Leap-forward major updates to Android platform Outlook.com applications

Although Microsoft also launched the Outlook.com client on the Android platform last December, it did not receive praise from consumers after the shelves, due mainly to the fact that the application display was a bit outdated, but the basic mail

Android Landscaping: Point Nine

One, "Point nine" is the Andriod platform of the application software development of a special picture form, file name extension:. 9.png The smart phone has the function of automatic horizontal screen, the same interface will be in the mobile phone

How to make a battery charge in Android: a progress bar for scrolling up and down the picture (battery)

Recently, the creation of an app, the need to simulate a battery of the progress bar, based on the amount of electricity to set a percentage, the progress bar constantly rolling up and down, like the usual mobile phone charging the same battery

Basic design of UI (User Interface) in Android

The UI (User Interface) consists of four basic elements, view (view), ViewGroup (view group), Fragment (fragment), activity (active); View: The base class for all visual interface elements; ViewGroup: Extension of the view class, containing

Android's ToDoList (fragment) detailed

Fragment (fragmentation) can be flexible to add or remove Fragment from an active activity and have a good user experience; Here is the specific design of the fragment: 1. Create a new_item_fragment resource file: Location: Res->new_item_fragment.

Android Memory leak analysis tool Mat detailed

I. Preparation 1. What is Mat A memory analysis tool provided by Eclipse. It is a feature-rich JAVA heap dump file analysis tool that can help you discover memory vulnerabilities and reduce memory consumption. Android Studio does not integrate

Introduction to Android's native action intent (native activity intent)

Native actions (Native activity) are static string constants (static final String) in the intent class. These actions can be applied when an implicit intent is created to start an activity or subactivity within an application. Android

The realization of cool return mode in Android

The Android phone will have a return key, whether it's an entity key or a virtual key. Android users are mainly using this return key to manipulate the page return mode, no more than iOS forcing the very high only one operation key. This is the most

Android Annotations Open Source Framework Introduction

Androidannotations is an open source framework designed to accelerate the efficiency of Android development. By using the annotation API that it opens up, you can use it almost anywhere, dramatically reducing the amount of innocuous code, allowing

Android Multi-threaded Downloads

Project Source Download Https://github.com/Wang-Jun-Chao/AndroidProjects Multi-Threaded Download Principle: Server CPU allocated to each thread of the same time slice, the server bandwidth evenly allocated to each thread, so the more threads the

Android Network picture Viewer

Project Source Download Https://github.com/Wang-Jun-Chao/AndroidProjects Network Picture Viewer Determine the URL of the picture Send HTTP request URL url = url (address); HttpURLConnection conn = (httpurlconnection)

Android Common layout

Project Source Download Https://github.com/Wang-Jun-Chao/AndroidProjects Common layouts Relative layout Relativelayout Components are left-aligned and top-aligned by default Sets the component to the right of the specified component

Use font master (without root) 1.5.5 to replace the Android font

The popularity of Android is largely due to its customization and personalization, and as more and more root tools emerge, Android users ' personalized demand for mobile fonts is becoming increasingly apparent, and "font-control" is in deep trouble.

Android third party rom: deep OS V4.12 20121130 development release

The Deep OS is an Android third-party ROM, based on Google's Android code two shendu.com, based on the bottom of the optimization and development, so even in the lower configuration of the thousands of smart machines, but also the smooth running of

Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 devices Android 4.2 rom download address

Google is now gradually starting to push the new Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system to the Galaxy Nexus users as OTA upgrades, but if you are impatient and want to be able to manually upgrade, the method here may be very useful for you. At present,

Android call system camera to save and call the System album method

System already has something, if we do not have new requirements, direct call is the most direct. Here's how to call a system camera to take pictures and save pictures and how to call a system photo album. First look at the core method of calling

The ProgressBar of Android common controls

ProgressBar is a visual indicator of the progress of some operations, rendering the operation's progress to the user, and it has a minor progress bar to display intermediate progress, such as the progress of the buffer playing in streaming media. A

Android layout of the screen switch

By default, the Onconfigurationchanged event triggers when the screen changes from a vertical to a horizontal screen, which by default reloads the screen and displays the same screen as the horizontal screen, which can have 2 problems. * Layout

Android system access to the principle of root authority detailed

Android Root access cracking analysis Many friends of the new Android machine has not cracked the root permissions, can not use some high privileges of the software, as well as a number of highly privileged operations, in fact, crack the root of

Develop an Android driver that counts the number of words (top)

Android is essentially a Linux kernel based system, which means Android is a Linux operating system. But most of the time it will run on arm-architecture devices, such as Android phones, tablets, and so on. Android drives are actually Linux drivers,

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