragment of Android Foundation and the interaction of activity

The following small series for you to introduce the relationship between fragment and activity. Need a friend to come over and refer to the next Today we continue to explain the characteristics of the fragment component, primarily with the

android dialog box pop-up location and transparency settings specific implementation method

For example, above or below the screen. To achieve this effect. You need to get the Window object for the dialog box, there are several ways to get the Window object. The easiest thing to do is to get the window object directly through the

Development in Android local video player

In the local video section of the Android local video player development, we were able to search for local video and display pictures, titles, and lengths of each video, and of course, if you needed to add other lengths and widths of video, for

Android intercepts video frames and converts them to bitmap

Mainactivity is as follows Package cn.testmediametadataretriever; Import; Import; Import; Import Android.os.Bundle; Import android.os.Environment; Import

Android List dialog box and progress Dialog

Main.xml Mainactivity Import; Import; Import; Import; Import Android.content.DialogInterface; Import

The ArcTo method of path in Android

Declared as: void (RECTF oval, float startangle, float sweepangle); The method is to draw an arc of the path. The first parameter is a RECTF type. What is this parameter? First of all, how does this arc come from? It

Android's handling of strings

Requirements: Enables long text scrolling to stop, so long strings need to be truncated to a string array of the specified TextView length, and then implemented using Viewfilpper.The split code is as follows: /* * Split string on request/public

QQ Browser (Android) Design Road

After several months and everyone's efforts, mobile phone QQ browser (Android version) from 2.0 gradually updated to 2.6. After a constant attempt at the inscrutable and architecture of the design, a new look has been made, and the experience has

Securely connect Android devices to corporate Wi-Fi

Compared to the use of personal or preshared key (i.e. PSK) mode, a secure way to access the wireless network in the enterprise environment or Wi-Fi 802.1X mode of implementation of the specific way appears different. While the use of personal

Reject overtime WPS Office Android plate Trial evaluation

Workplace, such as battlefield, efficient is fighting. As a career person, you must be passionate about your career, you not only do not think that overtime is a chore, even for overtime full of expectations: free air-conditioning, free internet,

How does Android implement data sharing between applications?

It is not important for an application to expose its own data to the outside world, to see how it is stored, to use a database or to use a file, or to access it online. It is important for the outside world to deal with this set of standards and a

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