How to write efficient Android code

Based on the Android-related devices as embedded devices, we should pay more attention to the efficiency when writing app application, and be limited by the battery charge. This leads to a number of considerations and limited processing capabilities

Android Development: 14 Code Snippets to solve real-world problems

What are some of the problems you will encounter with Android programming? Here for beginners 14 pieces of simple and useful code, save when needed easily a key to get. This includes checking for an SD card, making an activity transparent, setting a

Android implementation of information push

Recently honored to participate in the development of the company's CMPP SMS Gateway program, using the Apache Mina Framework implementation. The project has a deeper understanding of socket communications and long connections, so I want to try to

Introduction to the WebService of Android development

Often have netizens ask: "How to call WebService on Android platform"? Through communication I found that even some friends were asking how to use the Webserivce, not to mention the "Martian" terms such as soap and WSDL related to webservice. So, I

Reasons for Onitemclicklistener not responding in Android development

Root cause: ListView (or other adapter view) does not get focus Liezi: Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent"//Delayed One: fill_parent android:orientation= "Vertical" android:descendantfocusability=

Implementing global variables with application classes in Android

In Java, if you want to use a global variable, you typically define a variable of the public static type. But this approach does not conform to the Android framework, and Android uses the application context. Application is a base class, and the

Detailed Android ContentProvider and URIs

Sharing data using ContentProvider (content provider) ContentProvider's role in Android is to share data externally, which means that you can share data from the application to other applications via ContentProvider, and other applications can be

Introduction to the URI in Android

As far as the Android platform is concerned, the URI is mainly divided into three parts: scheme, authority and path. Among them authority is divided into host and port. The format is as follows: Scheme://host:port/path As a practical example:

Android uses directional sensors to get a relative angle to the phone

The coordinate system defines the x, y z axes. The direction of the x-axis is the horizontal direction of the screen from left to right, if the cell phone is not a square, the shorter side needs to be placed horizontally, the longer side

Android Simple step using directional sensor to implement compass

Step 1: Create a new project compass and import a compass picture into the res/drawable-hdpi directory Step 2: Design the UI interface for the application, Main.xml Step Import; Import

How to load pictures asynchronously in Android

The study of Android loading images asynchronously from the network is summarized as follows: (1) Since the Android UI update supports a single threading principle, fetching data from the network and updating it to the interface may first be

Android's super easy way to implement the native Sideslip menu

Let's take a look at the effect chart. When you click on the menu can change the icon, such as Click Happy, Home will change a smiley face, the implementation of the process is super simple You need to use the toolbar and

Android programming to set Full-screen method instance

Android programming to set Full-screen method instance The example in this article describes the way Android programming is set to Full-screen. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: In real-world application development, we

Product orientation for the App Store: Thinking about the Android App Store model

Article Description: thinking of the Android App store. Melee, messy, and uneven, this is a idiomatic expression of the status of the domestic Android Third-party App Store. Behind the impetuous disputes, there is a lack of thinking about

Android Fragmenttabhost Implementation tab

After Android3.0, Google created the fragment, so the original tabhost has not been recommended, now generally recommended to use Fragmenttabhost. Google considered compatibility issues, so fragmenttabhost was not added to the official SDK, but it

How Android uses Fastjson

Fastjson is a JSON-processing toolkit for Alibaba Open source, including "serialization" and "deserialization" in two parts. Tests show that Fastjson has a very fast performance beyond any other Java Json parser. Includes self-proclaimed fastest

How to use Ant to package an Android project in a Linux system

In fact, the Linux ant packaged Android project has a lot in common with the Windows ant packaged Android project, the process is basically consistent, the only difference is probably the operational problem, and then, I will give a detailed

The implementation of the Android property animation layout of the Drop-down expansion

A few days ago, we did some Android animations ( and got a sense of Android's tweens. But after Android's 3.0, Google has come up with a framework for property animations that will help us

An introductory tutorial on Android UI design and development

Android UI design and development tutorial Slide menu bar (iii) Slidingmenu animation effect of the real Android UI design and development tutorial Slide menu bar (ii) Slidingmenu of Open Source project Android UI design and development tutorial

The relativelayout of Android common layout controls

We use LinearLayout and tablelayout to meet the basic requirements for developing the application interface. But sometimes when the interface is not flexible enough, we can also use another kind of control relativelayout. Relativelayout is a

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