Android Development: 14 Code Snippets to solve real-world problems

What are some of the problems you will encounter with Android programming? Here for beginners 14 pieces of simple and useful code, save when needed easily a key to get. This includes checking for an SD card, making an activity transparent, setting a

Android does not read memory access to image wide and high information method

This article mainly introduced the Android does not read the memory to obtain the image width high information method, involves the android to obtain the image information the related technique, needs the friend to be possible to refer to under The

Android three ways to add events to a button

There are three ways to add events to a button in Android, and here's a summary, of course, it's completely Java based. 1. Internal class: ? Code fragment, double-click copy Btn.setonclicklistener (New Onclicklistener () { public void

Android does not need to close background running programs

Do not care about the size of the remaining memory, in fact, many people are the habit of using other systems brought here. Android most applications do not exit the design actually makes sense, which is related to the scheduling mechanism of the

Android Write a process/service that will never be killed

  Android system has its own set of methods for memory management, in order to ensure the orderly and stable system of transport letters, the system will automatically allocate, control program memory use. When the system feels the current resources

Android Development Common Properties Encyclopedia

1, Android string.xm L text in the middle add space Android STRING.XM l plus space tips Password This is a space. 2, Text line display TextView, EditView single-line display and input in the Android layout layout file : Text single-line

Android phone music player to sync lyrics

Recently in making an Android phone on the music player, learned a lot of things, such as the use of Fragment,actionbar, and so on, here is the first to introduce the implementation of the lyrics synchronization. The realization of the lyrics

Android Imitation micro-letter Menu

This article is to use the Android menu to implement, of course, you can use XML to do the same function, basic Java and C # Writing are consistent, so the use of XML in this article using Java Demo, it is necessary to note that, if not vs

Solution to the problem of port number occupancy in Android development

This article mainly introduced the Android development encounters the port slogan occupies the problem solution method, this article has given a concise practical method to solve this annoying problem, needs the friend to be possible to refer to

Analysis of architecture design of Android operating system

This article mainly introduces the Android operating system architecture design analysis, the Android system architecture is divided into Linux kernel driver, c/C + + framework, Java framework, Java application, this article explains its role, the

Android solves the dialog of the back event when the activity is not captured in the pop-up

This article describes how Android solves the back event that dialog does not capture activity when it pops up. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: In some cases, we need to capture the back key event, and

Synchronization method of ListView data Refresh in Android

This example describes the synchronization method for ListView data refreshes in Android. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: ? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24

Android UI Development Topic (iii) various drawable

This time we mainly explain the various drawable under the Android platform, here in the SDK package can see a variety of drawable classes as many as more than 10 kinds, what is the relationship between them and the

Android Phone Development Custom title bar

I. Overview The default title bar for each application (note the difference from the status bar) is only one line of text (the name of the new project), and color, size, etc. are fixed, giving the feeling of a more monotonous. But when it comes to

The Android 4.0 Design Guide document is all about

Ice Cream Sandwiches (Android 4.0) mark an important milestone in Android design. We designed almost every pixel in the system, expanded the design of the honeycomb plate and applied it to all mobile devices. Starting with the most basic elements,

Android Development: The WebView of controls

How do I open a Web site in an android application? Google has provided us with a solution, now let's take a look at the WebView control. In order to facilitate the summary, to achieve the following effect as the main line, to summarize: First

Full interpretation of the Android multimedia framework source code

Android is easy to implement for graphical interface and multimedia related operations. And for most mobile phone users, they are mainly based on these aspects of the function to modify the system. We can through the introduction of the Android

Introduction to the implementation of the Android gravity sensor

Android is easy to implement for graphical interface and multimedia related operations. And for most mobile phone users, they are mainly based on these aspects of the function to modify the system. We can through the introduction of the Android

Dynamic add Lsitview code instance in Android development

This is very simple to explain don't forget adapter.notifydatasetchanged (); Wake up, in fact, this wake-up call is used under the button or in other controls down use if it's under the GetView, it's not necessary. Java code: public class

Using Mediarecorder to write an Android recording

1. Use Mediarecorder Recording The Mediarecorder class is used for media sampling, including audio and video. This is the class used to record audio and video methods, and the recorded data is generally written to the file. So we can use this class

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