Android based OpenFire Development Instant Messaging Tool (2) login OpenFire

The last section OpenFire server has been built, this section see how to use the smack based on the XMPP protocol login OpenFire Server, Create a good test account in the server The following look at the Android client code, about the interface

Processing of Surfaceflinger (VSYNC) signal of Android GUI system

Processing of 1.1.1 VSync signal After the analysis of the previous section, we now understand how the system generates VSYNC signals through hardware devices or software simulations, and also understands its flow. VSync will eventually be

Android GUI system Surfaceflinger (3)

Local windows in Android Framebuffernativewindow 1.1 The local windows in Android In the learning process of OpenGL, we keep mentioning the concept of "local window" (NativeWindow). So how does the Android system localize OpenGL ES, or does it

Android GUI system Surfaceflinger (2) Gralloc and framebuffer

1.1 Gralloc and Framebuffer It is believed that those who have done Linux development are not too unfamiliar with framebuffer, it is a hardware-independent display abstraction layer provided by the kernel system. It is called buffer because it is

The soft keyboard does not support the Actionsearch problem when using Searchview in Android

Abnormal problems often, this year, particularly many,,,--today's encounter of the processing must not be able to use Searchview in HTC One S, its soft keyboard does not support action settings. Problem Equipment: HTC One S Searchable.xml

Non-dependent focus and selected TextView racing lights in Android

TextView, and modeled after the source code, mainly to cancel the focus and select the judge, also do not rely on the width of the text. Import java.lang.ref.WeakReference; Import Android.content.Context; Import; Import

Android: Alliance's Automatic Updates component

A good and professional service can help developers save a lot of time. Starting with the project is also ready to do their own statistics, automatic Updates, as the use of the AU service increased time, gradually abandoned the idea, instead of

Android's improved version of the Coverflow effect control

Recently studied how to implement the Coverflow effect on Android control, in fact, as early as 2010, Neil Davies developed and open up this control, Neil Shen's blog address 2010/02/android-coverflow-widget-v2.html. The

Auto-cutting method for PSD icon material for iOS, Android and Web front-end

Dick Silk personal developers often encounter the embarrassing problem is that they do not design UI material and could not afford professional art. The best way is to go online to download the material to meet their own needs modified to direct use.

Android Graphics and text introduction NDK installation and implementation of simple JNI Demon

1. Background The Android NDK can be used to compile the native method of Android, and C and C + + code can be compiled into the. so file, allowing the Android program to run. 2.NDK installation (Linux environment) (1) Download the corresponding

Attempt and failure analysis of Android 4.3 screen-cutting function

1. Background The previous article on the source of the capture of the Android phone screen function (while pressing the power button and volume reduction, details, After a week of

Android third party rom: deep OS V4.12 20121130 development release

The Deep OS is an Android third-party ROM, based on Google's Android code two, based on the bottom of the optimization and development, so even in the lower configuration of the thousands of smart machines, but also the smooth running of

Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 devices Android 4.2 rom download address

Google is now gradually starting to push the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system to the Galaxy Nexus users as OTA upgrades, but if you are impatient and want to be able to manually upgrade, the method here may be very useful for you. At present,

Android call system camera to save and call the System album method

System already has something, if we do not have new requirements, direct call is the most direct. Here's how to call a system camera to take pictures and save pictures and how to call a system photo album. First look at the core method of calling

The ProgressBar of Android common controls

ProgressBar is a visual indicator of the progress of some operations, rendering the operation's progress to the user, and it has a minor progress bar to display intermediate progress, such as the progress of the buffer playing in streaming media. A

Android layout of the screen switch

By default, the Onconfigurationchanged event triggers when the screen changes from a vertical to a horizontal screen, which by default reloads the screen and displays the same screen as the horizontal screen, which can have 2 problems. * Layout

Getting Started with Android Development (18) file 18.1 saving to internal storage devices

The Sharedpreferences object allows you to save some "key value pairs" types of data, such as user ID, birthday, gender, ID number, and so on. However, there are times when you need to use a traditional file system to save data. For example, you may

Introduction to Android Development (10) Basic Controls 10.3 ProgressBar

ProgressBar provides a visual feedback when performing certain tasks that are being processed. For example, you are downloading data from a Web server, and then you need to update the status of the download. In this case, ProgressBar is a good

Getting Started with Android (v) Screen components 5.5 relativelayout relative layout

Using Relativelayout, you can specify the location of the child view that it contains by setting the relative position (where each view is relative to another view). Look at the code in the main.xml below: As you can see, these views are

Develop an Android driver that counts the number of words (top)

Android is essentially a Linux kernel based system, which means Android is a Linux operating system. But most of the time it will run on arm-architecture devices, such as Android phones, tablets, and so on. Android drives are actually Linux drivers,

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