21 days to learn the Surfaceview of Android development tutorials and multithreading _android

The previous article briefly introduced the basic use of Surfaceview, this time on the introduction of Surfaceview and multithreading mix. Surfaceview is a multi-threaded application that is designed to prevent animation from flashing. The

Android SDK Baidu Map via POI in-City retrieval introduction interface Use _android

Baidu Map SDK not only for the vast number of developers to provide a cool map display effect, rich overlay layer, more developers to provide a variety of LBS search capabilities. Through these interfaces, developers can easily access Baidu's LBS

Android Baidu Map Poi range Search _android

I think you might have had the experience of having a bank card in your pocket and looking around the street for an ATM. In this scenario, ATM is the point of interest, we want to do is to find some of the nearest ATM and then withdraw money, at

The difference analysis between FileOutputStream and Openfileoutput () in Android programming _android

This paper analyzes the difference between FileOutputStream and Openfileoutput () in Android programming. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Openfileoutput () First of all to introduce how to use files to store data,

21 days to learn the mediaplayer_android of Android development Tutorials

This article describes the use of MediaPlayer. MediaPlayer can play audio and video, in addition, can also be played through the Videoview video, although videoview than MediaPlayer easy to use, but the customization is not as good as the

Your own common Android Options menu style collection _android

Menus are one of the most common elements of the user interface and are used very frequently, and in Android, menus are divided into three options (optionsmenu), Context menus (ContextMenu), and submenus (submenu), which today speak OptionsmenuI.

Android uses custom controls horizontalscrollview to create the simplest sideslip menu in history _android

Sideslip menu in many applications will be seen, the recent QQ5.0 Sideslip also played a bit of tricks ~ ~ for the Sideslip menu, the General people will customize ViewGroup, and then hide the menu bar, when the fingers slide, through the scroller

Android Development's Sqlite3 command line simple use method _android

The example of this article describes the Android development of the Sqlite3 command line simple use method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: First you need to navigate to the directory where the database is located, and

Android Gson, Jsonobject parsing json method _android

The definition of JSON: A lightweight data interchange format with good readability and fast-coding features. The industry's mainstream technology provides it with a complete solution (a bit like regular expressions that are supported by most

Android garbage collection solves memory leak problem _android

In the Android code, there are a few simple writing and coding habits that can lead to a lot of memory leaks in our code, where we make a summary of known errors:1. The mistakes that often occur when writing a single example. Wrong way:

Android reverse-compile look at the implementation principle of the hand Q password Red envelopes _android

First as a start, talk about simple decompile. There are several purposes of decompile: learn from each other, borrow and use, Hey Hei (dry you, and divided into small dry dry similar to micro-letter red envelopes, and dry to change others apk help

Android High Imitation micro-letter Chat interface code sharing _android

Micro-letter Chat is now very hot, because its interface beautiful, haha, maybe. Micro-letter Each message has a bubble, very attractive, it seems to realize very difficult, in fact, it is not difficult. The following small series for everyone to

Android imitation Baidu Fu bag Red Envelope interface _android

First look at the effect chart: 1. Programming Ideas Look at the interface, it is not difficult to find, it is a container to put nine of pictures, drawing in fact, you can create a separate transparent view is responsible for drawing lines and

Android gets the latitude and longitude data for the current position _android

There is a need to start a service, get the latitude and longitude of the current location, send the captured data to the broadcast, and register the broadcast activity to receive the broadcast information, and will receive the data at the current

Android ProgressBar Progress bar use detailed _android

ProgressBar Progress bar, divided into rotating progress bar and horizontal progress bar, the style of the progress bar to customize according to need, have not understood how the progress bar in the actual project use, the online demo progress bar

Android ProgressDialog Progress bar use detailed _android

The progress bar in an objective way, let us know what the program is doing, when the program needs time to perform the task, the prompt progress bar friendly told the user that the current task has not been completed, please wait a little, progress

Android Swipeback to achieve the right sliding return effect _android

Now there are a lot of app support right sliding back, such as know, the effect is better. So he inherited the activity and fragment, derived swipebackactivity and swipebackfragment, and used it for the realization of this effect, that is, just

Android Bluetooth technology using the process of detailed _android

In the previous article to introduce the Android Bluetooth Bluetooth technology experience related content, interested friends can click to learn more details. One: The communication between Bluetooth devices mainly includes four steps Setting up

Android uses audio information to draw dynamic Ripple _android

In some music applications, often show the ups and downs of the ripple information, these ripple image to convey the voice information, can enhance the user experience, then how to achieve it? You can use the visualizer class to get the currently

How to pay for a thump, how to use Android to help you achieve a _android

For the most fire before the set five blessing, and five blessings in addition to add 10 friends, the most direct way is to pay treasure of a swish. So what is the specific way to achieve a thump? Below we will introduce each of these kinds of ideas

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