Android Simple Music Playback instance _android

Service translated into Chinese is the services, familiar with the Windows system students must be very familiar with. The service in Android is similar to the service function in Windows, where an invisible process executes in the

Android Starter Activity four startup modes (standard, Singletop, Singletask, singleinstance) _android

When the application runs, it opens a thread that runs a task stack, which is placed in the task stack when the activity instance is created. The activity startup mode is set in the Androidmanifest.xml file by configuring the properties of the

Detailed Android four storage mode _android

In the Android program development we often encounter four kinds of data storage methods, each of which have different storage methods; Here are the features of different storage modes in Android development One, Preferences Preferences is a

How to save the database to SD card _android based on Android

Sometimes in order to need, the database will be saved to the external storage or SD card (for this situation can be encrypted data to prevent data from being cracked), such as an application to support multiple data, each data need to have a

Android Scroll Sliding Effect Example _android

Compared with the effect of the long press and click events appearing on the android2.x version, it has to be said that the sliding operation has a better user experience. As a result, more sliding operations have been seen since the Android 4.X

An example tutorial on using the Volley library to send HTTP requests in Android development _android

Android volley is a Google-developed network Lib that makes it easier and faster for you to access network data. The volley library's network requests are asynchronous, and you don't have to worry about asynchronous processing problems.Advantages of

A thorough understanding of the functional structure of the Android volley library _android

Volley is an HTTP library that can help the Android app perform network operations more easily, and most importantly, it is faster and more efficient. We can get to volley through the open source AOSP warehouse.Volley has the following advantages:

Android Design Login interface, retrieve password, register function _android

This example for you to share the Android login, retrieve password, registration function of the implementation code, for your reference, the specific contents are as follows 1. The design of the database I added two tables to the database, a

The realization method of the Android ListView paging function _android

Through this small demo I learned: 1, ListView a small paging function2, deepen the understanding of the custom control3, the optimization of the ListView4, the use of Baseadapter5, Custom Adapter6, the callback of the interface To achieve the

Android Development Series Three windows of the common event _android

Related reading: Android Development Series Two window activity lifecycle Android Development Series A button for display time Sets the window caption event and jumps between the activity. Create a new item, create a new two

Android Learning Series A button to display time _android

We first use Androidstudio to create a new project, select a blank template, and then drag the two button into it, name their IDs btdate (display date), Bttime (Show time), and his template XML code is simple As shown in the figure

Create a custom Dialog dialog box for example sharing in Android _android

Custom Dialog Base versionMost of the time, when we use the Android SDK to provide the Alerdialog, will have different effect because of your system different, just like you brush is MIUI system, the pop-up box will display at the top! Here is a

Android to achieve SMS delivery function _android

The example of this article realizes the sending function of SMS between two simulator, share it to everybody for reference, realize the content as follows 1. The contents of the edited String.xml file are: sendmesage Settings hello

Realization of scraping and scraping effect _android based on Android custom control

Just to achieve the effect of the interface is not how to do optimization, but it is secondary!! I believe we can not wait to see the effect of the picture, The main lottery view class and Eraser class are the way to build the view of the code,

Analyze the key points of animation animation in Android _android

In the API demo View->animation can find four animation demo, the first 3D translate more complex, and finally speak, first speak 2nd Interpolator. The activity corresponds to the in the view package, and the animation_3.xml of the

Example analysis how to realize the animation effect of _android in Android application

In B station or other video site to see the video, often will open the effect of the screen, while watching the show side of the spit slot. The barrage looks interesting, and today we're going to achieve a simple bullet screen effect. Intuitively,

Android Programming Pull-down Menu Spinner Usage Summary (attached 2 example) _android

This paper gives a detailed summary and analysis of the Android programming pull-down menu spinner usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The spinner control is also a list-type control, and its inheritance relationship

Unit test Analysis _android in Android application development

This article is mainly to share with you how the Android application development process for unit testing, the individual in the process of doing the project, the unit test is necessary to ensure that we write the correctness of the program. Let's

Android Color Selector and example tutorials for changing font colors _android

1. Build a colorful Picture: We often see this type of Color selector bar. And then actually the right brightness selection is: So that our code can be carried out ... Create a colorful picture private void init () {int[] oc = {0xffff00

From the source analysis of Android Glide library image loading process and characteristics _android

0. Basic knowledgeGlide A part of the word, I do not know what Chinese can be exact expression of meaning, in English words may be more appropriate in the wording, there are some words in the glide has a special meaning, I understand may not be

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