Android implementation of information push

Recently honored to participate in the development of the company's CMPP SMS Gateway program, using the Apache Mina Framework implementation. The project has a deeper understanding of socket communications and long connections, so I want to try to

Introduction to the WebService of Android development

Often have netizens ask: "How to call WebService on Android platform"? Through communication I found that even some friends were asking how to use the Webserivce, not to mention the "Martian" terms such as soap and WSDL related to webservice. So, I

Reasons for Onitemclicklistener not responding in Android development

Root cause: ListView (or other adapter view) does not get focus Liezi: Android:layout_width= "Fill_parent" android:layout_height= "Fill_parent"//Delayed One: fill_parent android:orientation= "Vertical" android:descendantfocusability=

Implementing global variables with application classes in Android

In Java, if you want to use a global variable, you typically define a variable of the public static type. But this approach does not conform to the Android framework, and Android uses the application context. Application is a base class, and the

Detailed Android ContentProvider and URIs

Sharing data using ContentProvider (content provider) ContentProvider's role in Android is to share data externally, which means that you can share data from the application to other applications via ContentProvider, and other applications can be

Introduction to the URI in Android

As far as the Android platform is concerned, the URI is mainly divided into three parts: scheme, authority and path. Among them authority is divided into host and port. The format is as follows: Scheme://host:port/path As a practical example:

Android uses directional sensors to get a relative angle to the phone

The coordinate system defines the x, y z axes. The direction of the x-axis is the horizontal direction of the screen from left to right, if the cell phone is not a square, the shorter side needs to be placed horizontally, the longer side

Android Simple step using directional sensor to implement compass

Step 1: Create a new project compass and import a compass picture into the res/drawable-hdpi directory Step 2: Design the UI interface for the application, Main.xml Step Import; Import

How to load pictures asynchronously in Android

The study of Android loading images asynchronously from the network is summarized as follows: (1) Since the Android UI update supports a single threading principle, fetching data from the network and updating it to the interface may first be

Appium Mobile Automation Test (iii) install the Android simulator

In this article if the direct installation without errors, you can ignore (one or two, three, four or five), I installed is 5.1.1, direct success, is a bit slow, to have patience. If to the last step, does not start up, the error:

Department of Famous Door Android (2)

Introduced The application of various layouts in Android and the implementation of menu effects Application of various layout methods, Framelayout, LinearLayout, Tablelayout, Absolutelayout, Relativelayout Configures the context menu for the

Use handler and thread threads to perform background operations on Android

As we all know, applications on PCs that require complex data operations, but do not require interface UI, will write a thread for the application to perform these complex data operations. With threads, you can perform time-consuming operations such

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (7) App->activity->forwarding

Android apps can contain, multiple activity, and an activity can start another activity. These activity is managed using the stack structure, and the newly opened activity is stacked on top of the current activity, and the current activity stops

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (2) Simpleadapter,listactivity,packagemanager

Once you have created the Apidemo project, you can analyze the code one by one, assuming that the reader has some knowledge of Android development or has read the concise Android development tutorials. The first is to look at the main

Android Test Tutorial (9): Applicationtestcase sample

Some of the fundamentals of Android testing are described earlier, and several examples of Android testing will be presented in conjunction with the apidemotest example. Before this you can refer to the Android Test tutorial (3): Test project to

Android Concise Development Tutorial 14: Context Menu Drawing geometry

Context-sensitive menus (context menu) are the menus that are displayed on the right mouse button on a PC, and are long pressed on the Android platform to activate the contextual Menu,context menu, which is typically used to display menus related to

Android Concise Development Tutorial 12: Guide Bee two-dimensional graphic library introduction and Color sample

Androidgraphics2dtutorial defines the main activity of the application, and you can start writing each of the concrete two-dimensional drawing examples below. Different examples will try to adopt different UI controls: Menu,content

Android Concise development Tutorial VI: User interface design

Activity is the basic component of the Android application user interface. The activity itself does not, however, provide a user interface (Interface). From the program structure level, an Android application is an instance of class

Android Apidemos Sample Parsing (app->launcher) shortcuts

The Android operating system displays an activity for with the following properties in the Application Manager (Launcher), which typically corresponds to an application's main task. In addition, if the user wants to add a shortcut to the

Android Apidemos Sample Resolution (App->alarm->alarm) Controller

Alarm Controller demonstrates how to use the Alarm event in an Android application, and its functionality is similar to that of Java.util.Timer, TimerTask. However, alarm can do schedule a task at a specified time, even if the current application

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