Android CTS All pass Detailed

Android CTS! Goodbye fails! Goodbye Timeout! Why the CTS test The Android Compatibility Test (CTS) and the associated Compatibility definition document (CDD) are a self management program that ensures that terminal devices are compatible with

Android Camera Learning: How much does the flower fall to know

My knowledge of Android camera will be written all over again, gradually perfecting the camera network in the brain. 2 separate processes for 1.Android camera Android Camera is the C/s architecture has been said to be rotten, but I still want to

Android Camera Learning: smoothzoom


Recently busy with the camera of the project, because most of the interested in the exchange of Android developers on the simulator, in the context of hardware-related practical content, (for example, I will be recorded at this moment on the camera

Testing Android App apps with IBM Rational Test Workbench

IBM Rational Test Workbench (RTW) is a unified set of test tools for IBM rational, including functional testing, performance testing, interface SOA testing, and other modules to meet the customer's multiple types of automated testing requirements.

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (one) App->activity->receive result

StartActivity can start a new activity, which is relatively independent of the activity that initiates it, and does not return to the result of the activity that invoked it. When writing applications, it is sometimes necessary to return results from

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (8) App->activity->hello World

A concise development tutorial on Android III: the first application Hello world has introduced the Hello World example, which has a slightly different definition of the two Hello World layout: Android:id= "@+id/text" Android:layout_width=

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (7) App->activity->forwarding

Android apps can contain, multiple activity, and an activity can start another activity. These activity is managed using the stack structure, and the newly opened activity is stacked on top of the current activity, and the current activity stops

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (2) Simpleadapter,listactivity,packagemanager

Once you have created the Apidemo project, you can analyze the code one by one, assuming that the reader has some knowledge of Android development or has read the concise Android development tutorials. The first is to look at the main

Android RoboGuice2 Use Guide (2) First example Hello World

This example implements the features and examples of the Android Roboguice use Guide (2): The first example Hello World, the difference is this example uses RoboGuice2.0 to implement. To download the new Roboguice Library, the Roboguice2.0 library

Android Asynctask and handler

This paper mainly explains the use of Asynctask and the application of handler First, we need to be clear about the next concept, what is the UI thread. As the name suggests, the UI thread is the thread that manages the user interface! The Android

Android image scrolling, add auto playback function, use custom attribute to achieve, domineering full!

Hello everyone, remember last time I brought you together to achieve a similar with Taobao client with a picture scrolling player effect, but after finishing, I found that I forgot to add the function of the picture auto play (perhaps I

Android Sliding effect Advanced (v) 3D rotation

The previous introduction of the use of Android's own control, sliding page making effect, now we use code to achieve some sliding page animation effect. Animation animations are implemented in two ways: Frame animation (Frame-by-frame animation)

The Android event distribution mechanism is fully parsed, taking you from the source perspective to thoroughly understand (the)

Remember in the previous article, I took you from the source point of view of the analysis of the Android view of the event distribution mechanism, I believe that the reading of the Friends of the view of the event distribution has a more profound

The Android event distribution mechanism is fully parsed, taking you from the source perspective to thoroughly understand (on)

In fact, I've been preparing to write an article on the Android event distribution mechanism, starting with my first blog, where I used the knowledge of the Android event distribution in many places. Many friends have asked me various questions,

Android Sliding Menu Frame complete parsing, teach you how to implement sliding menu effects in one minute

Before I told you about the history of the simplest way to implement the sliding menu, I believe we all remember. If you forget the implementation of the principle or have not seen the friends, please go to see the previous article Android sliding

Android Apidemos Sample resolution: App->service->local Service Binding

This example and the activity code for the following local Service Controller are defined in as the localserviceactivities inner class implementation. The service being invoked is LocalService. LocalService can be used

Android Two-dimensional code function implementation: Embedding zxing projects within the program

The recent two-dimensional code is really getting more and more hot, casual TV, online, shopping malls, everywhere are two-dimensional code. and embedded two-dimensional code scanning software is more and more, QQ, micro-letter, UC Browser and so on

Android Apidemos Sample Parsing (app->launcher) shortcuts

The Android operating system displays an activity for with the following properties in the Application Manager (Launcher), which typically corresponds to an application's main task. In addition, if the user wants to add a shortcut to the

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (App->alarm->alarm) Controller

Alarm Controller demonstrates how to use the Alarm event in an Android application, and its functionality is similar to that of Java.util.Timer, TimerTask. However, alarm can do schedule a task at a specified time, even if the current application

Android Handler, message full resolution, take you from the source point of view to thoroughly understand

Also because of the weekend night to watch TI3 competition, has not found time to write a blog, leading to have been a long time not updated. Ashamed! You'll get back to your schedule and try to make sure you write every week. Here is also the first

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