Android Input Box control Clearedittext implementation Cleanup _android

This article to bring you a very useful small control clearedittext, is in the Android system input box to the right to add a small icon, click on the small icon to clear the contents of the input box, iOS above directly set a property can achieve

Some problems and solutions of using fragment components in Android applications _android

The main meaning of fragment is to provide a lifecycle callback that is bound to the activity.Fragment does not necessarily add view to the view level of the activity. When a module needs to obtain an activity's lifecycle callback, it can be

Explain the basic usage of dialogfragment in Android applications _android

Basic usage of dialogfragment1. Create Dialogfragment public class Dialoga extends Dialogfragment implements Dialoginterface.onclicklistener { @Override public Dialog Oncreatedialog (Bundle savedinstancestate) { Alertdialog.builder

An example tutorial on using Listfragment in Android apps _android

Listfragment inherited from fragment. Therefore, it has fragment characteristics and can be used as a part of the activity in order to make the page design more flexible.The content of the fragment,listfragment is shown in the form of lists (list).

Android fragmen Preferences Use a custom Listpreference method _android

Preferences this term is not unfamiliar to friends who are familiar with Android, and it is often used to set the running parameters of the software.Android provides a robust and flexible framework for handling preferences. It provides a simple API

Android Universal Popular Framework "finishing" _android

Android Universal Popular Framework Encyclopedia 1. Caching Disklrucachejava implementation of LRU disk caching 2. Picture loading Android Universal Image Loader a powerful load, cache, display picture library Picasso a powerful picture

Android TextView sets the font spacing and kerning _android

Word spacing TextView has a property Android:textscalex is the kerning, and its value is a float type. View source code, default TextView This property is used by: Android.internal.r.styleable.textview_textscalex Settextscalex (a.getfloat

Android uses the sensor sensor to get the user's direction of movement (Compass principle) _android

This article illustrates how Android uses the sensor sensor to get the direction of a user's movement. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Today continue to share a second important sensor, in fact, to get the direction of

Android programming to achieve hand-painted and saved as a picture of the method (with demo source download) _android

This article describes the Android programming implementation of hand-painted and saved as a picture of the method. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: Run Effect Chart preview: Should be yzuo_08 required to do this demo,

Six ways to move Android view summary _android

In Android development, you often encounter a view that requires it to support sliding requirements. Here are six ways to introduce the Android view move through this article. Layout () If you pass the coordinates of the sliding target position to

Explain how to use intent in Android _android

First, the use of intent Intent mainly has the following important uses:1. Start activity: You can pass the intent object to the StartActivity () method or the Startactivityforresult () method to start an activity. The intent object contains

Intent idiom _android in Android

Intent in Android is a very important class, and if you're not particularly knowledgeable about intent, see "How to use intent in Android." If you are not particularly familiar with intent filter, see "Detailed Android Intent object and Intent

Explain the internal implementation principle of handler in Android _android

This article is mainly on the handler and message loop implementation of the principle of source analysis, if unfamiliar handler can see the blog "Detailed Android handler use method", It explains why Android introduced the handler mechanism and how

Android plays background music via StartService _android

For a basic overview of the use of StartService and its lifecycle, see Overview of basic usage of StartService in Android. By playing a simple example of background music, this article demonstrates the basic usage flow of startservice, which is as

Detailed Android handling crash exception _android

As we all know, now installs the Android system the handset version and the equipment are very different, in the simulator the good running program installs to a certain handset to be possible to collapse the phenomenon, the developer individual

Examples of Android get SMS conversation list _android

There is no formal content provider available for SMS in Android, and no definition is provided in official documents. However, you can still define your own URI, and then query the content of the text. For example, Conetent://sms is the path where

Android develops access to SMS content and intercepts SMS _android

1, first we have to write a broadcast receiver, when our mobile phone received a message, the system will automatically send a broadcast, we only need to receive this broadcast on the 2, in the broadcast, we rewrite the OnReceive () method, through

Android to achieve SMS delivery function _android

The example of this article realizes the sending function of SMS between two simulator, share it to everybody for reference, realize the content as follows 1. The contents of the edited String.xml file are: sendmesage Settings hello

Realization of scraping and scraping effect _android based on Android custom control

Just to achieve the effect of the interface is not how to do optimization, but it is secondary!! I believe we can not wait to see the effect of the picture, The main lottery view class and Eraser class are the way to build the view of the code,

Android Programming Pull-down Menu Spinner Usage Summary (attached 2 example) _android

This paper gives a detailed summary and analysis of the Android programming pull-down menu spinner usage. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: The spinner control is also a list-type control, and its inheritance relationship

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